Daffodils are for Happiness

Summary: At MMK’s request, I am typing a story about daffodills, and others, your claims are not lost on the vacant […]

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At MMK’s request, I am typing a story about daffodills, and others, your claims are not lost on the vacant space where my mind should be, I shall type, hopefully, many more stories about flowers, and I hope to also include in this one, sunflowers, also by request. (Did I spell daffodils right MMK? LOL 😛 )

Hazel Kelp sat on the pale green carpet of her parent’s apartment, checking the time frantically every two minutes. 

I have to interrupt for this…GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Cringes*

They should have been home by now.  Her mother and father had left at almost 2:30 in the morning to help uncle Artemis with something….They hadn’t come, and it was almost 6:00 of the next day.  She remembered her father’s words the other day, along with one of her uncle’s secret lessons; he was teaching her many things that her parents had no idea about, and she absorbed the knowledge like a sponge, eagerly, but slowly and steadily.  

“Artemis, Holly and I have to go…capture another bad guy, honey.” her father had said.  She was 20 years old, and not exactly as immature as her parents, particularly her father, treated her.  “Don’t forget what I told you last time, just in case…” Artemis had said.  He had specifically told her many things: 

1- How to hack Foaly’s computer without a problem, for he had put a charge in the webcam to watch her while her parents were away, not that she needed it. 

2- How to loop the camera, to where Foaly couldn’t notice, and 

3- How to win Foaly over, and exactly how many carrots he would take for a shuttle.   

He told her a few extras…Just in case of course.  After that they left, but not before Trouble had a chance to say, “We’ll be back in about a day…Bye honey.  See you tommorrow. Behave!!!” Then they had left. 

She remembered everything Artemis had told her, and decided she would have to actually do something.  She picked up a case she had packed just in case.  Always just in case..just in case, just in case, that’s my luck for you…she thought angrily.  The case didn’t have much of anything in it, just a few things she would need.  She slung the pack over her shoulder, and headed off at a brisk run towards Police Plaza.  Behind her back, a small red light flashed on for a few seconds, and then set out following her, so small most faries would simply think of it as bug life.

Artemis was in a dark, dank room smelling of sulfur and death.  He could just barely see the hazel and blue glints above him that was Holly’s eyes staring down at him.  Trouble hovered anxiously next to her, waiting for a sign that he was awake.  He saw the matching hazel and blue sparkles that showed Artemis was awake, and relaxed. 

“What’s going on?” he tried to say, but even though sound came out of his mouth, it stopped short and was instantly swallowed by the choking blackness.  Holly just reached and touched her ear, shaking her head sadly, but her eyes still sparkled angrily.  Trouble knew sign language, as all faries did, as did Artemis, who could only just make out the symbols in the musty dark.  “T-A-L-K  W-I-T-H  A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G  E-L-S-E” he signed simply.  Artemis knew it was possible to speak with silence, body language and eye movements as well as verbally. 

For now, Holly reached for her Neutrino 3000, which she surprisngly still had, and lit only the smallest light; a small candle in a hurricane lantern.  But even though the fire lit, it only made warmth for a split second, and the bit of light it produced lit the area around them, only to be swallowed by something that appeared to be the jaws of a great beast.

“Hello,” said a voice sort of soft, but still full of a kind of menace, a bit like the feeling of a steel bar wrapped in soft fluffy snow.  “I welcome you to my home.  My pets won’t hurt you, they don’t bite.  Often…”  Suddenly, for the first time, Holly, Trouble, and Artemis saw the great writhing beasts on the floor.  They only saw snippets; Large leathery wings, some folded, some stretched, sharp claws scraping the floor, yellowed teeth, canines in the front, molars in the back, a black forked tongue slipping in and out, tasting the air, and raising the temperature.  Slowly they started to advance, and the trio gamely held their ground.

Suddenly, the room was filled with light, and they saw the creatures fully.  They were dragons, sprawled all over the floor.  But they didn’t look menacing anymore.  They had collars, and leashes that were tied to the wall.  They were straining against their bonds, trying to lick Holly’s outstretched hand.  The mysterious figure, or should I say, figures, came running down the stairs and started jumping on Artemis. 

“Look what Foaly let us play with!  That was so funny!  You were scared out of your wits, Arty!”  They talked faster and faster until they finally collapsed, panting for breath.

“Myles!  Beckett!  Just wait until mother hears about this!”  Artemis said.

“Oh, she already knows!  She was in it with us the whole time!  And you didn’t even know it!!!  HAHAHA!!!”  Myles fell over, rolling about on the floor laughing.  Holly started to laugh. 

“They got you good Artemis, you have to admit.”

“Don’t tell me you were part of this too?!?” Artmis said, exasperated.

“No, but it’s funny to annoy you!  Hahaha!”  Soon, everyone was laughing.  Even Artemis smiled a bit.  As soon as they got back to Haven, Foaly told them that Myles and Beckett hadn’t actually used the invention until after the incident; actually they had used a simple hologram projector, “But the Dragons were real,” Foaly insisted.  What Myles and Beckett had actually used was his prototype “Happy Ray” he had promised to invent.  In fact, the main ingredient, was daffodil extract, for daffodils are for happiness, and Artemis would get back at Foaly someday soon……

Meanwhile, on the surface…..

Hazel Kelp had just arrived at Fowl Manor, only to find it empty, except for Mrs. Fowl, who was sleeping on the sofa. 

“Oh Come on!!!!” She shouted, seperating her face from the window and almost waking Mrs. Fowl.  The little red light was still following her, and as she turned around to walk home, it blinked on, shedding a red beam of light over her.  In the blink of an eye, she was under ground, embraced by both her parents.  Life is good, she thought.

Thank you, and YAY! I finally finished it.  I’ll try and write more soon, since it’s been a while since I’ve written this.  R&R please!


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  1. R&R *yawns* pleez…

  2. I love it! For some reason these seem alot better than your others…. Yes, you are right, not so happy so far.

  3. Yay- you took my idea! 😀 So far, this may be my favorite story of yours that I’ve read. And not just because I like daffodils. 🙂

    And… um… don’t kill me for this…

    Daffodils only have one L in them. But I actually had to look that up to be sure; it’s not a big deal.

  4. omg where at the first comment dances pplz??
    anyway,:), another story that i love. fave flower one yet.

  5. I am thinking about doing a series on fruit sorta like yours whata think? I already started one it is about clowns and apples ( I know it sounds stupid but it is pretty good.) You have inspired me! 🙂

  6. 2 mmk plz go imedialey 2 this post:HELP ME! SOMEONE HAS DELETED ALL MY STORIES!!HELP ME MMK!!!

  7. Um, I still like it and all, but I have to wonder- did you have the ending in mind when you started writing? Because it doesn’t seem to fit. Especially with the beginning- what happened to Hazel?

    Whatever- it’s still good. Thanks for updating!

  8. thank you for updating! 😉 I decided not to write the fruit sereis though because I can’t do a good sereis like you! u r such a good writer!!!

  9. there are ssoooo many good writers on this site! and Holly314 ur deffiently one of them

  10. I connected the beginning and end better MMK, so yeah.

  11. 😀 YAY!

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