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Darkened Skies

Summary: Artemis Fowl meets Thor. Post TAC and post Avengers.

Chapters: 1 2

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Chapter 1: Thor’s Day

A streak of white lightning flashed across the storm-darkened sky, striking a kite flapping violently in the vicious winds. It was Thursday, and Artemis was bored. Again. He stood within a sheltered room made of clear plexiglass walls an ceiling, allowing him to observe his experiment. He was recreating Benjamin Franklin’s kite and key experiment, as there were conspiracy theories as to whether the experiment was ever actually conducted, due to the likelihood that if it had, good lid Ben would have been electrocuted to his death. Artemis was determined to, and quite confident in, proving these theories wrong.

As he expected, the electricity traveled down the line of the kite, hitting the key and heading straight to the ground where it was anchored. Artemis’s laptop dinged as the data from the shock registered in his equipment. He smiled his toothy vampire smile at the results, which were, of course, according to his expectations.
Just then, an unexpected event happened. Those of you that know Artemis well know that unexpected events are very unwelcome to him. More so, the anomaly was an event he should have known about. The event was a wormhole opening up right above him.
Artemis stared, mouth wide open in shock; a position he rarely, if ever, found himself in. This awkward exchange between himself and the anomaly was not entirely because of the anomaly’s existence in the first place; rather, what the wormhole contained. Inside the event, falling through, pulled to earth by gravity, was the silhouette of what appeared to be a person. It remained to be seen whether this “person” was human or not.
Artemis opened the door to his improvised shelter and walked briskly towards the manor, calling out for Butler.
“Butler,” he called out, hoping the bodyguard was near. “I think this is something you will want to see. I suggest you come outside immediately.”
No response. “Butler?” He raise his voice slightly. “Butler!” He paced outside the door to the main house, glancing up at his friend in the sky periodically; just to make sure he really was there. And still there. “He must be getting hard of hearing,” Artemis muttered, taking a last glance at the sky. Still there, he thought. Good. Then he entered the house, only to run straight I to the chest of Butler himself.
“Artemis,” he said gruffly. “It’s the middle of the bloody night. This had better be good.” Butler rarely used that tone with Artemis, and he didn’t like it.
The boy frowned slightly, opening his mouth to protest, but a large crash outside interrupted him. “The Einstein Rosen Bride!” He cried out, rushing the through the door. Butler followed, hand on the holster of his trusty sig sauer, unsure what was going on. “It’s collapsing!” He yelled back to Butler, who still had no idea what he was babbling on about. Regardless, the manservant pursued his principal into the  veritable maelstrom.
Winds were whipping Artemis’s hair around his face, tossing it into messy tousles of black. He scanned the sky with his eyes, but the bridge was gone. The wormhole had collapsed.
His shoulders sunk in disappointment. Maybe he had imagined it after all. Even after he was rid of the Atlantis Complex, it still haunted him on occasion with weird impulses, or bouts of OCD. Or, in this case, hallucinations.
Just as he was about to give up hope, what looked like a clump of bulky bushes rose into a standing being. A real, very much alive, humanoid. Artemis was sure of it. Well, almost.
“Butler,” he whispered, “are you seeing this?” For once in a great while, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Butler, without answering, unholstered the sig and leveled it at the figure.
“Turn around slowly with your hands behind your head,” he called out fiercely, cocking the gun and squeezing the trigger within a hair’s breadth of firing. Of course, the figure didn’t listen. Instead, it whipped around, shoulder length hair spinning with his head and shoulders. Butler fired, hitting his target in the leg. The figure staggered and fell, as Butler ran towards it, gun cocked and battle ready. Surprisingly, the man (or so assumed Artemis, based on the character’s build) got back on his feet and faced Butler, clutching something in his hand. He swung it around, almost like a slingshot, all the while the object picking up more and more speed, flying around in a tight circle. Just as Butler raised the gun to fire again, the well muscled being released the object, which flew straight through the air and hit Butler square in the chest. Needless to say, even Butler, as well built as he is, went flying backwards. Landing on his back with an “oof,” Butler tried to lift the thing off his chest.
Artemis, up until this point, had stood by, watching confidently, knowing his bodyguard would handle it. Now, as he watched the manservant tugging at the handle of what now looked like a large hammer, he grew very nervous. “Butler?” He called out anxiously. His friend wasn’t able to lift the darned thing off his chest. Butler, of all human beings, couldn’t lift a bloody hammer.
The figure approached Butler, who was still struggling with the hammer, and quite running out of breath. The man held out his hand and the hammer flew into his hands. Artemis watched, mouth agape for the second time that day. Certainly that had never happened before.
Butler, still on the ground and gasping for air, watched in horror as the man raised the hammer over his head. Artemis grew very alarmed very fast. “Stop!” He called out. “Wait!” He ran towards the two, Butler shaking his head.
“Artemis,” He coughed, “don’t!” The stranger amongst them lowered the hammer (it was most definitely a hammer, Artemis noticed) and looks up at the approaching boy.
“You are Artemis Fowl?” He asked in a deep, rough voice. Artemis paused, momentarily weighing his odds. What could an alien know about him? Or a human from the future? Or anyone that would be falling through a wormhole, for that matter. Nothing, most likely. Yet this man knew his name. Artemis, not for the first time, and certainly not for the last time, took a risk.
“Yes,” he stated simply. “And you are?” The man stared at him for a moment, assuming an aggressive stance.
“I am Thor,” he announced, under the darkened skies.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Oh my FanGathering, Thor and Butler, Thor, Butler- I can’t hold myself. You did it, you really did it. I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time. My two favorite fandoms in one with the two guys I fangirl. Fowlifer, gwaaaaa!

    Hi, I’m Amy! I’m one of the four editors and I love Avengers. ;~; I use their shower bath rags. I’ve watched Thor/Avengers and yes Butler can do it. If he has his mind to and tried his best to the extreme, yes he can!

    The plot so far is really good, there must be tension between Thor and Butler later on. I can feel it in my bones. Is there going to be any Loki? Lokiii *~*

    Some minor mistakes that can be easily fixed:
    “More so, the anomaly was an event he should have know about.”
    -know should be known.
    ~”More so, the anomaly was an event he should have known about.
    “Just a he was about to give up hope, what looked like a clump of bulky bushes rose into a standing being.”
    -The first a should be as.
    ~”Just as he was about to give up hope, what looked like a clump of bulky bushes rose into a standing being.”

    Dude, please don’t leave me hanging. ;~; I’m going favorite this as soon as possible.


    Thanks Amy! I’m glad you like it so far. I will definitely update soon.

  2. Hey, , you posted it! Good work for a first story. I really like your writing style and I think you should continue this!

    Update soon!

  3. The chapter thingy is broken 🙁

    I’ll try to chapter it for you. ^^
    Edit: Okay, I got it working. You used something with “more” in it, don’t use that. Use < !- -nextpage- -> right at the start of it. Here’s the link to how to do it. 🙂

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