Life Of A Teenage Heiress

Summary: It's been three months since Diana discovered the identity of her birth parents, and she's come to loathe life and Fowl Manor. With parents who shop for her and who can't believe she got a B in Literature, life's not exactly great. But can a little bit of bad luck from a former life turn the new life around? Sequel to "Daughter of a Legend", so read that first. R&R, and I will accept any flame you care to throw at me (except if you tell me my mother was a hamster and my father stank of elderberries. That I will not tolerate)

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Beepbeepbeepbeep. Beepbeepbeepbeep. Beepbeepbeepbeep.

Di groaned. Stupid alarm clock. She rolled over, staring angrily at the white rectangle that ws the cause of her early morning aggravation.
Ugh. 7:30. What normal human being woke up at 7:30 on a Saturday?

Oh yeah. Her parents. But they’re weren’t normal anyway…

She lay in bed for a few more minutes, figuring she could catch a few more minutes of sleep.
Beepbeepbeepbeep. Beepbeepbeepbeep.

“Argh! Stupid snooze button!” Di threw the annoying clock against the wall, where it bounced against thw wooden paneling and fell into the pile of dirty clothes Artemis kept telling her to pick up. Well, not telling, exactly. More like looking pointedly at the clothes, and at her. The “That Has No Logical Purpose” stare.
No purpose, she thought, except that I get to sleep later. The annoying beep having been succesfully muffled by the clothes, she grinned triumphantly and snuggled deeper into her blankets.

There was a knock on the door. “Miss Diana? Your mother has asked me to wake you up.”
“Go ‘way Butler,” Di groaned into her pillow.
“I was to threaten you with physical removal from the bed if you didn’t come quietly.”
If Diana had learned anything in her three month stay at Fowl Manor, it was that if Butler was threatening you, you had better listen.
“Go away, I’m getting up.” She heard the door close, and swung her legs out of bed. She stifled a yawn, and stumbled sleepily over to the bathroom connected to her room. The hot water woke her up a little more, and she sang cheerily, “Good morning Ireland. I wish I could sleep in ’til ten, Wish my mom wouldn’t shop for me, wish my dad really loved me…”
She toweled herself off, selected the least prissy outfit from her wardrobe (a red blouse with no collar and a pair of black slacks) and joined Butler in the hallway.
“I don’t think that’s how the song’s supposed to go,” he commented drily. Di shrugged noncomittally and then tripped (literally) down the sairs. Butler gave a resigned sigh, passing her on the third step. “You’d think by know you’d remember they were there.”
“Ow,” she said to him accusatorily, and, when he was out of earshot, a short swear. Then “ow” again, and she picked herself up off the floor and went to join her parents for breakfast.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. A good beginning. One or two grammar mistakes. Butler seems very in-character.

    A scene from the story:

    Artemis kept telling her to pick up. “It is disgusting and has a bad smell,” he would tell her. “I see no reason as to why you would keep those clothes there. Have the maids wash them, and you can wear them sooner.”

    Artemis wouldn’t say that. It’s not in his personality.

    Many descriptive words were used. I would like to see more of this story. Update soon.

  2. Wow. That was fast.

    Right. Fixing. I have the feeling that Artemis is going to be veeery OOC in this fic, however, as a warning. *sigh*

  3. This looks like it’s going to be good. Please continue. 😀

  4. Captain Short 711 July 26th, 2008 at 11:29 am 4

    continue! 🙂 its really good so far! ad whos diana?

  5. Its guuuuuuud!!..So continue…cant wait for moooore…

  6. When will you continue? Can you update Enemy of Old? I am eagerly waiting updates on that and this. This story is really, really, really good.

  7. Wow. I’m always suprised by how many comments I get on this site.

    Captain Short 711 – Diana is… well, she’s a character from the first fic in this series, “Daughter of a Legend”. So, this might not make too much sense if you haven’t read it. I’m including a basic summary in the next chapter, however.

    EvilOpal – Unfortunately, “Enemies of Old” has sort of died. I think that in trying to make it funny I lost hold of the plot, and so it’s not really going anywhere. I could try and spin it out for a few more chapters, but it’s probably not going to get finished. Sowwy.

  8. It means internal bleeding.

  9. Princesta Joob Joob October 14th, 2009 at 5:15 pm 10

    Thats really good! UPDATE!!


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