Gold Lives Forever- An Af/Hunger Games Crossover

Summary: Welcome to the first Chapter of Gold Lives Forever, an AF/THG Crossover, taking place 19 years before the original books. […]

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Welcome to the first Chapter of Gold Lives Forever, an AF/THG Crossover, taking place 19 years before the original books. Feel free to sign up, the sheet is at the bottom of the page, and counting 8 or so I took out, there are…-I’m gonna hate myself for this..- 24 spots. If 8 are missing then….*Can’t figure it out* Do The MATH!!! THE MATHHHH!!! THE MATHHHHHH!!! *Is dragged away screaming.*

And now for our feauture presentation, produced by Lollies and Ice Cream Co, Written by O. Fowl, owned (sadly) by E.Colfer, Ladies, Gentlemen, and AF addicts, I give you..

Artemis Fowl: Gold Lives Forever

Chapter One: Consequences (Or, The chapter that has a lot to live up to because of the giant authors note behind it)

Artemis prodded the strange green orb thing in front of him.It was around 3 to 5 inches in diameter, about the size of a marble. He felt a mix of curiosity and hate as his eyes scanned it’s surface, looking for any opening, any crease, anything at all. He found nothing.ย  The Irish genius sighed and put down the green orb. He was sitting in the middle of a large forest. A small pond lay before him. The smell of early fall wafted into his nose.

He fingered the ball, then rose up from the muddy bank of the pond. His prized Armani pants were stained with mud and dust. A few years-no, months ago, he would have complained to Holly. Or Butler. But he’d been driven to the depths of hell (Or Hybras) since then, and he’d fought demons, both of mind and soul, and of terrifying, terrifying reality. Clothes were trivial.

Wherever he was, he was going to have to find a way to somewhere civilized quick. The sun was setting, and Artemis, Fowl he was, had never spent a night outdoors. Even now, woodland creatures were beginning to chirp and bark, and most terrifying of all, howl. Artemis walked three quick steps to the top of the small ridge the pool lay in. A few yards from the ridge, he found a small path, and as he trekked along, looking for signs of life, he began to ponder over the miraculous events that had brought him to this mysterious world.

Fowl Manor, Ireland, 1 day earlier…

“Artemis, you’re INSANE!!”

The Boy genius was beginning to wonder if he was insane, for he had no clue as to the location of this voice, but he most certainly DID recognize it. “Holly, is that you? ”


Artemis stood, flustered, for a minute or two waiting for Holly to show herself. When she didn’t, he began to cautiously search the air around him, looking for his friend.

“Holly, could you please-”

That was all the invitation she needed. The Fairy materialized in thin air, wearing the gold-silver LEP jumpsuit of a LEP Commando, a new faction established by Commander Gerald Thorn, the new LEP commander. A solid black Neutrino-Delta 70194 hung at her hip. As Artemis grinned, pleased to see her. she reached out, grabbed his head…and slapped him so hard he fell over.

Artemis landed on the ground, moaning in pain. Rubbing his cheek, with throbbed with pain, he rose, a confused look on his face.

“What. The. D’arvit. Was. That. FOR?”


Holly shoved a picture in Artemis’s face, forcing him to go cross-eyed. He grasped at it, and yanked it away from his face. He blinked, and his cross-eyed sight vanished. He gazed at the picture, and he frowned, confused. “Um…this is the newest Fairy holo-com out.”

“Yeah? Look at the company label.”

“KST. Kingsfoil Systems Tech. Corporate-owned. Prettyย  unadvanced. Basically selling their competitor’s stuff for lower prices. Koboi Labs produced this same holo-recorder 49 years ago.So?

“So? So one of their new tech models went missing. Something really high-tech. Something that only it’s inventor knew it’s purpose-or how to work it. It’s late inventor. You stole it, and killed her!”

“I did no such thing. Butler would have had a fit if he found out. Which he didn’t because…there was nothing to find…”Said Artemis as his excuse shriveled up.

“OK, OK, I have it. But I didn’t kill her. I promise. A smuggler in Paris sold it to me for 50 grand. I recognized it as fairy tech. High fairy tech. I would have given it back…someday.”

But Holly was already zooming to Artemis’s lab, dragging him with her.

The stopped at Artemis’s lab. “Open it” Commanded Holly, angrily. Gone was the tough,friendly tone. Artemis hurried to obey, snapping his fingers, disarming the defenses…that stopped people from disarming the defenses.

He snapped them again, and the door slid open. He stepped in. Though the couldn’t see them, Artemis knew two long-range sniper rifles had just slid out of their protective covers. “Access code: HOLLY SHORT, all caps.”

Holly blushed for a second, no more, then herded Artemis along. In the center of his lab sat a green orb, floating in stasis above all else. Artemis tapped the small Orb, and it floated into Holly’s hands.


Artemis whirled around. He was just in time to see a small sensor withdraw into the Orb.


Artemis gazed at the Orb as it rose into the air, glowing green.A green light filled the room even as Artemis’s lungs began to do what his mind could not.


And then he was gone. The Orb dropped to the ground. Artemis and Holly were gone. A single word floated across it’s screen.



Two small green orbs rolled out of the larger one, then vanished in the same flash of light as Artemis and Holly.




These are for your charrie, not you.






Tribute: Yes/No

And may the odds be ever in your favor! *Checks out the Treaty ofย  Treason*



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  1. umm… wheres the sheet?

  2. What. Are. You Talking about? The Fic’s right there!

  3. I was talking about the sighnup thingymoboper.

  4. STUPID ME!!!

    -uh, I mean, I’ll get right on it.

  5. Name: Amber Root

    Age: 11(human years)

    District: Haven City?

    Personality: Is very quite but smart, is funny, and loves to not follow orders sometimes.

    History: My dad was Julius Root but he died a couple years ago. Mom was Raine Vinyaya same thing haooend to her. Went to the LEP Academy, but got kicked out because they found out that I stole Holly Shorts Buzz-Baton.

    Tribute: yes?(I really don’t get that, so you could pick)

  6. Have you read the hunge Games?

  7. Name: Maedria Black/Captain Fluffery (my all around RP charrie…)

    Age: 14 (sure…why not.)

    District: Haven

    Personality: Crazy. OCD. Has the Atlantic Complex. Leader. Weird. HUGE Fangirl. Grammar Nazi. Very furious at times. Fiercely loyal, very scary. Dresses in dirty white skinny jeans, a black shirt that says Linkin’ Park, a white jacket and black ballet flats. Carries a sword named Tamerion in its sheath around her waist and a small sheath around her calf for her dagger, Moon. Also has her StarBoard with her at all times (a disk of pure black star metal that has been enchanted to fly). Fowlie is usually floating on her StarBoard most of the time. Has an obsession of chocolate, and meditating…

    History: Was abducted by xTerrian people to bring peace to the planet. When she brought peace to xTerra, she returned to Earth, located her birth parents and tried to live as a normal teen.

    Tribute: Yes (Heh?)

  8. Has ANYONE here read the Hunger Games series?

    Orion, please try not to start personal conversations in the comments. All righty? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I have! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hey, try to not to have personal convo’s in the comments. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. *nods*
    name:sullivan dunbar
    district:s three the water one?
    persinality:parinod.why do yo want to know? are you a spy?!!
    history:unknown exepct that he was adopted and was found by gale when the boy was nine wondering aroung the forest.
    ummm,also he dresses in wierd clothes,from the twenty first century.


    oh,and when he was found he was caring a wierd wweopon that looks like a two tonged cattleprod

    Hey, try not to double post. Okay? Make sure to proof read your comment and that it has everything you want to say included, as well as proper grammar, spelling and capitalization. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. This is awesome!!!!!!! I love both of these books. Hunger games and Artemis Fowl are my favorite books ever. Please update soon.

    Name: Anju Mama’s

    Age: 15

    District: 12

    Personality: she dose not like people. She does what every she wants to and is her on person, and does not take **** from anyone. She is extremely dark and morbid. She is extremely jumpy and dose not trust people. Some of the few friends she dose have are in vary high places most of them are guards that gamble on her fights so she can get away with a lot of **** and is laft alone.

    History: her parents were murdered when she was 13. In order to live on her own she joined an under ground fighting club in order to get money, she has win almost every fight she has been in. She hunt’s illegal in the forest by her house but has naver. gotten caught. She is vary handy with a blade. Because off thisshe has a dagger and has a sword hidden under her bad.

    Tribute: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bad language and double posting are against the rules and are not tolerated. I have censored the profanity, but next time, your comment will be deleted. Remember, children visit this site.

  12. Name: Summer Eve
    District 3 or (anything else if not available just not District 2)
    Personality: Anti-social,loves the night and anything dark, Does Not like the sun. is a very good strategist and is good with a sword.
    History: Her father was a great inventor so naturally she is to, her mother created weapons for the Capitol and taught Summer how to use a sword.but on her 16 birthday her mother and father were taken away by the capitol for high treason. So she hates the Capitol.
    Tribute: Yes!!

  13. love hunger games and artemis fowl (on mockingjay)

  14. Name: Cimerene Daystar

    Age: 16

    District: Ah…2. The spot for girl in 3 was taken. XD

    Personality: More of a night person. Shes kind and sweet, but has an awful temper, not controlling what she does when she does get upset. She rather sensitive, but she always keeps her promises.

    History: Uh…She was raised pampered (as for growing up in District 2) and she has two little sisters.

    Tribute: Yessiree!!!

    …Dont we need to put what we look like?

  15. A "Fowl" Visitor September 14th, 2011 at 9:39 pm 15

    Name: Vivian Blue

    Age: 15

    District: 11

    Personallity: Insomniatic (can’t sleep; ever), rarely shows any emotion, mostly quiet. When she does talk, she’s pretty angsty. She is sweet to those she cares about, though.

    History: Her mother died when she was hardly a year old, and her father became an alcaholic, practially leaving her to raise her younger sister alone.

    Tribute: Yepp

    *In case this is needed, she has wavy, jet black hair that falls to her mid-back, emerald green eyes, and nearly transparent skin.

  16. Well, well, well, well, well, well…well. Look what we have here…

  17. I saw this in “Recent comments” and was going to reprimand you about spam, but…


    Anyway, nice start, but again, you still have some mistakes. Dig up my previous rants if you want to know what they are. I recently read Hunger Games, so I can finally understand all of these Hunger Games crossovers.
    I think this would be better if you just had the flashback, and then the beginning. After that, progress from there.
    I also recently took a personality test, so I can describe my personality in much detail.
    Name: Lucy Fur! No, I’m kidding. That would’ve been a really pathetic pun. Amice. Yes, Amice.
    Age: 13
    District: 5, ’cause I like Foxface’s ninjaness.
    Personality: I am an ESTJ (fun fact: same personality type as George W. Bush), numbers 1, 12, 12, 22. Basically, that means I don’t lean very much to one side or the other. And I just barely made the first one, Extrovert. “E” basically means I feel energized when I’m around people and I’m outgoing. “S” means I’m not one for purely conceptual things and rampant ideas, I’m more of a “cut to the point, kid,” person. Practical. Most boys have “T”, like I do, while most girls have “F”. But yeah, it means that I care more about the turth than I do about other people’s feelings. That’s why some people on the site think I’m offensive. I’m guessing that TWS is a T, too. And “J” means I’m structured and predictable. I follow a plan and put work before play, because I don’t like rushing. That tells you all a lot about me.

    History: Doesn’t talk much about it. Loves music because it has meaning to her. Will be found idly tapping fingers, sometimes subconsciously. Friends are really important to her — she’ll be talking about them a lot. Was raised to study hard and didn’t get too many indulgences — candy, allowance, TV, etc.

    Tribute: Yes

  18. Woaooooah. Ok. all accepted. Now I gotta shove all these charries into my update….

  19. Absent_Minded_Professor February 19th, 2012 at 9:56 pm 19

    Ech, I’m late.

    Name: Leah Bridges

    Age: 17

    District: 1

    Personality: Adventurous and reckless, speaks her mind, conceited, wants to be the center of attention, but will not stand for injustice

    History: daughter of the Mayor (who was very strict with the rules and cruel to everyone who was beneath him), pampered, parents didn’t want her to see suffering, helped people behind her father’s back (such as secretly signing herself up for tesserae for a family, that is, if I don’t forget something and that actually is possible)

    Tribute: Yes

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