Halloween Challenge: Longing

Summary: Artemis - that is what Holly desires, but their happy ending was lost a long time ago, lost in a quiet graveyard.

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Graveyards were meant to be peaceful. Quiet, silent, or perhaps haunting. 

Sad, of course; every graveyard, however new, would inevitably be stained with piercing cries and endless tears. 

I want him back.

Repeated over and over, the words had lost their meaning.

I want him back.

Yet she kept whispering them, fervently wishing, hoping, praying, that he would come back. If only as a measly ghost… Just to see him one more last, one last time, anything to see him again.

The rising moon seemed only to mock her, sneering in the face of her disbelief and grief. It offered no comfort, but the harsh, irrevocable truth that hurt her so. She shivered, bending her head over her knees. The ground was hard and cold, but her numb limbs were unfeeling; even if she did feel it, she did not care. The moon tonight was bright and beautiful, and another might have called it serene, even.

She hated the moon.

Another day, another night. Another year without Artemis. 

The soft yellow light illuminated the empty graveyard, casting shadows on the ground. Lonely shadows, those were, lonely and alone, reaching out for each other but never touching.

I want him back.

Tears, unbidden, rolled down her cheeks. It was an involuntary action, one that she no longer tried to suppress because she had learned a long time ago that it was useless. Fairies had long lives, after all, a long life to remember and regret and to feel that cutting pain that came with loss.

She had thought him invincible, against all logic; god-like, even. Shouldering through everything all but unharmed, always with a self-assured smile on his lips. Just a little short of omnipotent, it had seemed to her, with his raven hair and icy blue eyes. Unbeatable. 

Of course, no one was omnipotent. No one, she reminded herself as she stared down at his gravestone.

No one, not ever.

Looking back, she had been all too naive.

I want him back.

The smiling pumpkin faces accompanied her in her anguish. It was fitting, in a way, that he had died on Halloween. Surrounded by round little pumpkins with forced smiles, and children wearing masks – masks, masks suited Artemis, because he had been so apt at lying, so fluent in the language of deception, that it was a matter of fact that he would lie, all the way to his grave.

Were lies not masks, after all?

And so she knelt, bent over the small patch of earth that marked his grave, and she cried, despair colouring her voice. 

I want him back.

A/N: Just a quick drabble that I wrote as soon as I heard about the challenge, because I knew that Id procrastinate otherwise.

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  1. VERY interesting…

    …Spam. ~Fowlie

  2. Okay, on the verge of tears.

    What is this challenge you speak of? I must search the site…

    I LOVED this. so beautifully sleek, with sadness and immortality and longing.

    I must go take a nap now. Long day. 😉

    Hey, just go to the Editorials category. That’s where all the info is. 😀 ~Fowlie

  3. FantasyDevourer October 17th, 2011 at 11:09 pm 3

    Lovely. I can’t think of anything else to say.

  4. Okay, I’m going to be a soppy, romantic writer and say that it was lovely. A brilliant use of vocabulary, it really expressed what Holly could have felt…
    I hope you’ll write more!

  5. Wonderful, as usual, Raspberrih. I saw no mistakes. I love the way you conveyed Holly’s emotions through a few simple italicized phrases. I could really feel depression and angst from the story. Very nice.

  6. I agree completely with FowlStar

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