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Summary: Okay, I’m probably going to use something like this in one of my stories, but this is more of a […]

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Okay, I’m probably going to use something like this in one of my stories, but this is more of a poetry story.

A step on the beach,

A print washing away,

A whisper of breeze,

It seems to say,

What child is this,

My only son,

Who holds the secrets,

That helps the one….

It fades away,

No longer there,

But the notes of somber music,

Picked up by a boy of raven hair….

The words go on,

The prophecy new,

Speaking of the one,

Or the very few…..

He walks up the beach,

Sweet sadness of love,

The one who will come,

Music soft as a dove….

He sees her red hair,

Like Cardinal wings,

Spread wide, with flair,

That outward flings.

A flute of bone,

It’s music low,

held to red lips,

Held up like a bow.

The song it plays,

Known over the seas,

Is one of Nice Christmas,

Known here, as Greensleves.

She didn’t know he was there,

But he knew she could tell,

He touched on her shoulder,

A clock’s chiming bell,

Tolled midnight that night,

A crisp winter’s eve,

Where two lovers met,

In a song of misery.


The wind whispered high,

As lips joined and parted,

The clouds took off to fly.

What Child is this, Who is so blessed,

He changes all tomorrows,

Replacing tears with reborn years,

In hearts once Dark, and Hollow…

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Lost Christmas Eve

Ok, I like Greensleves, It’s been going through my head all day,

and I hope all you people who might not be christian aren’t offended X)

R&R pleez

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  1. believe me, im christian and i wasnt offended. that was beautiful!

  2. What A nice poem!!

  3. yeah it is really sweet!

  4. Captain Holly SHort September 28th, 2007 at 6:31 pm 4

    I loved it. It was just so beautiful. I love the song Greensleves too. I love playing it on the piano. I just love this. You have a real gift for bringing out the beauty in a song or poem.
    I look forward to reading more of your poems, stories and maybe songs

  5. imchristian!itwassoogoodilovedeverylittledetaiitwasamaving. sereiosleyyouaresogoodatwriting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh wow, that was very nice.
    I loved it. It was descriptive and beautiful. Good job.

  7. ARTY'SELFFRIEND January 7th, 2008 at 11:54 pm 8

    I saw this before I joined and then I couln’t find it again! My mom has a Kenny G. (No idea) CD and this song was on there and I remembered this FanFic! Very nice! 😛

  8. this is a song that we get to choose to sing in chorus!

  9. Foaly_AntiKoboi August 9th, 2008 at 8:02 am 10

    I love it! That was really beautiful! Greensleves is one of my favorite songs too. I’m definetly not offended! By the way, is this from the point of Arty’s father? Just curious. Great!!!

  10. I wasn’t offended and I’m christian. It sounded like a regular angst song. I liked it, but, I still don’t see what’s to be offended with.

  11. AHHH! I am sooo sorry. I accidentally rated you one when I meant five! What should I do? BlackOpal, if you know what to do, please tell me! Again, sorry, Holly314!!!

  12. You can’t do anything much about it, unless we want to erase all of the ratings.
    I rated it five to try and cancel out the one as best as could be done. XD


    P.S. I love this story. 😀 You know that, seeing as I already commented, but I thought that a reminder couldn’t hurt.

    I loved it,you are amazing at writing bye

  14. Thank god. I didn’t know why, but I could rate this again, so I rated it five. Whew. This is great!

  15. awesome

  16. Irish-Mud Girl February 4th, 2009 at 1:56 am 17

    I luv it. i luv this song too!

  17. I luv this! IT’s awesome
    Christian and why would we be offended? I don’t getit..

  18. I’m a Christian and I loved it. 😀

    Oh, you said people who AREN’T might be offended. Okay, I get it now. 😀

    Hiya, Star! I think you’re well aware that doubleposting is against the rules, but it’s just a reminder… XD ~WE

  19. foalyissarcastic March 26th, 2014 at 6:39 am 20

    Hey,that was pretty good.
    For A human…

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