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Summary: A single smile is all he wanted, but his time was up before she could use her heart.

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Sort of songfic/story.

Warning: I cried while watching the vid, I cried while listening to it, I cried while writing this… Kokoro is just really sad. Especially if you watch the vid and figure out what are the meanings of the words. It’s really emotional… Just a little warning.

Kokoro by Rin Kagamine <<— Watch before you read, then listen while reading.



Her eyelids slide up, exposing a blue left eye and a hazel right.

Holly, reborn.

“Who am I?”

The robot searched through her system, and found the answer.

“Artemis. My creator.”

He smiles, a smile that was never seen after Holly’s death.

Till now.

“Your name would be…. Hollyhock.”


“Flowers. Hollyhock, to be accurate.”

He grins, hoping for her to recognise her name.

Her face remains blank.

“Hollyhock,”she repeats, gingerly stroking a petal.

He braids one of the wildflowers into her hair.

“Holly,” he whispers, while a tear makes its way down one cheek.

Hollyhock needs a heart. 


“This is a dress,” she says woodenly.

Artemis does not reply. He only points to the computer in the room.

“Don’t touch it. You might not be able to handle it.”

Still she stares, unblinking.

Tears flow freely now,

As he realises that he wants to see her smile, one day.

But it is too late now.

He had to hope that she would never touch that program.

Never touch her heart.

With that, the last tear drops,

The last loving breath is exhaled,

And the robot stares, unblinking.


Centuries after centuries.

She stands in what remains.

Until, one day,

Something made her walk,

As usual, woodenly, towards the computer.

A single touch is all she needed.

A single touch…. and a heart.

One hand brushes the dust covered surface,

And the screen lights up.

Hollyhock, it proclaims.


Through the program, she learns how to smile.

How to be happy, how to be sad,

How to have a heart…

For the first time, there is a smile on her face.


She picks up a weed that had grown into the room.

The flower from so long ago….

She blinks.

“Hollyhock,” she whispers, stroking its petals.

She braids it into her hair,

Remembering, remembering,

The pair of hands that did that, so, so long ago…….


The dust-covered dress, previously just an object,

She shakes off the grey, and looks at it.

In it, she sees his face….

“Artemis, my creator,” she whispers.

And for the first time, she knows how it feels,

To miss someone that will never come back.

He had lain there.

He had cried.

And for the first time,

She cried too.


An abandoned pair of wings,

In an abandoned house.

She puts them on,

And sees the faded pictures on the walls…

They now mean something else.


A miracle.

A robot with a heart.

She flew, and flew,

Like Holly used to do.

She spiralled in the air,

She flew….


A short-lived miracle,

The heart is not supported by her.

She shorted out, shortly,

But at the very end,

On her face,

Was the smile.

The smile which Artemis had wanted to see,

So much, that he gave his life to her.


In the very end,

Was the happiness,

That was gone, all too soon.

But the smile,

It was there, for years to come.


The hollyhock in her auburn hair stayed, too,

As a reminder of who she was thanking.

Thank you, Holly, for being my birth.

Love, from Hollyhock.


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  1. You put not done yet…….but she died!I’m sorry but I don’t get it……..other than that you still get 3 stars.

  2. @KristinN. V.~~ 3 STARS?!?!?!? THIS GETS FIVE!!!!

    I love it. So full of magic. I wish I could find something useful to say, but it’s just perfect.

  3. wherehasthisbeenallmylife November 30th, 2011 at 10:39 pm 3

    that was so … i can’t find words, thankyou for writing this

  4. I reread it, and I was a little grumpy when I posted that. I see now that it deserved 5 stars.

  5. paranoidcentaurfoaly January 29th, 2012 at 12:07 pm 5

    reccomend me some music

    Try to make your comments pertain to the fic, please. ~WE

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