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Summary: I decided to do a crossover on one of the BEST manga ever; Death Note. It’s about a kid named […]

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I decided to do a crossover on one of the BEST manga ever; Death Note. It’s about a kid named Light who found a notebook belonging to a god of death that can kill people whos names are written in them. The world’s greatest detective L is trying to catch him while Light is trying to kill crimminals to create a utopia to rule as god. Happy reading!

Don’t worry, Artemis will be in it, if not in the first chapter, the second chapter then. I’m going to twist the story a bit.

Chapter 1: Light Yagami

Light Yagami was staring out the window of his classroom, hopelessly bored. He was a skinny 17 year old Japenese boy living in the Kanto region of Japan and was the top-exam scorer nation wide.

Light was reflecting on how rotten the world was. Brutal murderers killed people every day, girls got attacked by stalkers, and pickpockets roamed the streets. Suddenly, something out the window caught his eye.

A small black notebook suddenly appeared from thin air and landed near the school. Out of pure curiosity, he walked over to the thin diary and read:

“Death Note”

A notebook of death? Light wondered. He flipped open the page and read further

“This is a death god’s notebook” He snickered. “How to use it…the human’s whose name is written in it will die” Light chuckled, and pocketed the notebook as he headed home. Once there, he proceeded to his room and read further.

This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen.

If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Light scoffed, although amused that a prank like this was so elaborate. He laid on the bed, muttering how stupid the whole thing was…

Realm of the Shinigami (death gods)

Several Shinigami sat around the barren land, gambling. Ryuk the shinigami finally rose.

“‘Bout time I got going”

“Everywhere you go, it’s barren anyway”

“I dropped my Death Note”

“Oops! Ryuk, you really screwed up, man!”

“Know where you dropped it?”

“Yeah, the human world” Ryuk replied nonchalently as headed down a series of stairs. A portal opened. He unfolded his wings and descended down to the human world…

*       *       *

Artemis was currently in Japan, looking forward to a buisness meeting with a well known man reguarding his buisness Yotsuba’s stocks. As to remain inconspicuous, the rendezvous was arranged in a nursery school. Butler was left at Fowl Manor as he wasn’t exactly the chipper age he was to be performing bodyguard duties, so Artemis went alone, much to his parent’s displeasure. Artemis detested nurseries. The whining children gave him migranes and the dust mites weren’t helping either.

He had just walked in when Artemis’s phone rang. He quickly flicked it open.


“My apologies, Master Fowl, but our meeting today must be cancelled. Mr. Serubi had a severe fever and cannot attend”

“I’m sorry to hear of that. Perhaps tommorow” Artemis replied, irritated. He had spent quite a bit for last minute tickets and three days of his time. He headed for the exit when-

Eeeekkkk!!! Screams came from the doorway. Children ran amock in terror and obvious distress. Artemis turned and noticed a burly man with a handgun. In the faint distance he could hear police cars. The man paused in the room that Artemis along with seven children were residing. Artemis stepped back as the man pointed the gun at him.

“Nobody move or I’ll shoot!” He shouted at the police. Out the window, Artemis could see several policemen and reporters. He was in a very dire situation indeed. This madman would undoubedly shoot him the moment he opened his mouth to reason with him.

Artemis slowly fingered his fairy communicator when-

“You! There! What are you doing?” The man demanded. Storming over to Artemis while still pointing the gun at him, he carefully took out the communicator. Artemis’s blood ran cold.

“Trying to find help, eh?” He thrust the tiny phone on the floor, crushing it with his boot. “Well, why don’t you die first, scum?” He prepared to press the trigger…

*    *    *

Light finally arose from his bed. He stared at the Death Note for a second and took out a pen.

“Wait. If someone dies, would that make me a murderer?” Light mulled it over for a second.

Gee, I’m getting too serious about this

He turned on the TV to the news station. A reporter spoke

“A man named Kurou Otoharada who killed/wounded six people yesterday is hiding in this nursery school with eight hostages including children. Two days ago-”

Light stared for a moment, then scribbled:

Kurou Otoharada

He waited 40 seconds…then…

Nothing. I knew it.

“What’s this? The hostages are coming out! The police are moving in to arrest Otoharada!” Light was stunned momentarily.

“Yes? This just in! The captor is inside the nursery and it appears that he’s dead!” Light turned back to the Death Note.


There ya go! My first crossover! Ugh. I’m losing my touch, but reviews are appreciated. And for those of you who’ve read Death Note, should Artemis be on the side of Light or the authorities? Don’t worry, I won’t kill him off or anything 😉

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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  1. OH.MY.GOD I just LOVE death note I’m so happy you did a crossover! The story is really nice so far, I like it! Maybe Artemis should be on Light’s side. I like it that way. =D Just an opinion. 😉 But great job so far. I’ll definitely check back.

  2. Death Note is the awesomest anime/magna ever!!!!! Maybe Arty’d do better if he’s with L. You know, Light’s kind of like a more dangerous version of his 12 year old self.

  3. DomovoiBlack May 29th, 2008 at 5:13 am 3

    I’m not into Manga, but I found Light’s story to be fascinating. I’m inclined to think that Artemis’s brainpower is match enough for anyone, but with a tool like the Death Note, he may have found a competent adversary…or will they be conspirators? It could easily go either way, and I don’t have a preference. I’ll check in on your story again. 🙂

  4. I love Deathnote! It’s so crazy when that really hot girl is jacked by that guy then he is killed by the truck! It’s so cool!

  5. That girl is sorta cute, but really hot? Nah! But I still live that show!

  6. My vote’s still that Arty teams up with L. And Yotsuba is the…. rival I think of the police that Light’s dad works or is in charge of.

  7. Yotsuba is the company that got ahold of the Death Note after Light loses his memory…:o Oops. I think I said too much! 🙂 Hmm…also, maybe I’ll also give Arty the ownership of one Death Note later on and he loses his memory later…but I still need a dominant alliance.

  8. Maybe I change my mind… Artemis and L seem better. Now that I think of it. Yeah, maybe I’ll go with that.

  9. Okay! Seeing that no one else on the site seemingly even reads Death Note, I’ll go ahead with Arty and L. L wins! I’ll work on it right away! Don’t worry. I’ll make SURE that Artemis doesn’t give Light away…

  10. i cool it’s death note i would never have thought of that and if i did i don’t think i would have done it

  11. Random Is My Style May 31st, 2008 at 8:07 am 11

    i love death note!
    artemis should definately be on L’s side. Light is too evil. and twisted. even tho i cant help but love him! ive only read the first two mangas tho.. gotta catch up!

  12. Ahh. Of course. I like Light too. But poor thing… *keeps quiet* 😉

  13. I like Light too! 😀 I think one of the main reasons why he is so popular is because nothing can stand in his way. Not Ryuzaki, the FBI agents, being locked up, or the death of family members. He’s a hurricane that will tear up anything in its path. But I have more fantasies about Ryuzaki rather than Light…Ryuzaki’s so cute! Anyway, I’ll work on ch 4 if I have time.

  14. oh i don’t know i think it would be cool artemis teamed up with L and meet light and then betraed L but what next…:( ah…never mind

  15. and great story

  16. Yes Ryuzaki is cute!!! Haha, he’s my favourite. 😛

  17. Wow, I liked chapter 5 a lot!! It’s really nice, keep going!

  18. Death and Artemis Fowl is THE greatest x-over ever! ^^ I wonder why no one ever did it though….

    Chp 5 was my favorite chappie so far! ^^ If L (to Arty) is still the fancy L on the laptop, how is he eating a strawberry and drinking coffee?

    This is BlackOpal. I merged your messages. Please try to avoid double posting. 

  19. Once again a wonderful piece of Fanfiction from Star Jinin! Death Note is like the best ever manga in the world. I love drawing manga (however terrible at it I am). By the way, I know this will sound rather annoying but you spelt recognising wrong. Keep up the good work!!!

  20. mayqueen17-We know he’s eating because the story is told from third-person, not first person.
    artyrox-I enjoy drawing manga too! And I’m really good at it. Friends ask me to draw them all the time! 🙂
    Also, I’m glad you pointed the mistake out. Even if I’m too lazy to correct it because I need my time to write updates, thanks for doing it anyway 😛

  21. This is a very good story, but I would like to to point out something. When there is more than one person talking, it’s difficult to keep track of who’s saying what. So, can you maybe distinguish the dialogue. That would be much appreciated.

  22. Ahh, I loved chapter 6!

  23. Ahhhhhhh! Arty got hurt!

    I think you took a big risk of letting Arty forget things, but you pulled it off good, sister! ^.^

    Edited by MMK:  I merged your posts.  Please try not to douple post.  Thanks.

  24. Hey, Star, are you on any other sites like Artemis Fowl Confidential? Or

  25. Nope. I perfer this site! It’s much better than those other poorly made sites. And it’s not spammy either. I do go to, only I hate the ads.
    Anyway, ch 8 is up! Plot twist! Lol. I know that he didn’t lose his memory because of the Death Note, so his memory should not have come back, but I needed to add that in anyway

  26. *gasps* Arty crossed over to the….. other side! Or did he?

  27. I loved the new chapters! I really like where this is going. I too go to sometimes. I plan on starting there too. But I’ll still remain here 😀

  28. songfic_freak June 8th, 2008 at 4:23 pm 28

    Inkheart, I suspect you can’t rate stories or get to your own because the editors might have taken that privilege away from you, because you keep flaming stories without any explination. If you do not stop flaming stories, you might be banned from Fangathering altogether. Please stop.

  29. Inkheart’s comments have been moved to spam.
    If you see anymore just ignore them.


    Regarding the story:

    This sounds like such a cool thing! I only read one chapter, I’ve never seen/read Death Note, but it’s a great idea. 😀
    Maybe I’ll read the rest (if it’s not too confusing) and see how it turns out.

  30. Don’t you just love it his eyes glow red?

  31. YOU READ THE UNFINISHED CHAPTER!? HOW COULD YOU?! *sigh*. Curiosity killed the cat, you know! *cackles as mayqueen17’s name is written in the death note*

  32. Haha, well, I absolutely willed myself not to read it. 🙂
    How could you kill poor mayqueen17 for that?

  33. *can’t tell you how awesome Chp. 9 was because she’s floating around as a spirit somewhere….)

  34. Awww haha. Poor thing. Oh and now that I think of it, Star Jinin, your name actually sounds really, really…chinese. It really does. The thought just struck me suddenly. 0.0

  35. Yes, it is! Glad you noticed! People keep saying that Asian writers are bad at literature, and I’m pretty much here to prove them wrong. I picked a username close to my own initials S.J. ‘Jinin’ sounds like the Chinese sound effect for ‘twinkling’

  36. OHH!! I’m Asian too!! And I know plenty of Chinese. 🙂
    Which country are you from?

  37. Look, this is getting REALLY off-topic, but if it makes you happy…I used to live in China.
    Also, so the next part of the story is where Misa comes in, right? I forgot (shame on me)

  38. I didn’t peek this time! ^^ I hope Holly knows what the heck she getting into!

  39. People are here to prove this wrong… How interesting. Even though this is off topic, I am Chinese. Some people think we are the smartest people in the world! Some think that. Some people thimk we are just plain dumb.

    This story is interesting. Even though I started to watch it back in Feb., I’m hooked. Artemis, in my opinion, is a little OOC. The disappearance of Naomi Misora? What happened? I know I peeked, but you don’t know my name or how I look like. There is no way you can kill me. 😀

  40. Oh YEAH!? Wanna bet? *trades for Shinigami eyes*
    Okay, Naomi died because of the death note. Light wrote it in to make her commit suicide without letting her body be found after he manipulated her into telling her real name, if you read carefully.
    I had a theory about how the Death Note corrupts the owner’s mind, and a with a ego like Artemis’s, I thought it would be reasonable that he would be lured by the Death Note.

  41. Well… That is possible… Besides even if you get Shinigami eyes, you would need my picture. So, how are you going to get it? Tell me that!

  42. Moonlite Knight June 25th, 2008 at 7:19 am 42

    Wow, that was awesome! I’ve only read the first volume of Death Note, but it scared me for some reason, so I didn’t read the rest. But your story isn’t scary at all, it’s great! You’re going to add more right? Please?

  43. HS9-Oh yeah? Well, there’s this new *coughcough* invention called facebook. Ever heard of that? Oh wait…I need your name for that. Oh snap.
    MK-Yeah. The artist once said that he was afraid he was cursed for drawing shinigami. I was really afraid the story was too confusing and I haven’t even come up with a plot yet…and it’s not gonna be surprising if I take suggestions. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  44. HA! I spoiled your plan! What’s Facebook? By the way, won’t you feel guilty if you kill someone from your own race? Or are you so cold-blooded that you will kill me? You still have not updated.

    Deathnote! Your Story is AWESOME!

  46. The second Kira is Minerva isn’t it? -_-; No offense, I just don’t like her.

  47. Well, yeah! That’s why I made her the second Kira. I don’t like her either, but I hate Misa more. And putting Misa in would make the story SO predictable to DN fans! Misa is such a moron. Another genius would be better. And I have to balance the AF and the DN characters otherwise I’m on shaky ground even for a crossover

  48. OliverWoodsgirl223 July 5th, 2008 at 4:21 pm 48

    NOOOO! If you kill L…..:( He’s already dead! Can’t you just be nice to the poor guy for once? Well…I’m guessing the second Kira is either Minerva or Misa…Misa-Misa is the second Kira after all! DEATH NOTE RULES! Also, is Mello and Near going to come in? Near is so cute!

  49. Uh…I just told her that Minerva is the second Kira…I mean, I made it really obvious. I guess most DN fans are a bit biased. And I haven’t decided if I’m really gonna kill L. I might, I might not. I hope to end it after the sucessors come in, but before the 1/28 meeting. I’m not gonna include Mikami either. I hate that guy!

  50. just don’t kill L! He’s an awesome character! ^^ I trust that you can make everything work out if you let him live.

  51. I like your story! But PLEASE don’t kill L!

  52. Silence, pathetic mortals! I, with the almighty fanfic authoress powers bestowed upon me, shall decide the fate of L! Muahahahahah! Ha..ha. ha. *coughchoke*
    Sorry, I got a little carried away there. But I do know what I’m gonna do about our little panda. No matter what the outcome, please don’t try to flame me or anything. I know all about those L diehards out there and so please keep reading till the end, no matter what happens.

  53. I loved chapter 12! I wonder what Artemis is planning.

  54. Er…you weren’t supposed to read that chapter. It’s an work in progress, meaning that you should heed the bolded text and wait till I post an announcement to read it! Grr…people just don’t get that…

  55. the code thing was a cool idea, but i dont get it that much

  56. Hi! I am geniustkw, singaporean chinese AF Fan! Nice story, I like how you combine Death Note with Artemis Fowl, it’s so fun and interesting, if you won’t mind, please give me your comments about my story Artemis Fowl and the Mallan Rebellion, Thanks!


  57. i like this crossover, but i really think you make arty a little stupid. i can never see him as a pawn to anyone. i see him ruling and planning the whole thing. make him win with l though because l is awesome.

  58. I agree with mally. Artemis would never let himself be commanded like that. The storys very good though. 🙂

  59. Sigh…I know, but I like Light being the smarter one, and I know that Artemis is being a bit submissive. But I suppose he did learn some humility and…well…okay, I don’t have an excuse. I just wanted Light to be the dominant one! Artemis can tolerate being told to do something, while Light will throw a hissy fit or find some way out of it. I admit, it’s mostly favortism on my part. And Light’s much more ambitious and his mental strength is much greater. I’ll try to make them more ‘buisness-associate’ like in the future. Thanks for the reviews!

  60. Captain Short 711 July 22nd, 2008 at 12:17 pm 60

    😯 gasp!!!! I’ve never seen/read death note ever b4! (shame on me 🙁 ) but its definately the next book I’ll be reading!(apart from book 6)such a cool story by the way!:-D

  61. Captain Short 711 July 22nd, 2008 at 12:18 pm 61

    I cant make smiley faces! I’ll try again 😀

  62. Captain Short 711 July 22nd, 2008 at 12:19 pm 62

    ( YAY!! idid it!!) 😀

  63. When will you update? 0_0

  64. OliverWoodsgirl223 July 31st, 2008 at 12:29 am 64

    ARGH! You still haven’t answered mah question, ARE MELLO AND NEAR GOING TO BE IN THIS? They gotta B! Love ur update!

  65. Please update. You haven’t updated in like a month. 🙁

  66. Sorry! I was on vacation for two weeks and I also kinda forgot about this site (SHAME on me!). I’ll try to make time for this story. is SO addicting!!!
    Yeah, Near and Mello are definete maybes. I can TRY to squeeze them in even if I don’t kill L off, but keep in mind that they’re only like, fourteen when the Kira case starts.

  67. mahi101 AF Fan August 14th, 2008 at 5:14 pm 67

    wow, GO ANIME AND MANGA!!!!!, i didnt reed it b-cuz, i never watched death note, BUT I HEARD OF IT SO MANY TIMES!!! i’ll read or wwatch it then reed this.

  68. MAHI!!! UR BACK!!! *glomps Mahi*
    I missed you!!!
    And yes, DN is a awesome series. I’ve pused aside everything for my DN obsession. But just so you know, it has some mature themes in it.
    And no, I have not abandoned this story, god forbid. I am just a little occupied with right now.

  69. IM SORRY! I READ CHAPTER 13 🙁 Minerva’s a psyco.

  70. When will you update! 🙁 😥

  71. PLEASE UPDATE! I love your story! Im going crazy! Grrrrrrrrr 👿

  72. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈 I’ll kill you if you don’t! *writes name in Death Note* AHAHAHAHA 👿

  73. UPDATE! Please Please! GAAAHHH Are you dead? Have you forgoten this story? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. I feel SO guilty! I just am very busy, and has stolen my attention…I will probably update…maybe…gah! I’m a rotten procrastinator and I know it…

  75. partyonsoccerfan January 25th, 2009 at 11:29 pm 75

    i have read up to chapter 4 so far and i completly LOVE it!!!! =)

  76. partyonsoccerfan January 25th, 2009 at 11:36 pm 76

    totally awesome . how can you writ ( type) all of this ????????

  77. OMG i lllllloooooovvvvvveeeee death note!!!! And so, I LOVE THIS STORY!

  78. RandomReaderGuy May 27th, 2009 at 3:56 pm 78

    Woops…. I read Chap 13…….(erases all traces of myself on the internet).Anyway, thanks to you im finally interested in death note.lately i’ve been obessed with bleach pls update !

  79. Umm… Could you PLEASE KILL OFF LIGHT and have (drumroll…) ARTEMIS take over the world? Please please?
    That Light dude… 🙁 I don’t like him.
    The concept is OK… I like it (sort of). 😉

  80. D: UPDATE!!!! PLEAS!!!l lolz…i completely fell in love with the fanfic yhu wrote,,,xD hehe i got a huge crush on L so im sooo happy. heheheheh

    UPDATE!!! or ill write yhur name in the deanote and send mulch diggums after yhu!! rofl

  81. my favorite manga and anime ever with my avorite book ever. You are awesome 🙂

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