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Darkened Skies

Summary: Artemis Fowl meets Thor. Post TAC and post Avengers.

Chapters: 1 2

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Chapter 2: Thunder Belt
Suddenly Butler leaped to his feet, charging at Thor on full throttle. The mammoth man collided with the ancient god of thunder, setting him off balance and tossing the hammer across the manicured lawn with a deafening thud. Taken by surprise, and quite enraged, Thor tossed a wild haymaker at the manservant’s head. Butler caught the other man’s hand in one of his oversized ones, twisting the god’s arm until he bent to the ground in pain.
Holding him there, Butler raised his other hand in a fist, striking the man across the cheek hard. Artemis, from where he was standing a few meters away, heard his neck crack with the blow. Severe spinal damage, Artemis thought.
Yet, shockingly, the man turned his head back to look up at Butler, square in the eye, a look of fury glinting in his eyes. Twisting quickly out of Butler’s grip, he crouched down and did a low spinning kick, knocking the bodyguard off his feet. He extended his hand behind him, summoning the hammer. Before it could reach his outstretched hand, however, Butler was on his feet again and came at the god with a bone-snapping right hook, causing Thor to lose his balance once again.
The hammer dropped to the ground where it had been flying through the air, shaking the ground as it landed. Artemis watched with a smug grin as Thor left the hammer, charging at Butler with unimaginable speed; except to Butler. The bodyguard quickly took a defensive stance, lowering his center of gravity. Just as Thor was about to collide with the manservant once again, Butler opened his arms wide, as if to offer the god a hug. Well, this was no warm hearted hug. Butler wrapped Thor in a tight grip as he reached his arms, throwing him to the ground with a sickening thud. As Thor was momentarily dazed, Butler took the opportunity to whip out a dart gun, firing three or four quick shots at the man’s chest. For a moment, it looked as though Thor was about to get up again, but instead he went limp, eyes rolling to the back of his head.
Several things had gone through Artemis’s mind while the fight was going on. One was the possibility of this man actually being the god Thor. Another was that, if so, where he had come from. It was hardly a coincidence that a thunderstorm had struck just before an Einstein Rosen Bridge had opened up. So, Artemis concluded, if this really was the god of thunder, he was of an alien species that live far beyond human years, and thus ha been around since Greece’s hay day.
Butler had, since he had checked to make sure that the muscular and extremely powerful man was really out, carried the limp form inside and strapped him to a cot in what used to be Holly’s cell. Needless to say, a shiver of old memories forced itself down Artemis’s spine as they entered the room.
“Male, obviously,” Artemis told no one in particular, even though Butler was in the room. “Looks to be about 30 years of age, although from where he came from I could be wrong. He is in peak physical condition; is even say he’s beyond peak, if I thought it was possible.” He paused for a moment, circling the cot to get a better look at the man. “Wields a hammer, much like the one the god of thunder, Thor, would use.” Unfortunately, the hammer was, as legend of Thor stated, to heavy for any man to lift; even Butler. So it remained outside where it had dropped. “Whether or not this is actually him or not remains to be seen,” Artemis concluded.
Butler stopped him there. “Artemis,” he said slowly, “how could this be the real Thor? He’s a legend, a myth.”
Artemis smirked up at his bodyguard. “Don’t you suppose that if an alien, like what we have here, or so I assume, traveled from far away through a wormhole to our ancient world, the people of that time would mistake him for a god?”
Butler thought for a moment. “But we don’t know that he’s an alien,” he stated simply. Artemis was grinning now.
“Legend says that the god Thor had a belt that have him all if his power, including the ability to summon the hammer. So, take away the belt, and he is left with no power. He will, however, still be incredibly strong.” While he was speaking, Artemis removed the belt from around the god’s waist, placing it on a table next to the cot, well out of reach from the restrained being. “Now all that’s left is for him to awaken.”
“And then we interrogate him?” Butler asked eagerly. This was, of course, his favorite part; aside from beating the highly trained man down.
“Yes,” Artemis nodded. “Then we interrogate him.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Oh my FanGathering, Thor and Butler, Thor, Butler- I can’t hold myself. You did it, you really did it. I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time. My two favorite fandoms in one with the two guys I fangirl. Fowlifer, gwaaaaa!

    Hi, I’m Amy! I’m one of the four editors and I love Avengers. ;~; I use their shower bath rags. I’ve watched Thor/Avengers and yes Butler can do it. If he has his mind to and tried his best to the extreme, yes he can!

    The plot so far is really good, there must be tension between Thor and Butler later on. I can feel it in my bones. Is there going to be any Loki? Lokiii *~*

    Some minor mistakes that can be easily fixed:
    “More so, the anomaly was an event he should have know about.”
    -know should be known.
    ~”More so, the anomaly was an event he should have known about.
    “Just a he was about to give up hope, what looked like a clump of bulky bushes rose into a standing being.”
    -The first a should be as.
    ~”Just as he was about to give up hope, what looked like a clump of bulky bushes rose into a standing being.”

    Dude, please don’t leave me hanging. ;~; I’m going favorite this as soon as possible.


    Thanks Amy! I’m glad you like it so far. I will definitely update soon.

  2. Hey, , you posted it! Good work for a first story. I really like your writing style and I think you should continue this!

    Update soon!

  3. The chapter thingy is broken 🙁

    I’ll try to chapter it for you. ^^
    Edit: Okay, I got it working. You used something with “more” in it, don’t use that. Use < !- -nextpage- -> right at the start of it. Here’s the link to how to do it. 🙂

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