Desperation- Award Winner! 2nd

Summary: Holly is dead. Artemis’ brain, usually faster than anyone else’s, could not seem to comprehend it; could not process that […]

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Holly is dead. Artemis’ brain, usually faster than anyone else’s, could not seem to comprehend it; could not process that simple thought.

Holly was killed. My best friend is gone.

Artemis couldn’t bring himself to believe it. The two of them had been through so much to do this; it couldn’t end like this. They deserved better. Holly deserved better. Out of the corner of his eye, Artemis saw once again the flash of Abbot’s blade. He heard the sound of Qwan falling to the ground and the magic in his brain noted No1 being extinguished. Artemis knew this was no time to fall apart and merely stored the information for later. Right now he needed a plan, something ingenious, something that would return his friends to him and help return him to his family.

A chunk of Hybras right next to Artemis detached itself and went whistling by barely an inch from his head, but the boy was beyond caring. If his friends would die here, then so would he, and not just as a tribute. Without them to control the magic, Artemis had no hope of returning to the world he had known. Right now, his sole mission was to get to Holly.

He stumbled quite a few times as he walked through the jagged crater, but did not slacken his pace. He couldn’t. He knew Holly could not be fixed by magic; Abbot had said as much himself. Nevertheless, Artemis had a feeling that if he got to Holly, everything would be okay. His brain, now being controlled by emotions rather than cool logic, was deceiving him, he knew. But there was nothing else to do, no more logical path to take. Having the bomb in position no longer mattered with no one left to harness its power. Had he the slightest idea of how to do it, Artemis would have tried to return Hybras on his own. However, he knew any efforts of his would be futile. He had never been trained in magic, and would only succeed in getting blown up a nanosecond earlier than the rest of Hybras. Artemis’ brain was throwing up these facts to avoid thinking about Holly’s sudden death. He mourned Qwan and No1 as well, but not nearly as much. They had been mere acquaintances, Holly a best friend.

A sound like that of a mountain collapsing reached Artemis’ ears, and a flash of blue light temporarily blinded him. When he could see again, Artemis saw only a Holly-shaped hole in place of his faithful friend. And he knew there was no hope. Holly was forever gone, Qwan and No1 lay dead on the slope, and he was never going home.

As realization sunk in, Artemis sank to his knees and sobbed. Why? he thought, Why did Abbot have to win? He was sure that if he had more time, he could come up with a plan. He was equally sure that he didn’t have enough time left, if that was even the right word for it in this place. Even if he ran away, he would get nowhere. He had no idea what would happen if he simply tried to leave the island and had no wish to find out. Being farther away from the volcano would mean that the time spell was stronger, but that would only give him more time to sit and worry. And if the time spell didn’t take him, the bomb would.

He suddenly felt sad that he had looked at Holly that one last time. The emotions in her eyes—anger, sadness, longing? —now weighed heavily on his conscience as if it was his job to avenge them. But how? He noted another blue flash and looked over to the ground where No1 and Qwan had lain. They were still there. That meant that Abbot was now gone as well, hopefully taken to a place of eternal punishment. Artemis was the only living one around.

The time spell was now disintegrating faster, larger chunks of Hybras disappearing with a much greater frequency. Qwan and No1 were there one second and gone the next, hopefully cremated with Holly in what was surely a hero’s death. Time was no longer a concept, and Artemis felt as if he was floating in a state of non-being. It was almost like a state of ultimate Zen, but Artemis could not seem to relax right now. A tingling feeling spread up through his feet, like he was dematerializing. My time has come, thought Artemis. This is the end. He felt the tingling grow stronger, saw the red sky and gray earth of Hybras whirling around him, smelled the distinct scent of burning sulphur in the air, and then as if he was seeing himself from a third person standpoint, winked out of view. Artemis Fowl II was no more.

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  1. *FCD* Pretty good! Except I didn’t like the storyline

  2. its good but …well the story line isnt catching…sorry!

  3. Depressing! I liked it, it wasn’t bad. I just can’t imagine Artemis not being able to come up with anything. I mean… I know he was sad but he is still Artemis.

  4. I like the wording, but it’s kind of… sad! And I agree with Olive, that I can’t believe that Artemis didn’t think of anything. And if everyone dies, where’s the story going? Well, keep writing and we’ll see…

  5. I love this story. One of the best on the archive, in my opinion, as usual.
    It’s believable, almost more so than EC’s version. When somebody is in great loss their talents don’t usually come out, their flaws do. I can see Artemis watching Holly die, and seeing everything that he worked for, all of the development he made in the last couple of years, go down the drain. He’d be seeing the person who had the most affect on his life die and just freeze. Holly made Artemis who he is today, and watching somebody that important die destroys all logic.
    5/5. 😀

  6. Well…I dunno if you guys get this, but it’s supposed to be very sad. It’s finished; there’s no way I can write more. It’s just supposed to be a short thing.
    Thanks, BlackOpal, I think you understood it a bit better than other people. That’s what I was trying for.

  7. its commendable you tried to take on this scene. it would be hard to change. but the way you changed it wasn’t… like artemis.

  8. wow, sadness! i like it very super much. 5/5!

  9. 😥 😥 … 😥 😥 …
    So sad … if there was a sad catagory it would definetly be under it … 😥 …

    Oh, oh and I do know that it’s supposed to be sad. I know i know. 😥 You did a really good job of it, really moved me. 5/5, as always …


    Srry that was supposed to be “hi never seen you on this site before.”
    N e ways ……… 😥 🙁

  10. This was fantastic. Sad, obviously, but believable and well-written. One of the best pieces I’ve read here.

    And congratulations on getting 2nd place! You definitely deserve it.

     EDIT:  Wow, I didn’t realize you’d written this, carino.  You’re really good- I have to go read the rest of your stuff now…

  11. Wow.
    Thanks, MMK!
    Appreciate it!

  12. 😀 I loved it

  13. songfic_freak April 1st, 2008 at 10:01 pm 13

    awesome! i loved this story. I ttly agree with blackopal.

  14. it’s really sad.
    i love the wording, and you create the sence and the feeling well.
    the story is also good, but i just don’t want Holly to die, leaving Artemis alone.

  15. Why did he have to die? I’m sad for everyone. And I feel sorry for Butler too.

  16. It’s a sad ending…
    Not all ‘happy endings’ like the original.

  17. Awsome story!

  18. computerzandbks4ever July 11th, 2008 at 12:31 am 18

    it was really really good, but it’s sad, and really really don’t like sad stories

    it’s believable, and you have a real talent for writing!

  19. Interesting. Slightly depressing, but interesting. Very interesting(Am I repeating myself?) Great story!

  20. Really sad its good but next time can you mak your stories less depressing.Please

    thanks bye

  21. So amazing. I can’t even begin to describe it. Hi iesnoth! Have you gotten around to turning Netherworld into a fanfic yet? You should. Amazing! -Artemis_Fowl_theSecond

  22. i agree with Arty_Fowl_da 2nd
    it’s good

  23. Ouch. Painful ending. Good descriptions (you do lack of dialogue really well).

  24. Depressing, but a really good fic! I love it!

  25. Wow that’s a sad story. I almost cried! (well, alergies had someting to do with that…) But’s very realistic and extremly well-writen. I love how you decided for the sad ending. I;m kinda bored with the “everybody lives happily ever after” endings.

  26. five stars!

  27. Very… how shall I put it… fluid.

  28. Alanna-Lena Zelen December 29th, 2008 at 1:56 pm 28

    Exellent alter-ending! I’m glad that you are a exelent writer. Prehaps you can take on writing a story of your own as a pet project!

  29. I’m about to cry right now….. Artemis Fowl TLC was the only book ever to make me cry, that very part to…. and to see the alternate ending, is even sadder….. Very good writing, 5 stars!

  30. WAAAAHAAHAAAHAAA!!!!!! That was REALLY sad!!!!!!!!

  31. hitsugayatoushiro February 21st, 2009 at 5:08 pm 31

    y did they both hav 2 die???????
    n i 2 back up olive i cant imagen arty not being able 2 cum up with anything.
    actually if he is really sad it could mess up his way of thinkin
    u kno so the only thing that cums in2 his head is the fact that she’s dead n he might not b able 2 cum up with anyfink.
    i really lyk ur story.

  32. That was sooooooooooo sad.It made me cry:(

  33. I loved it.. although it was soooo sad!

    5 stars!

    No doubleposts, please ^^ ~WE

  34. kokokokoko

  35. you guys… i don’t know if my idea is right, but… since abbots dead, i think this is sorta what would’ve happened if artemis’s idea failed. Everything hung on that one theory, and it all fell apart.
    Reapete… just my interperitation, don’t hate me if i’m wrong…
    btw… my fav. story so far.

  36. Wow. Depressing. Personally, I wouldn’t have it end that way. Sad. I’m making myself read other stories where Artemis is alive just to feel better. ;(

  37. Wow, this is good! Funny, I was planning something like this but with Opal Deception instead.
    Sometimes I get tired of all of the happy endings and this fic is truly an appreciated, but depressing, change. Nice work!

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