Holly Short – The Story

Summary: This story I will need all the help I can get. If you see a question in the story where I am asking for help, please leave a review telling what you think should happen.

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Holly Short was sitting in her office. She was busy reading an interesting book about dwarfs. Just then, the phone rang. It was Commander Root of the LEP. “Hello,” said Holly. “Hey, Holly” said Commander Root in a hurried tone. “Do you think you could meet me in Foaly’s office in just a minute? He says it’s important. But he refuses to tell me what it is until your here.” “Sure!” said Holly in an excited voice. “I’m on my way!”

In just a few minutes, she was at Foaly’s office. “What’s so important?” asked Holly as soon as she walked through the door. “You’ll find out in just a minute.” said Foaly. Then he started a movie on his computer. “Watch this,” he said. The movie started. It showed a picture of a prison cell with someone in it. Holly noticed who it was immediately.

Who do you think Holly saw in the prison cell? Leave a review telling me who you think should be in the prison cell.

It was herself! “What in the world!?” she exclaimed in an astonished voice. “Keep watching,” said Foaly. The other Holly sat in the corner of the cell. Quite suddenly, the bars shattered. Causing the alarms to sound. The other Holly then jumped out the window and was gone. “This footage was taken 11 days ago by a security camera at Haven Prison,” explained Foaly. “It was a clone. That’s the only explanation” There was silence in the room for a minute. “Why didn’t I know this 11 days ago?” asked Holly. “Nobody know,” answered Foaly. “But we did de-rank the guy responsible for telling us this stuff,” “What was it in prison for?” asked Holly. “For robbing Haven City Bank of 1/2 ton of 24 carat gold! Unfortunately, we were unable to find the gold, and the clone refused to tell us where it was.” “Well…” said Commander Root in a thoughtful voice. “We know that whoever made the clone is trying to frame Holly,” “Sounds like a mystery for Artemis Fowl to solve,” suggested Holly. “I was actually thinking Mulch,” said Foaly. “It’s your call, Julius.” “Don’t call me Julius!” barked Commander Root.

Should they call Artemis or Mulch for their help? Leave a review telling me who you think they should call.

“Let’s call Mulch,” decided Commander Root. “It’s your own mistake,” warned Holly. “Well…” said Commander Root. “Mulch can dig his way into places, and he can use his hair to unlock most doors…” “Good choice, Julius.” said Foaly.

Holly sitting in her armchair reading a book. She was slightly disappointed that Artemis wasn’t chosen. But, what could she do about it? She looked up from her book. It was about dinnertime. Just then, the phone rang. It was Commander Root. “Holly,” said Commander Root. “Meet me tomorrow in my office. Mulch will be there too. Meet me around 10:00 AM. Then, we can talk about the mission.” “But Mulch can’t solve mysteries!” Holly blurted out. “Artemis would have been a much better choice!” “Would you rather go with a partner, or without one?” asked Commander Root. “With one…” grumbled Holly. “Good,” said Commander Root. “Now, would you like a Neutrino 3000 or a pair of wings?”

Which weapon should Holly choose? Leave a review telling me what you think Holly should choose.

      “A Neutrino,” decided Holly. “Then I’ll give Mulch the wings,” said Root. Then, he hung up.

The next day, Holly went down to Root’s office, to start her mission. Mulch was already there when she arrived. They took a quick break to eat a donut or two (In Mulch’s case, 9). Then, they set out for the prison. The scene of the crime. They went to see the jailer. “Hello! My name is James Down,” said the jailer. “How may I be of assistance?” “We need you to tell us something” answered Holly. “Were there any other prisoners on the same floor that the clone was on? And if so, can you take us to them?” “Sure, there were 2 other prisinors,” said James. “Follow me!” They followed him up the stairs to a higher floor.

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  1. RR&R (Read, Rate, and Review)

  2. ARTY'SELFFRIEND November 27th, 2007 at 9:48 pm 2

    Maybe it’s Artemis?????? or Maybe……Mulch or Opal or Butler or an EVIL CLONE of herself that just murdered Someone near and dear to her Mabye its Trouble???

  3. to short and I think it was mulch or someone !!!! NO IT WAS NOONE AN EMPTY CELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. well, now we know wjho,…. maybe… taht holly is the evil holly , her evil twin that was eperated at birth because when the evil twin was born dark magic was surrounding her so they took her away and holly never found out….until now!!!!! just a suggestion!

  5. I think it is a plot by a villian to get Holly arrested and fired from her LEP job and discredited.

  6. Thanks everyone for their great ideas! I decided to do ARTY’SELFFRIENDS’s idea about the clone. Thanks again for all the great ideas!

  7. Mulch. But it isn’t he or Artemis who did it it was Opal and her accomplice… SUSAN!! ( go to long live stories for background or some other ideas.) She did it to frame Holly but in the middle they don’t know that and they begin to suspect Holly of it so she is put in prison framed again, Then put on death row.

  8. Thanks, Jelly! Since no one else responded, I used your Idea for the story.

  9. I would have said artemis but mulch seems a well charecter to pyut in as well.

  10. I’m kinda’ glad Jelly said Mulch. Because, I don’t think I could have displayed Artemis’s geniusness very well. But, he will have to come into my story eventually.

  11. ARTY'SELFFRIEND November 30th, 2007 at 9:38 pm 11

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!! you cose my idea!!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome!!

  12. mahi101 AF Fan November 30th, 2007 at 9:54 pm 12

    cool… now let me think!!! BOTH!!!1 I like Neutrino 3000 but Holly needs to fly unless shes getting a shuttle ….. So I pick Neutrino 3000.

  13. I pick the Neutrino 3000, but if you can do both, I would.

  14. I agrreee with kgerred

  15. wings! Holly loves to fly and that would be her first choice! root Mulch is scared of heights so he would be better with a Neutrino. oh and when Root talks 2 her he should say captain Short…

  16. WOW!!!! 😯 How did this story make it onto the Top Tens List!!!??? 😯 I wrote this story a long time ago because I wanted to take a break from writing “Hacked!!!” 😯 I thought this story stunk worse than my Uncle Chris’s old polka-dot boxers! 😯 I thought that this was my worst story of all! 😯 By far! 😯 I thought it was forgotten about! 😯 But it came back! 😯 I’m amazed! 😯

  17. lol thats a lot of shocked faces

  18. Aww… It’s not on the Top Tens anymore. 😥

  19. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 20th, 2009 at 8:22 am 19

    Its interesting. Please continue. Though, I think they should have gotten Artemis and Holly should have chosen the wings, I think.

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