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How Are You Happy?

Summary: Artemis learns the definition of happiness a little later than expected, but with good results all the same.

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I said I would post and I did. BTW the title is ‘How are you happy’ as in ‘in what way are you happy?’ and not ‘how can you possibly be happy?’ I would change it to avoid confusion, but I like it too much…

Is he stupid? Is he stupid?

I wonder what these words mean?

Are these people talking to me?

Or about me?

Can I just sit here and mind my own business? Is that okay?

Are you happy? Are you happy?

I don’t know what you mean. If, as I’ve managed to deduct, that ‘are you’ is a question, and you are directing something at me in which you expect an answer, and that ‘happy’ is to feel content in myself in being ignorant and sitting in this corner in my room with my thumb in my mouth watching this red train go round and round and round and round, then yes, I am ‘happy.’

But if you are actually using me as a way to channel your ‘happiness,’ in other words, if me being obviously happy makes you ‘happy,’ then no. I am not ‘happy.’ Because you are obviously sad. If my expression of ‘happiness’ gives you an expression of ‘happiness,’ then because I have never seen your expression of ‘happiness,’ I therefore do not know how to present myself and arrange my face if true ‘happiness’ does confront me, and hence forth, you will not see my expression of ‘happiness,’ I will not see yours… You see how this is a continuous cycle?

So in conclusion, you be the leader.

What makes you happy?

After all, I learn from you.

So show my when you are ‘happy.’

When are you happy? I think I should observe. If I know that a shout and a frown is anger, then you must be angry at me right now, because you are shouting and frowning. What do you want me to do?

Now you are crying? Do I frustrate you?

Aaagh! Am I thinking to deeply here?

Don’t lose your train of thought, if you do, we’ll just be back to the happiness dilemma again!

Who are you? Who are you?

‘Are.’ ‘Who are?’ ‘Are you?’ so this is definitely a word I can use for a question?

Who are you?

You call yourself ‘Mummy’ in front of me. I like that word. It sounds rather… soft.

But other people address you as ‘Angeline.’

I prefer ‘Mummy.’ ‘Angeline’ is too long.

So if I do what you are doing now, I.e. make myself heard by vocalising more that a simple cry or whimper, I will address you as Mummy?


And now you smile.

Why do you smile?

And from this I conclude that your expression that you show when angry is unpleasant compared to this expression in which you smile and your eyes crinkle and your voice raises into a higher pitch.

So by process of elimination, is this happiness?

And if my happiness provides your happiness, then your happiness should provide my happiness, and hence forth, I shall do the same as you.

I smile.

And you smile wider.

What an odd reaction.

For five years, I have never possibly come to the conclusion that simply speaking could make you happy, as displaying the same expression as you would raise your level of happiness.

So making you happy makes me happy!


Suddenly, this train does not amuse me.

So, there is a difference between contentment and happiness?


So happiness is to actually forwardly express contentment to such level that it shows on your face and influences that way you talk and move, but contentment is to simply feel neither angry nor sad?

And I show these things on my face.

Okay. Now I understand.

And now, making people happy makes me happy and making people mad makes me… sad? And making people sad makes me… sad too.

What makes me mad?

Oh stuff that.

Even Daddy seems happy now that I’ve spoken a word!

He says to me;

‘It’s about time.’


‘I thought you were hopeless.’


‘You are five years old, Artemis. You should speak like me and Mummy now.’

Who is Artemis?

Artemis is two people. Artemis is me and Daddy.

But this is an easy problem to solve, because Daddy would not talk to himself.

And back to the original question, Daddy.

No, I’m not stupid, if by stupid you mean unable to think and express myself at or above the expected level for my age, I simply have better things to think about, so…

You should try smiling, Daddy.

Because happiness is quite a pleasant thing.

I know this is weird. It’s simply Artemis, as a child, figuring out the definition of happiness. I kind of like it though…

What do you think?


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6 responses to “How Are You Happy?.” Join in!

  1. Aww, very cute, very well written!
    No crit here!
    Your writing never disappoints me, Beckett.

  2. Beckett Simpleton July 23rd, 2012 at 1:04 pm 2

    Daaw, thank you! *feels fluffy* 🙂 does :mrgreen: still work here, I wonder…?

  3. Absent_Minded_Professor July 23rd, 2012 at 2:08 pm 3

    Well thought-out and well done. Artemis struggling to figure out happiness sounds like exactly something he would do.I would’ve thought that Artemis not speaking until he was five would be OOC, but it makes sense the way you put it.

    There was one typo – I. e. instead of i. e.

    5/5 stars.

  4. Very interesting. And yes, not speaking until you’re 5 would give the impression of autism or PDD-NOS. Sorry, I read a textbook on it for a project. Anyway, brilliant idea to write something like that. I like how he thinks his dad should smile more. Good work! 🙂

  5. the huntress (or tress) July 23rd, 2012 at 5:25 pm 5

    Wow… that was awesome. I have always stunk at making thoughts trail around like that and still make sense. I love it. Nice work. it’s different than the normal, but is oddly satisfying. Good job! 🙂

  6. Beckett Simpleton July 24th, 2012 at 9:20 pm 6

    Thanks for such positive reviews! I heard that Einstein didn’t talk until he was like, 5… or was it 7, and I wondered if his head was simply to busy thinking about other things then to feel the need to comply with the wishes of those around him, and so… I wrote this…

    Yeah, it’s kinda weird… I tried writing a few, but sometimes, they just seem like rambling and I have to scrap them. This one came out pretty well though…


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