For the love of Minerva. Or Holly. Or Maybe both.(Part 12)

Summary: Okay, so Opal is back. You can guess what that means. I'm not gonna tell you what happens with Artemis just for suspense, but ENJOY!!

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     With her stolen LEP wings, Opal sat on the head of Lady Liberty. She watched as Butler and Minerva climbed down her robes, chuckling at their approach. She could see many more ways, but hey, the genius girl didn’t figure it out, so why panic. It’s not like she cared for them.

     At the thought of care, Opal remembered the tragedy with her older self. She had been in the shuttle torturing the mud man when he escaped and made the shuttle fall out of the air. Now she had drowned, along with her servants. Oh well. At least her younger self could still terrorize the earth.

     When the pair reached the shore, Opal stood, and dusted off her bottom. She activated the wings and flew to the mainland to activate one of her ingenious plans.

     Underwater, Artemis awoke. A timer said that the small amount of emergency air in the helmet would last for about three more minutes. Realizing that he needed to work on his strength and that he had just wasted valuable thinking time(he was only out for two minutes) he decided a little bit of panic was justified. He started thrashing in the water before his instincts calmed him. Later, he would be glad that he had allowed those brief moments of panic, but for now, he saw it as another waste of time.

     Calming himself, Artemis floated in his meditating position as well as he could. Suddenly, he was being swept towards the surface. Coming out of his meditative stupor, he almost thought that Butler was interrupting him, until he remembered where he was. As this came to mind, he was confused for a moment, wondering why he was moving towards the surface, but then he saw that he was on a dolphin. The gleam of the wire must have attracted it, he thought.

     Grateful for the dolphin, he started to relax, but stopped himself. What was it that Butler always does? Oh yes. Do not relax until there is no danger. He grabbed the dorsal fin of the dolphin, and held on tight. They broke the surface just as his air ran out.

     He took the air helmet off and strapped it to the velcro strap that was made for it. He took a deep breath of fresh air and grabbed the dolphin again. She was taking him to shore now.

A few minutes later…. 

     The dolphin reached the dock, and allowed Artemis to climb off. She went to leave, but Artemis put a hand on her head to stop her.

     “Thank you,” he said, thinking of what had become of him, talking to animals. “I would have died without your help.” The dolphin chittered and jumped up to peck his cheek. He was so surprised by this that he almost fell in, but caught himself.

     The dolphin swam away, and he waved to her. After she ducked under the water, he decided he would call her Berry, the half of his best friend’s name that is never used. He wished he could introduce the two. Holly would love that, but Berry was gone now. Oh, well. He should go find some clothes and get out of his wetsuit. He pulled his phone out of a watertight pocket, and dialed his seaview balcony suite that he had bought for vacations that he never took. He arranged for it to be ready when he arrived, hung up, and caught a cab. He wondered briefly what his friends would do when they didn’t find him, but decided to call them when he got to the suite.

     When he arrived, the wind was blowing hard from the incoming storm, but the doorman still stood stiff  at his post, opening the door for Artemis who nodded at him as he walked past. In the lobby, a woman was sitting at the desk. When he walked up to the desk, she said, “Artemis Fowl?” and slid a sign in book across the desk to him. He signed his name, the date, and the time, and walked to the elevator.

     He stepped into the elevator and pushed the top floor. The doors closed, and he was surprised at how slow the elevator moved. The only ones he had ridden in lately had been fairy, and they were much faster. He waited impatiently for it to reach the top. Halfway there it stopped to let on another passenger.

     Artemis thought she was kind of peculiar. She had a wide brow, and was wearing six inch heels, but it didn’t seem to bother her. When she stepped off the elevator on the floor below his, he breathed a sigh of relief. She had an ominous feeling about her.

     Shrugging off the situation, he walked to the door of his suite, pulled the key from his pocket, and unlocked it. Once inside, he changed into a fresh new suit and loafers. Then, he called Foaly.

     Foaly picked up after two rings, and Artemis could tell that he had the phone on speaker. He could hear everyone talking at once, saying things like,”What were you thinking, running off like that? Where are you? Are you okay? What happened?” He cut them off by clearing his throat a bit more loudly than necessary. The chatter ceased, and he said, “I’m fine. A dolphin saved me, and I’m at my suite. I came to get a dry suit. Butler knows where it is. He can show you.”

     “Wow, Artemis. I never thought you could be so ignorant,” Holly said attempting to offend him. It did nothing, however. He had noticed that he had been doing things like this a lot more lately. (this whole fic from pt 1 till end is between paradox and complex)

     “Yes, I know. Butler, I won’t go anywhere else. Just bring Minerva with you, though. I don’t want to risk the fairies’ exposure.”

     “Will do, Artemis. You just stay there. We’ll be there in ten minutes.”

     “Good. I’ll see you then,” he said, and severed the connection.

     In the elevator…

     Opal stepped into the elevator with Artemis Fowl II worrying. She knew her hasty human disguise could be overturned very quickly, but she must get back at that mud boy and his friends for killing her future self. She wore six inch heels with her hair down over the points of her ears. Luckily, her magic saved her the humanoid pain from high heels.

     On the floor below Artemis’s suite, Opal strutted off the snail like elevator. As the doors closed behind her, she thought, That mud thing has no idea what’s coming at him. I will NOT be defeated this time.

     She unlocked the suite that she had rented directly below Artemis’s and sat down on the bed to wait. Soon enough she heard what she was waiting for. Good. The boy was on the phone. His friends would surely be coming. Best to take them all with one stone.

     The muffled sound of voices ceased, and she heard footsteps turn on the shower. Perfect. That just made it even easier. Opal ran back out of her suite and into the elevator. On Artemis’s floor, it was a simple matter for her to hack his supposedly unhackable key code, and pick the unpickable lock. She was in.

     She locked the door behind her again, and settled in the corner between the wardrobe and vanity table. Just in case, she buzzed up her shield, appearing to be nothing more than a haze from the heating vent on the floor behind her. There was no way the mud whelp would find her now.

     The shower turned off, and the boy returned a few minutes later. She only had to wait for his friends now, and victory would be hers. Opal smirked.

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  1. FCD, that was great! No identifiable mistakes, the whole Past Opal, thing got me hooked; waiting on the edge of my seat here, so UPDATE! (Metaphorically, I do get off of this site occasionally

  2. Fowlfan4ever June 9th, 2011 at 1:51 am 2

    Good job!!
    I just learned that if you give me like 3 tacos and VERY fast music and I need medical surgery. (I’m series. I fell off the couch and got concusion.)

  3. wow that was awsome!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!
    *is not taking eyes off pc* im so hooked on your storys i just cant stop reading!!!!

  4. @Hollyfan I know right!?!

  5. FowlsGirl123 June 9th, 2011 at 2:19 am 5

    aw, thanks guys. I try to write as much as i can, but i can’t always be on the computer……..

  6. FantasyDevourer June 9th, 2011 at 1:13 pm 6

    This is a cool story, almost no speeling/grammar issues, but can you do chapters instead of parts please??

  7. I don’t understand, what has Berry to do with Holly? For the rest, great story, 5 star!

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