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Summary: A poem about the one and only D. Butler.

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Domovoi; poem inspired by Butler from the Artemis Fowl series, written/all rights reserved by Eoin Colfer

A marking on the skin
Takes away the heart
Tearing you away
From the family you love

Coming in their lives
Like a savior in the night
Keeping a close eye
On any possible threat

The second father
To three children
He will never conceive
However, they are his forever

No one knows your simplest actions
Tucking the youngest in at night
Playfully fighting with middle child
Comforting the hire when he feels alone

You are their Domovoi
A guardian of the night
Maintaining peace and tranquility
Thank you, dear, Domovoi

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  1. Wow. That was incredibly well written!

  2. foalyissarcastic March 26th, 2014 at 6:43 am 2

    very good and interesting.
    However,for your next poem,some tips:
    Because of the style,I reccommend an extended metaphor.
    Well Done

  3. @Shaadia: Thanks!
    @Foalyissarcastic: I agree with an extended metaphor, I usually try to add them in with more original writings, but they somehow escape my mind in fan fiction. Thanks!

  4. Hello Miss Amber Root, I am Chezney Marcy Lloyd and i to agree that you have a well written poem. I have only read The eternity code, and I think that the two are really similar. I despise a bad young author, but you really have a gift. I to am a young writer. I know this is not totally on script, however I think this Poem really caught my eye towards fascination.

    You have Astounded me. I love thou’s poem. 🙂

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