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How to be a Vampire

Summary: Chapter 1 Artemis felt a sudden urge to go to a graveyard. He opened up the rickety gate, and fearfully […]

Chapters: 1 2 3

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Chapter 1
Artemis felt a sudden urge to go to a graveyard. He opened up the rickety gate, and fearfully went into the freezing wasteland. The gate slammed shut behind him. The wind whistled around Artemis.
“Whooooo are yooou….” it seemed to be saying. Suddenly, Artemis felt a presence behind him. He whirled around, and saw to ghostly eyes, watching him through the gloom. Two familiar ghostly eyes…
“Minerva?” Artemis asked uncertainly. The figure stepped forward. It was indeed Minerva, but she was wearing a long, black dress that was slightly torn around the bottom. She was deathly pale, and her hair had darkened from its platinum blonde to pure black. Her lips were redder then normal, and she had a little blood dripping down her chin.
“You called?” she said in a cold, mysterious voice. Artemis shivered. Minerva smiled a cold, deadly smile, exposing fans sharpened to points.
Artemis stepped back, his foot crunching on the hard ground. “Wh-Wh-What do y-you want from me?”
Minerva stepped forward again. “You can run, but you cannot hide!” she hissed. Then Artemis ran.
He ran out of the graveyard, shoving open the gate. Almost at the manor’s door, he collapsed, panting. I really need to get into shape…

Artemis lay in his bed, trying to sleep. His mind wouldn’t let him, full as it was with thoughts of the night’s events. After a time, he fell into a fitful slumber.

Artemis awoke in a cold sweat. Looking around, he was unsure of what it was that woke him, but a sharp rap on the window confirmed it. Looking fearfully at the window, he saw the ghostly figure of Minerva. She was holding on to the windowsill with ease, but it was obvious that was the only thing supporting her. Shaken, Artemis backed up until his back hit the solid wood of the door. Groping behind him for the knob, he watched as Minerva easily creaked the window open.
“Wh-What do you want with me?” Artemis asked stuttering again. Minerva only smiled.
“You called with the words in the book, did you not?”
“What b-book?” Artemis had a sinking feeling. He knew what ‘the book’ was–How to be a Vampire.
Faster than Artemis’s eyes could follow, Minerva ran to his desk and extracted the book. “You’ve had it all along.” Her voice wasn’t the hissing thing it had been earlier. It was more normal, with only a trace of the spite it had contained when Artemis had seen her last. Artemis shivered as Minerva flipped through it, looking at things only she could see. Then Minerva turned to Artemis.
“You called me using the words in the book. Now I have to do what it told me–Start a coven. Any of your demons want to join?”
Artemis blinked. He’d read about vampire covens when he was younger–A lead vampire and several other vampires. “Do you–Are you gonna drink my blood?”
Minerva’s face contorted in disgust. “No, that’s not how we Change people.” She took a step forward. And put a hand on Artemis’s forehead. He felt coldness so cold it burned. Then he collapsed.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Haha! Great start!

    “He snuck into Beckett’s room, and told it to one of his stuffed animals; a pink bunny. That wasn’t enough. Artemis wrote it in an e-mail, sent it to another computer, ran to that computer, as fast as he could, and once there, read it and deleted it. That wasn’t enough either.”

    Hilarious!!! Keep going, elfgoddess, anything with Artemis and vampires is automatically interesting!

  2. Thank goodness this wasn’t what I expected. It was way better. 🙂 I agree with WE’s fav. part too.

  3. A pink bunny… *chuckles until tears come out of my eyes*

    But he only said it twice. o.o

    He’s not even creeped out? Since when do random winds show up in his room? Artemis, you’re not giving the book nearly enough credit! That’s gonna come back to bite you!


  4. Oh this was awesome I completely ditto Hermione.

    Erm, constructive crit is basically about formatting, like thoughts in italics (although there’s only like a word) and more paragraphing because it’s easier to read that way.

    Other than that, I must reiterate how awesome it was 😀

    Marshmellow por vous if there is an UPDATE

  5. Well, artyrox. Now there’s an update. Can I have my marshmallow now? *shoves hand in artyrox’s face* hope you peoples like it. 😉

  6. …your update is about *counts words* no, it’s exactly 29 words long. Therefore, you can have a tenth of a marshmellow.

    When I said update I kinda meant erm…like more than 300 words or something that counted as an update.

    You can have the rest of the severed marshmellow when there is more…i.e. a lot more 😀

    By the way, I notice you giving out a lot of marshmellows to people, it gets me a little sad as I thought marshmellows were kinda my thing…*sigh* I suppose it doesn’t matter *emphatic sigh* is there any other food you could use?

  7. Elf:Chapter 1 needs to be a separate CHAPTER.
    Artyrox:It’s a COMPLIMENT. She looks at you like a role model, so copies you. I considered stealing socks when I was a newbie. 🙂

  8. Doesn’t matter Hermione, I’m giving her the marshmellow thing and giving out grapes for myself instead…I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and grapes are the way forward…plus they sort of rhyme with update, which can be used to my advantage 😀

  9. Sorry artyrox. I didn’t know that you gave out marshmallows. I can’t think of another food that works, except for pie, and if you know me, you usually hear “My pie!”

  10. Although pie seems relatively big to give out to people just for updating or welcoming, you can take the marshmellows, I wanna give grapes a go 😀 Lemme try it out on you


    haha works a charm 😀

  11. It does sound good-you should use it on my stories (hint hint).

  12. IT’S GOOD. Stereotypical. GOOD. GREAT. I LIKE! -feeling spammy-


    SPAM — oh, wait, this is me. BAD ME. XD ~WE

  13. Wow, Artemis is ACTUALLY a vampire…I guess I should have seen it coming. Great story, pleez update!

  14. Wow. I have barely any bad comments.
    Just saying: Those books I mentioned, they are actually real books(Well…How to be a Vampire is more of an actual book than a bunch of blank paper, but still.) I am currently working on a new story which will be released to the general public about…when I get around to it.(So don’t expect it anytime soon! 🙂 )
    Also, I will not really work on this story until Halloween next year. It’s about Halloween, after all, and that’s over and done with.
    And a happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Elfgoddess… You don’t update, I’ll… I’ll!

    Wow, I really am bad at threats. I don’t really have a thing…

    But updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reallllllly! I just noticed that I didn’t say fcd for my first comment. So, uh, fcd 13 comments late! Heh.

  16. PIe!!!!!!!!! sorry, but i will now launch a psychotic rant. WHY THE @&%! DOES EVERY ONE GIVE OUT FOOD?! ITS NOT LIKE WE CAN EAT IT! DIE, MINERVA! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah, im a crazy chick. deal with it, or i will kill you with my virtual flamethrower. MWAHAHAH

    Try not to stretch the page. Or doublepost, for that matter. ~WE

  17. update or else ill steal your 1tenth of amarshmellow and packk this commet with c4 c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4 c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4 c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4 c4c4c4cc4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4c4

    SPAM. ~WE

  18. ah oh run for the hills its dinamite!*ducks under brick porch* Good story I agree with the first few comments!

  19. Artemis Delfinia June 18th, 2011 at 6:31 pm 19

    I don’t really like anything that has to do with vampires but this seems interesting. UPDATE!!!!

  20. Yay I <3 vampiers (most of the time) so this makes me SUPER happy. Update or feel the wrath of the master plan.

    p.s. the master plan has to do with 2 zebras,a golden potato, and a turkry sandwich……..

  21. Wow that was funny and interesting! Please update! 😀

  22. In the third chapter: Artemis retreated Yo his bed…

    Replace Yo with to and you’re golden.

  23. Hi elfie, i love this fic! specially cos minerva’s a bad guy,it was so cool. but no holly?

  24. meepfanmeepster July 29th, 2013 at 11:18 pm 24

    when are you going to update?

  25. meepfanmeepster August 16th, 2013 at 10:07 pm 25

    update and get a free cookie

  26. Please update.

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