Epic Rivalry: The Battle Between Artemis and Foaly to Solve Unsolvable Problems

Summary: The name says it all: Logical twisters! And remember, each story is not related to each other, so there's no combined history behind.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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1. The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

Artemis and Foaly sat in front of a holographic projector onboard an LEP shuttle, and Artemis typed in some commands into the projector computer.

“What are you doing, Mud Boy?” Foaly asked.

“I’m going to show you the answer to life, the universe, and everything,” replied Artemis. “It is a relatively simple answer.”

“Artemis, I also happen to know that there is no such answer,” said Foaly. “I’ll bet this is all just cow manure.”

“Well, here we are.” Artemis ignored Foaly’s comment. “You can see that it is quite ingenious.”

The holographic projector created an image in midair. More accurately, it was a mathematical expression.

(7i2 – 35)(-1)

“Wow, you’ve got me there, Artemis. Complex numbers, big whoop.” Foaly laughed.

“Look carefully, centaur, and you will see the truth,” was Artemis’s cool reply.

“Hmm…” Foaly mused. “Let me see…”

(7i2 – 35)(-1)

(7(-1) – 35)(-1)

(-7 – 35 )(-1)



“Artemis, I see you have been reading fiction. Now that is surprising.” Foaly, with the truth dawning on him, could only chuckle. “I get what you’re getting here, Artemis. You win this time.”

“Of course,” agreed Artemis, chuckling himself. “The answer to life, the universe, and everything is not real.”

*       *       *


Of course, this is an obvious reference to the most popular answer of all time: 42. I’ve also managed to squeeze in the imaginary numbers part (although it really should be complex, but whatever 😉 So if you are educated in math (I believe it’s Grade 10), then you would know exactly where I’m getting at.

No worries, more to come soon!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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  1. Hmm, this was cute. I like the HGTG reference! You maintained good grammer/spelling. Your writing style is smooth and consistent. Clever idea!

    Just a question: is this going to be continued? I hope so. It’s a bit short. Also, you need to take it out of Uncategorized.

    If you’re new, welcome to the site! Enjoy the slow loss of your sanity (common side effect). 😀

    Update pleez! *first comment dance*

  2. By common, she (or he??) means it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.
    Artemis and Foaly were IC. But the ending seemed a bit rushed. Not that I can criticize-I suck at endings unless someone dies.
    Welcome!!! Hope you enjoy our site, and write loads, and update even more!! 🙂

  3. I must agree that the ending seemed a bit rushed, then again I’m not much better myself most of the time. I would lengthen this a little myself, and add a new chapter. I loved the idea of this though. Do update and write some more! 🙂

  4. Random. Short. Little or no plot. Add more. Good spelling, caps, gram, punc. Short comment, sorry. See my announcment. Sorry, again, if this hard to read. Welcome to site. Enjoy. Nice job.

  5. wait WHAT? sorry, I just don’t get anything involving math :(. i love fanfics involving the rivalry between Artemis and Foaly! The above people are right the ending is rushed. I would have put an argument about the origin of life in there 🙂


  6. Funny, and somebody knows their Imaginary Numbers. Funny that we were just studying about them in PreCal. Good story overall.

  7. Heheheh, I’ve been on this site probably longer than any of you have;I’ve been here since this fanfic site was created!

    I deleted all of my previous stories, so I could start fresh again.

  8. Well, I like it. It’s really good. Nice future-ness.
    You’ve got some big words in there. Would you mind explaining what they mean? I’m only in 6th grade. 😉
    PS: everyone, sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ll only be able to update about once a week. Now that its the 2nd quarter, the teachers are assigning a lot of homework. My brain hurts just thinking about it. :shiver:

  9. Head hurts! Ah! JK

    I got the logic of the solution and was pleased with your writing skills. I was told that I have a very sophisticated writing style, but it seems that I cannot really say that I do after reading this chapter.

    10 for 5 stars

    – Mr.B

  10. I got super confused, probably cause I’m young. 🙂 I read the 2nd chap, and I liked how you had their ancestors doing the exact same thing. I’m really sorry, but I’m not going to read the next ones, cause it’s WAY too confusing.

  11. Heh heh, I really like the second chapter on here.

    “It was satisfying to see his invention being eaten by himself.” -That is a very… creative sentence! I had to pause and just quote it. 🙂

    That third chapter is interesting! I’ve never heard of any of these problems before, but I love them all anyway. This one is my favorite, despite the fact that I can’t understand most of it.

    This fourth chapter is the situation that ALWAYS trumped me; I could NEVER figure it out, no matter how many times my older brother explained Artemis’s first solution. I get the second one though, and it was amazing! Absolutely spectacular! I probably like it just because I understand it the most, but oh well.

    Fantastic job! 5 stars, all the way! 😀

  12. Some grammatical errors, but great on the whole. I’m sorry for my poopy comment above. Anyway, I found a flaw in the fourth chapter: if you asked the liar which door led to heaven, the liar would lie about being the liar and would therefore not answer. Does that make sense? Also, about the cat thing, I was wondering somewhere along the lines of finding some sort of pulse. The first one, the Meaning of Life: though I’m 12, my parents have recognized my talent in math, as it is probably my only talent. Therefore, I know about i, the imaginary number due to the random math things I’ve picked up over time. Admittedly, this thing really got me thinking, and I’m impressed with your writing. It was a great way to integrate timeless puzzles with Artemis Fowl. Oh, and something random about the chess thing: when I was younger, I used to believe that in chess, taking a piece was called EATING a piece. Needless to say, many chess maniacs hated this and spent all time they could spare telling me that it was TAKE. This came to my mind with the edible chess pieces.

    And as I’ve said, besides the minor grammatical errors, something that really had me twitching was “grounded”. Yeah, it’s a word for parents, one that a naughty child knows a bit too well for their own good. However, in this case, it’s simply “ground”. The infinitive form is grind, so ground is the past tense. Likewise, when you wrote “says” and such… Yah. Stick to past tense, like a majority of authors, or choose to stick out like Paula Danzignier (which I probably spelled incorrectly…) and use present, but don’t switch back and forth.

    Anyway, I think this one was seriously worth my while. Fiver!

    Oh, ah, sorry for the doublepost but… How old are you to be thinking this kind of stuff? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Plus, my above comment makes me sound like some sort of teacher…

  13. wrr0zxpurrt:
    I’ve gotten onto your liar counter argument, and I’m afraid this gets to the point where the meaning of English words become indefinite. It happens all the time in law, and to exploit a loophole in a document is relatively easy in English (it’s even easier in Chinese)

    But to answer your inquiry, the liar can only lie when he tells the OPPOSITE of the truth whenever possible. It’s like have your mom asking you did you waste all your money on video games. Yes and no are answers to the question. If your truthful answer is yes, you lie by saying no. You can’t just not answer; it’s not lying!

    There are many grammatical mistakes, I grant you, but I did the best I could with the time I could spend on it. Maybe if highschool wasn’t so hard I would have more time, but that wouldn’t be highschool, would it?

    I’m a Canadian boy, 15, abused by my parents all the time (we all think they do), 94% average, and I live in the Great White North 😛

  14. Unless you are totally serious about the abuse thing, I feel your pain. I was banned from Facebook all last week for some church Fast and prayer thing.
    I love your fanfic, even the parts I don’t understand. Question: is the physics stuff wild guessing or fact? if its fact, then you must be a genius to be able to use it in a fanfic. I’m not going to bother you about your grammar – you’ve had plenty of input on that point. Update, or I will send my banana ninjas to hold you and your family hostage. ;D

  15. (3 + 6i)(3 – 6i) – 3 is a more obscure way to come to 42. I’m full of a million of those types of formulas, being a math junkie.

    I enjoyed the Schrodinger’s Cat short. Collapse of the wave function is always something interesting to discuss, providing a quantifiable aspect to sensory measurement in the way it does. (Have you heard of quantum suicide? It’s the same experiment from the point of view of the cat, and I feel it’s much more interesting…)

    I love logical puzzles like the gargoyle story. I’d come up with the first solution a long time ago but I hadn’t thought about the second condition in which they themselves don’t know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. Maybe some paradoxes would be something cool to tackle in future stories.

    And in all of this, no commentary on the Riemann hypothesis? I want to see Artemis predict that the hypothesis is true…

  16. HAHAHAHAHA I figured out the glass box thing even before Foaly said it! He was talking about how you couldn’t see the cat, and I was just like “Use a glass box, idiot!!!”
    Poor Arty, he got beaten by a just-regular-smart eight grade girl!

  17. AFcrazy15, I got it too! Good job! You’re a girl… oh shiz. I

  18. BoboParadizo May 24th, 2011 at 4:06 am 18

    Another way to solve the gargoyle thing is to ask a gargoyle what 2+2 was. If he lied, he’d be the liar, and the other’d be the truth teller.

  19. <3Trouble<3(FowlsGirl123) August 5th, 2011 at 6:26 pm 19

    Oookay. wow. I love logic, and making my brain work, so I loved this. Some of these just blew me away, though. The last one and the first one I did not understand at all, but they were interesting. I love the one about the gargoyles, and the doors, because I’ve seen problems like that before, and it was also the easiest for me to solve.

    Like bobo, i reasoned that if you asked the first gargoyle what 2+2 was, and it said four, then you could ask the other gargoyle which door led to heaven, and it would point to hell, which would tell you that the other door led to heaven.

    This can also be solved the other way around, if you ask a gargoyle, and he answers, say, three. Then you could ask the other gargoyle which door was to heaven, and just take the door he pointed to.

    Honestly, I think Artemis and Foaly overthought it. I had that solution figured out before the were even half done figuring their answer out.

    Anyways, this was awesome, and I think you should do more like it. It challenges my brain while I’m on summer vacation, so I don’t get too….idk, stupid.

    Okay, well, there were a some grammatical and I think spelling mistakes, but I read it all at once, and together it has a lot, so I’m not gonna add it onto this already huge comment.

    Maybe you could just read it over, and try to spot them for yourself. Great job!


  20. FantasyDevourer August 6th, 2011 at 4:20 am 20

    Ok…I mean, I’m good at math, but, erm, you lost me at ‘problem’.

    Reading’s my strong point, so I can tell you that you made a few spelling mistakes!


    I think Foaly would have been proud to see someone write an extremely complictated logic related story mostly/partly about him.

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