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Dark Sands

Summary: DARK WATERS   Takes place after the Artic Incident     Chapter 1: Jungle Break “Holly, get in here!” Called […]

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Takes place after the Artic Incident


Chapter 1: Jungle Break

“Holly, get in here!” Called Root from his office
Holly sighed,”Yes, Commander?”
“We have got a new video feed on one of Foaly’s Aztec cams.”
“Aztec cams?” Holly asked
“A while ago we decided to add a few cameras on certain historical landmarks,just in case, not my style but I agreed”
“So what have we got?” Asked Holly, excitement building up
A com screen crackled to life on the wall of the office
“Ah, Holly, glad you could make it. We found a peculiour sight on one of my cams. I suppose Julius told you about it” Said Foaly, appearing on the screen.
“Dont call me Julius, horsey boy, or I will have your budget slashed. Now show her the feed.”
An Image appeared on the Com screen, showing an ancient Aztec pyramid.
“Whats so special?” Holly asked.
“Just watch” Root replied
Suddenly a bright light lit up the ziggurat* at the top. It trurned around like a lighthouse.
“Wait, thats a Fairy trans-communicator!” shouted Holly.
“Brilliant! Thats it! But who would place that in an Aztec pyramid?” said Foaly
“Okay, what is a Trans communithingy?” Root asked, annoyed
“Someone slept through school” Foaly winked
“Dont make me slash your budget” Root replied
“Okay, its a type of fairy light, mostly used as alarms. Sort of like the ones humans use one Ambulances” Replied Foaly hastily
“What if the Mud Men see it?” Root asked
“They will most likely investigate.” Said Foaly.
“Hold one here, we need to investigate ourselves” Holly interrupted
“We cant go Inside without permission, even Aztec pyramids**”
Suddenly, Hollys head lit up with an Idea.
“But I know someone who can!” She said

Chapter 2: Sinister happenings

Artemis woke with a sigh. Another day of routine, he thought
What he didn’t know was that there was an elf circling the house.

“Commander I have visual on Artemis.” Holly said, magnifying her helmet view on the window.
“You are clear to move in.” Root replied, sounding grumpy. This whole thing was not to his liking, sending mud-men to do fairy jobs, but he knew that if there were a good mud-man to figure out this mystery it would be Artemis.

Holly went into a steep dive, her hair going straight back. She decided to let it grow a bit.
She knocked on the window.
“Ahhh!” Artemis shouted
Calm yourself, he thought, its probably only a bird.
He opened the window,
“Hello Artemis!”
He almost fainted there and then
“Holly! What are you doing here?” He asked, bewildered
“Let me come in” She said.
“OK, now what is it?” Asked Artemis
“A day ago we picked up a signal from an ancient Aztec pyramid. It was a fairy trans-communicator, similar to the thing in human lighthouses” Said Holly
“Yes, but what has this to do with me?”
“We figured that if someone were to figure out what it was it will be you. And we can’t go inside the pyramid, now can we?
Artemis sighed. And at that moment Butler burst through the door
“Sir is everything all…Holly?! What are you doing here?”
After they had told Butler, and he had agreed to come with them to the pyramid.
“I just need to make some preparations for the trip” Butler said
Artemis knew which kind of preparations. Preparations that were likely to get people hurt.

Back in LEP Headquarters
Foaly was monitoring all fairy communications on the globe when suddenly…
“Commander, I think you should get in here. We have a bit of trouble.”
“Yes Foaly?” Root said , coming into the room
“Our entire Sahara outpost communications array is down”
“Well, could just be interference”
“Negative, commander. I tried sat-link, everything I couldn’t get through.”
“Hmm. Strange. Send Retrieval in here, I think we have them a new mission.”


Chapter 3: Alarm

“Now this is something!” Artemis thought. They were busy flying over the Amazon jungle en route to the pyramid. Butler had “Trips” to make so he went by Jeep.
“Okay, Mud-Boy, strap up because there it is!” shouted Holly over the howl of the wind
Artemis could see the light coming from the pyramid. It seemed to be coming from inside the ziggurat at the top.


Butler could see the tip of the pyramid in the distance, barely visible over the treetops.
Suddenly, the jeep hit something in the ground and swerved wildly, coming to a stop near a tree.
“Artemis is not going to be please” muttered Butler, noting the black smoking coming from the hood.
Suddenly a green figure appeared in the bushes, holding a gun.
“Put your mitts in the air!” shouted the voice
“Yeah, right.” Butler responded. He quickly  drew his Sig Sauer and shot three shots at the figure.
He kneeled over it, trying to examine it.
“Goblin” he whispered

Artemis and Holly landed at the base of the Pyramid when they hear two gunshots.
“Butler!” They said simultaneously
“Artemis we have Goblins, I repeat Goblins!” The voice came through Holly’s headset.

They met up at the base of the Pyramid.
“I wonder what Goblins would be doing all the way up here…” Artemis pondered
“Not now Artemis, he was probably rouge.” Replied Holly
The group, led by Holly, made their way up. The light was intense from the Pyramid

“OK , you two go in, I will stay behind.” Holly said while catching her breath.
Artemis and Butler stepped into the small shelter, covering their eyes.
“Butler come here!” shouted Artemis.
He had found a small switch that seemed to be connected to the light.
He pulled it.
The sound of the Foghorn was ear bursting.



Meanwhile in the Sahara

“Ok, guys, the outpost is up ahead so keep your eyes peeled for anything” Trouble Kelp said over the LEP Communications
They landed just outside the outpost walls when suddenly Grub interrupted the air waves


LEP Headquarters

“Commander we lost Retrievals’ signal!”
















Chapter 3: Take And Hold


Sahara desert

“What is that thing?!?!” Kelp shouted
The sand seemed to be splitting. A shape rose from the sand 50 Meters away from Retrieval squad’s position.
“Its, its, its a building!” Captain Lynal Croote shouted.
From the sand rose a magnificent, dark building.
It was supported on beams of cris-crossing beams of steel.
The building was massive; it looked a palace, supported on beams, with a steel shaft running from the building to the ground.
When all the croaking and groaning of the ancient building stopped, it was total silence.
“Okay, stay calm! Lynal and Grub, your with me. The rest of you retreat to the outpost in-case something happens.” Lt.Kelp was ordering his troops around, sounding calm, but thoughts were swimming around in his head. What was that? Where did it come from?
He gulped. What is inside it?
Together he, Grub and Lylnal advanced towards the building.
“That thing frightens me, Kelp!” Grub said in a squeaky voice.                                                              
 Suddenly, the shaft opened. A figure emerged, scruffy looking.
“Goblin!” Kelp whispered.
“Put your hands up, Elf!” the goblin said in a rough voice, holding  a soft-shaft 1000 model handgun. Ancient elfin technology.
“And vice-versa.” Kelp replied, his entire squad pulling out their state of the art, Three barrel Pulse rifles.
The goblin set off 2 rounds before the entire squad opened fire. Unconsciousness was immediate.
“Search him.” Trouble said,
They found nothing of value, until Lynal found a note:




                TO HANDS OF LIGHT

When the Klaxon sounds, we shall rise, make ready your weapons, for soon they shall fall. The Hands Of Dark shall take the lower elements.
You commander, leading your squad shall take the Hands Of Light and take the nearby villages. Enslaving all
The calculations for the                                                      is ready.
      Master O                                                                                will lead the invasi                                                                                mys





There seemed to be a hole in the letter, but the point was clear. They needed to contact the LEP
“Retrieval to LEP, do you hear me?”
“This is Lt.Kelp, do you respond?”
“This is LEP we are under fire, repeat under fire!”
“Where is Commander Root?”
“Cannot respo…. Arghhhhhhhh!!”




In South America

“Artemis, I think you should look down.” Said Holly
“Butler, we need your gun here……”

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  1. Check your spellings. There’s not a lot of detail, but the plot isn’t too shabby. Also try not to space the chapters so much.

  2. Yeah that was a problem here. On the main site it didnt look so spaced out. When I put it here it got all huge. I will try and fix it.

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