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Enemy of Old

Summary: When Artemis and Minerva are kidnapped, and Butler and Juliet are gone, it's up to Diana Fowl, Holly Short, and Anteros McKenna to save him. But will two teenage girls and a fairy cop be enough to stop two old enemies bent on revenge? The sequel to "Daughter of a Legend" is finally here!

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The prision guard whistled as he pushed his cart of food down the barren hallway. He stopped at one cast iron door, then another, depositing the bowls of gruel through a small door designed to only open at his handprint. At the last cell he opened the little door, and slid the food inside. He hesitate for half a second, waiting for the “Thank you” that always came from this prisioner. But that half second was enough for the prisoner to brace open the door with a wooden rod made from the bowls of food and welded together with magic, and scurry out of the hole. He knocked the food-man unconcious, and ran down the hall, his speed only increased by the alarms that began to wail as the guards in the security room watched via the cameras in the hallway.   

He sprinted to the entrance, getting there just as the doors began to close. Five prison guards stood in his way, guns aimed. He ran still, aimed at the two whose knees were shaking. Just like Red Rover, he thought. They gave way, and he slipped out the door right before it closed, locking the guards in the jail and preventing any pursuers.

There was no one on the street, but he slipped into the nearest alleyway anyway and doubled back to rest behind the jail. From there he climbed onto the room and hid behind a smokestack. The guards would expect him to run as far away as he could from the jail, so that’s exactly what he wouldn’t do.

As police sirens sounded at the guards finally got the door unlocked, he reviewed his plan. He would disguise himself, and then he would destroy Artemis Fowl and Holly Short.

Briar Cudgeon laughed maniacally.

It was simple enough.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. FCD OOOOOHHHHHHH Major twist! I love the ending! Great story so far, update!

  2. LOVE IT! It’s awesum! it sounds great! UPDATE SOON!

  3. I just reolized that it’s the sequal to daughtor of a legend. Sweetness! 🙂


  5. …Wow. And I assumed everyone would actually read the summary… how crazy am I?
    Sorry about the lack of updation. I’m trying to figure out how I want the story to end, cause right now I have a plot, but no ending. Which doesn’t really work.

  6. Well I wouldn’t think she would be so eager to make a plan when she has no idea what is going on but other then that I love it just as much as the last one, which is a lot! Keep it up!

  7. omg yay u did the sequal. luv it all so far. keep it up!

  8. Yeah… I was hoping this one would turn out less tragic and depressing than the last one. I think I made it just a little too ubelieveable, but whatever. It’s fun to write!

  9. I’m a little confused but I think its kinda cool!

  10. mahi101 AF Fan February 6th, 2008 at 10:27 pm 10

    I LOBVED the last one , don’t try to change the way u write! anyway , ( i like TRAGIC AND DEPRESSING) lol, so in this story Ann isnt the main charecter? Dian is?

  11. mahi101 AF Fan February 6th, 2008 at 10:34 pm 11

    Sorry forgot the a in Diana

  12. lol minnie will DIE!!!!

  13. Minerva Paradizo June 9th, 2008 at 7:25 am 13

    I love it!
    Jelly, that’s evil!
    Please update! You have a very interesting way of writing!
    Jelly, that’s still evil!

  14. I really like it and can’t wait for you yo update!! Update As soon as you can!!!!!!!

  15. When will you update??!! You should catagorize this in FUNNY!!! I live it!!!! Update as soon as possible!!!

  16. *sigh* Yeah, I think this one has sort of died… I started a different sequel, “Life Of A Teengage Heiress” (LoaTH), and hopefully that will get farther than this one. It would have been really fun to write something like this, which was utterly random and fun, but it wasn’t going anywhere.

    Yes, Jelly. Unfortunately, if I killed Minerva off… PLOT TWIST!!!! Never mind.

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