Heard But Not Spoken

Summary: "There are some things that are spoken, but never heard. In this peticular case though, it is the exact opposite."

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The nine year old blond stared at his school with something like loathing. It was another new year, which meant starting the fourth grade, which meant having to go to another class.  Not that he’d liked his previous class, it’s just that he’d gotten used to the people and their habits, being able to avoid them easier. Now he’d have to start examining patters all over again.

Not to say it wasn’t fun! No he enjoyed studying people, which was one of the reasons he had originally been so eager to start school; new people to learn their habits and traits while only talking to them a few dozen times before seeing them inside out. It was what some would call a ‘Sherlockian talent’. He just called it natural.

Did you see that ‘originally’ up there? Note it. Have it written down? Good. Then we may continue.

Of course this is implying that someone knew of this little skill. He’d tried to keep it to himself as much as possible, and had thus far been succeeding. Not that anyone would have noticed his little observations had he voiced them… Why would they? It wasn’t as if he were half as important as all the geniuses in the house!

Speaking of which…

Myles, his younger by roughly five minutes, walked past him with a confident stride, his cold, calculating eyes scanning over the grounds as they had done every year. Beckett sighed heavily as he slowly followed his twin, shoulders hunched and eyes staying firmly on the ground. If he’d seen a mirror image of himself in someone else he would have said they had severe confidence issues; not to mention have been right, which, in retrospect, was probably very bad.

His brother turned around, walking backwards as he stared at his twin with an impassive expression. “Something wrong, Beck?” He asked, clearly worried. Beckett shook his head, not trusting his mouth to speak the answer. He had developed a bad habit as a kid to where he said exactly what was on his mind, and he really didn’t want to trouble his brother with his worries.

Myles sighed in a slightly exasperated manner as her turned back around. Beckett would tell him when he was ready. Probably. There was that one time, a bit after school started the previous year. He’d had a black eye and had refused to tell anyone the how he’d got it, saying he’d tripped and hit it on his way down. Myles still didn’t know how he’d gotten that thing.

So, the two twins walked into the school building, Myles finally turning away from his brother a few classes down from his own. Beckett gulped as he approached the door to his classroom, slowly stepping in to what was sure to be the organised chaos he would know for the rest of the year…

Ah, I have you interested in ‘Bee’ now, yes? But I still don’t hear your laugh… Well, it is early in out tale. It will probably come later. Now give me a moment to recollect my facts and separate them from fiction, would you? Don’t worry, it won’t take that long.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. That’s really good! Now UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!!

  2. Suspenseful! I like it! However, I did find some spelling mistakes, like “peticular,” should be “particular.” Just thought I’d point that out. 🙂

  3. Wow!!
    that was really good! you set up that first chapter just right. now update.

  4. This is AmAzInG!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I need an oopdeet!!!!! Please!!!!! I might die if I don’t get one!!!!

  5. wow!
    can’t wait to see what happens next!

  6. OH- BIZ-FRAP! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fank youz.

    Hi! AK here! Wowzers, six reviews and five of them just saying ‘update’.  ArtiHoli I’ve shortened your comment a bit so it doesn’t stretch out the page. I hope you don’t mind. And guys, please try not to leave comments of just asking for an update in the future. It is… unappreciated.

  7. Now you get what I got to deal with whenever I did anything with ATOBAR… *makes horrendous face*


    It was suspenseful, it was addictive, it was great. I can see why everyone is begging for updates. And Chapter 2 is partial! So be gentle to those pour souls who so desperately beg for updation!!!


  8. Sorry, Yosh. I didn’t know how annoying thoes comments could be at the time…

    In other news, CHAPTER 2 IS UP!

  9. Wow that was amazing
    the begining caught me automatically.
    The first chapter was a catcher and the second keeps you

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