For the love of Minerva. Or Holly. Or Maybe both. (Ch.14)

Summary: Just in case you’re wondering, I had a request for chapters instead of parts, so I changed it. It’s still […]

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Just in case you’re wondering, I had a request for chapters instead of parts, so I changed it. It’s still numbered the same, but it just says chapter.

     Foaly was trying to multitask. He was attempting to listen to what Minerva was saying, while at the same time trying to tell Holly what was happening. He was gesturing frantically for her to get in the cockpit.

     Confused, Holly scrambled into the x shaped buckle. Still on the phone, Foaly did his best to sit his four legs in the copilots chair. Covering the phone with one hand he told her a building to go to and the floor. He said Opal was there and was trying to do something to Artemis.

     Forgetting her hatred, Holly started worrying, and put the pedal to the metal. If Opal was involved, this could be life or death. They had to go help. They zoomed out of the water, dropping Opal’s shuttle, and buzzing up their shield. Holly started flying towards the mainland.

     Fairview, Pennsylvania

     The two boys scrambled over the open bum flap onto the dwarf’s back. Harry was first with Bobby on his back. Mulch said, “Hold on tight,” and they were off, diving into the earth, and moving through the state.

     A few minutes later, they popped out of the ground and Mulch emptied his tank. They had only gone about three yards. Mulch grinned at them and said,”Oh, this is only the beginning.” Which was, of course, true but they took it the wrong way.

     They dived back into the earth and again popped out of the earth about ten minutes later. They had apparently gone a quarter of the way across the state. The boys gasped and stared at the dwarf. They didn’t have time for much conversation, however, because Mulch had wasted time teasing them and now had to go FAST.

     The trio moved across the state until they reached just outside of New York City. “The closest I can get is a construction site, so we’re going to have to stick to the shadows on the way there. I will, at least,” Mulch said. “Unless, one of you wants to lend me your clothes,” he said mischieviously and in mock hope. The boys ignored him and climbed back on for the short ride. Mulch had grown increasingly faster on the way, and it had only been about half an hour. They dived into the earth a final time…

     Artemis’s apartment

     Artemis came out of the shower, redressed, and sat on his bed. He looked around the suite, and saw a slight haze behind the wardrobe. It could be from the vent, he reasoned. Or just maybe… he thought, stepping closer. He was now only about three steps away, and he could tell that this was no heat haze. This was definitely a fairy. But who would hide like that? he wondered, taking another step. Just then, the door opened at the same time as the window was unlocked,  but it was too late.

     Artemis woke up in a too short, extremely advanced hospital bed. He opened his eyes, only to find that they were covered by some strange goggles. Reaching stiff arms up to pull them off, he discovered that they were sedative pad goggles. But why would someone leave them on? Artemis’s blood chilled as he realized that it could only be two things, neither good. He was alone, or he was captured, and someone wanted him to think he was alone.

     Deciding to play by the first option, he opened his eyes and sat up. Bad decision. He was taken by dizziness and fell back on the pillow. He lay for a few moments with his fingers pressing into his forehead, and tried again. It was better this time. He was able to sit up and look around the room.

     It wasn’t even a room, really. Just curtains drawn widely around the furniture. He was surprised that he did not appear to be in a hospital, though. It looked like someone had curtained off part of a bedroom. Beside the bed, there was a nightstand probably made of oak or maple. On it was a lamp, and a glass of water.

     Artemis swung his legs over the bed and took a sip of the water. It tasted much better than regular water. So he was in a fairie’s home. Ok, he could handle that. As he shakily stood, he realized that his left knee was bandaged. It almost hurt too much to stand, but he needed to know what was going on. Just then, someone hurtled into the curtained area and wrapped her arms around him. Letting out a small yelp of pain, he hugged the person back, realizing it was Minerva.

     No sooner did he do this, than Holly walked in. “Uh, uh. Move it mud girl. We had an agreement. I got to hug him first, since you stole half my kiss.”

     Minerva stepped back and raised her eyebrows as if to say ‘really? You’re still upset about that?’ Then the two smiled. It really didn’t matter. Minerva did a little flourish with her hands and ended with them slightly extended towards Artemis, as if presenting him. Holly smiled gladly and embraced him.

     “I have so much to tell you. So many things have happened since Opal, well, um, I’ll tell you later. Butler said I have to let everyone help tell the story. Oh, and you’re in the rainforest, by the way,” she said, grinning at him.

     Artemis had so many questions, but right now, he was in too much pain. He sat back down on the edge of the bed. “After I feel a little better, okay? Right now, quite frankly, I am ravenous. Also, why did you leave these sedative goggles on me? Shouldn’t they have been off before I woke up?”

     “Oh, well, we didn’t know when you were going to wake up, and they are actually just pain reliever goggles, so until you woke up, it would help with the pain. That’s why you didn’t feel anything until you stood.”

     Artemis nodded as a boy about his age brought in some food. Something seemed wrong, though. The boy was human. What did he know about the fairies? Had they been exposed? What was happening? Then, the lights went out.

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