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Family Matters

Summary: It was hot, steaming, a world on fire. And Aretmis was right in the middle of it. NOT a Haloween Challange entry.

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It was hot, steaming, a world on fire. And Artemis was right in the middle of it. He stumbled, hair matted to his head with sweat, clothes stuck to his body. Behind him, it laughed, gaining another few steps, shadows dancing around its figure, making it impossible to define. Man, monster, fairy, it was impossible to tell through the reddish haze of heat and smoke. But some things are best left up to your imagination, because if you could see your deamons, you would lose any sort of sanity you possessed. So he ran, doing his best to block out the screams and pleas of the others.

Others. The word rang in his mind, and Artemis was surprised to find he was on the verge of tears. Others, facing the monsters, others dying. As if the universe wanted to prove his point Artemis tripped over the splayed, bloody body of someone. He didn’t know who, only that  it was a young girl, chest ripped open, organs everywhere, bloodless face locked forever in a silent plea for help. And bloodless it was, she was soaked in her own blood. He stopped to stare, mind refusing to stray from the question of just how did she get there?

It gained another few steps.

Artemis had a decision to make, stopped at a crossroads. Light or dark? Calm or stormy? Silence or screams? He plunged to the left, following the light, chasing silence. Behind him, the creature laughed. It gained a few steps. So predictable, the boy was.

He cursed to himself, skidding to a stop in a corner of grimy walls, caked with red, light faded away. Artemis turned, and the creature- man- drew a sword.

“Hello, son.” and then his hand was gone, bone sliced, blood spurting. He gave a cry, and the man laughed, sword skittering across Artemis’s neck, small cut refusing to kill him.

“What do you want?”

“You to realize how alike we are.” another slice across his forehead, driving the teen to his knees. “Selfish, I know. But you had so much potential…” a last cut, soaking his chest in blood.


“Goodbye son.” he walked away from the boy who’s head was far from his body, expression frozen in his last, hopeless yell. The man chuckled. “Goodbye Artemis.”

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  1. Creepy, but excellent. Great, unexpected plot. Great work!

  2. Few typos.

    I liked it. Not too gory, but dark and sinister. Good use of sentence structure and good word choice.

  3. …whoa. That’s just…whoa. And if this a one shot, it’s very good, but kinda… unexplained. Sometimes I guess it’s better that way, though. Okay, so con crit.

    “…best left up to ypur…” your not ypur
    “…only thta it was…” obviously that instead of thta

    Overall, great job! *hands over five stars*

  4. Was this a oneshot? Or will you continue this by going back and explain the events leading up to this? I think it’s nice both. (But since I am curious, I will push for the continuation option.)

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