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Summary: The Atlantis Complex isn't caused by guilt. It's as simple as that.

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I suppose this is a book eight… I just hope you like it! Please comment and rate! I spent a lot of time on this, so no response might make me cry. Enjoy!

“Ah, Miss Short. Here to see Master Fowl?” Doctor J Argon smiled, barring Holly’s entrance into the psych ward. She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

“No. I’m here to have my blood pressure checked. Of course I’m here to see Artemis.”

“Oh, excellent. He’ll be thrilled to see you.” The doctor opened the door, surveying her up and down, barely brushing into her back as he shut the door quickly. Holly ignored him, walking the familliar path to his room. Number 416. They had only told him the room number after he was tied down. The boy had started screaming about death. Well, to be exact, he had screamed

“Four and four squared! Death and death squared! Get me out!” She shook her head, dislodging the memory. He’d been getting much better, Orion showing up less often and for shorter perioiods of time. She pushed open the white door, forcing a smile. She hated hospitals. Had ever since her parents had died. There was a small thud as she closed the door, and Artemis looked up from his computer, saving a file instinctively. He hated losing work.

“Holly!” he said, smiling, standing up, minimizing the window he’d had open.  He stuck out a hand and she took it, but instead of shaking her hand, he pulled her into a hug, fingers plucking at her back. Holly stiffened, hissing

“Orion, enough” pushing him away. The boy stepped back, crushing something between his fingers. 

“It’s me. And I’m sorry about that. I had to remove a bug. You see, I legally can’t have cameras or bugs in my room or on my person, but there”s nothing restricting my visitors. I need to talk to you, so I removed the bug. How are you?” He asked conversationally, sitting down, indicating a chair for her to take. She sat, thinking that, at the least, the complex had improved his social skills.

“I’m fine. Took down a rouge goblin Wednesday, I know you’re going to ask, yes, I’m still with Trouble, and…” I’m feeling a tiny bit OCD lately. He shrugged

“So cliched, Holly. Getting married to your best friend.”

“Hey, mud boy, we’re just-” she broke off, face flushing. What was wrong with him? He was studying her as if she were an experiment. He gave a tiny sigh, as if he hadn’t gotten the desired result. He leaned closer, demeanor changing, becoming taunting.
“Just what? Bed buddies? Or not now with-” he broke off, courtesy of a punch to the mouth. Holly was frowning, face red.
“Listen, mud boy. You can be as insane, pathetic, messed up as you want, but you do not go there. Got it?” she stopped, confused. The boy was smiling. “What?” she asked, eyes narrowing.
“Bravo, Holly. You remained yourself, after I pushed your buttons, deliberately irritating you, trying to get a split personality. You remained yourself. And that means you don’t have Atlantis Complex.” Holly shook her head as if he was telling her that the sky was brown.

D’arvit, the chapter button isn’t working, so sorry. Alright, I’d just like to say thanks to CaptainMiraKelp- Mira. She was the first and only person I showed the ‘Kissing Argument’ to before publishing it, and I just want to say thanks for telling me that it wasn’t horrible, and for being a sort of cheerleader, letting me know that I’m not a horrible writer 🙂

Holly shook her head as if he were a small child who just pronounced that the moon was made of cheese. “Why would I have Atlantis Complex? I don’t have a lot of residual gilt built up.”  He shook his head at this, looking ready to lecture her.

“Oh, Holly, that’s the thing. Atlantis Complex isn’t caused by guilt. That’s merely the best guess of doctors. In fact, the guilt is one of the first symptoms. Are you aware that it was first diagnosed over seven thousand years ago, the only research since then being done to determine a cure?” Holly interruptde him, trying to hide her growing anxiety

“No, you have to be wrong. The Complex is messing with your mind.”

“No, Holly, I have research to prove it. Provided, there is a tiny bit of hypothesizing, but it is valid, nevertheless. It is a fairy disease, so none of my family will get it, luckily. It was probably given to me when I blew up that kraken, that being the only incident that would have left a puncture wound. And yes; I did end up with numerous scratches and puncture wounds. Butler was absolutely furious for a week or so afterwards.”

“So? Krakens don’t have the Complex.”

“Agreed. But they are carriers. The fact that they are dyeing out is why the Complex is showing up less and less. Of course, it is possible that swear toads could possibly be carriers, but-” he shrugged.

“I think you’re delusional.”

“And I think you know that I’m right.” Holly slumped in her chair, allowing him to proceed.

“Anyways Holly, you will get it, and already have it. Remember how we swapped eyes? Since the disease is magical, it will undoubtedly find its way to you, especially since it is being driven out of my body. The magical connection between our eyes will provide a bridge for a strand to get to you. But that has already happened, Orion informed me when he was saying goodbye. I will be completely rid of it in less than a week, and you will probably be displaying symptoms. But you’re not the only one, I’d wager. Have you gotten cut since the incident with Turnball?”

“Yes.” Holly replied quietly, finally accepting the fact that she had Atlantis Complex.

“And did you heal it, or did someone else?”

“I sliced my forehead open, and despite protest, Trouble healed it.”

“And have you two kissed?” he inquired, as if asking about the weather. Holly’s face flushed slightly, but she answered calmly.


“And is he a good kisser?” this was with an entirely innocent air, as if he merely wanted to  know if blue or black went better with his shirt.

“Better than you.” Holly seemed to have decided What the heck, might as well insult him while I’m at it.

“So very good?” He seemed satisfied, but that was understandable, seeing as he’d just called himself a good kisser.

“Not hard to be considered better than you.”

“At least I don’t go kissing my boss.”

“We’ve known each other for longer than you’ve been alive. And at least I don’t have a French Fangirl!”

“Oh, you mean Minerva? I merely enjoy talking to her, as she can understand what I’m saying.”

“And you kissed her. How long have you known Juliet?”

“My entire life.” his skin was decidedly red now.

“Wait, you kissed Juliet?!”

“Isn’t that what you were implying?”

“No! I wanted to say you’ve known her fifteen years, but haven’t kissed her. Oh Frond, does Butler know?”


“And if I tell him?”

“I tell Kelp about our kiss.”

“He knows about time travel.”

“I ment Orion.”



“Why are we even arguing about kissing?” Holly rolled her eyes, ending the argument.

“You kissed Kelp, right?”

“Yes, we established it already. Well, he kissed me.”

“Guess who’s boyfriend is getting Atlantis Complex!” He looked triumphant, but that stopped the instant Holly said, quite innocently,


“Wha- Holly, I am not gay!” his face was a shade of red that rivaled the late commander Root’s.

“I know. And why are you maiing such a big deal out of it?”

“Ugh, never mind. Kelp is getting Atlantis Complex, and you gave it to him!” His victory was shoet lived, however, as Holly’s face crumpled.

“Low blow, Fowl.” She was pissed, he could tell. She was whenever she called him Fowl.

I- sorry.”

“Just get to the point.”

“Well, the Atlantis Complex has to enter the bloodstream through blood or their magic to infect someone. His magic touching your blood, he’ll get it.”

“Why’d you ask about kissing?”

“He bites his tongue, you your cheek. There’s a good chance that you swapped blood particles then, too.”

‘Wow Fowl, observant. Anything else to tell me? Did I give you spelltropy healing you as well?”

“No. Are you still mad about that?”

“A tiny bit.”

“Well, I suggest you tell him and Foaly, and watch for symptoms in Foaly.”

“Why him?”

“I’m sure one of us has gotten blood on him”

“Great. And if he doesn’t believe me?”

“Well, there are a few more things you need to know.” he said, starting a lecture on the Complex, how it would affect faries, and how it would affect Foaly. A while later, he stopped with “And stress aggrivates the Complex. So try to aviod it, if possible.”

“You’re telling me, the LEP commander, and Foaly to aviod stress?”

“Good point. Since you’re magical beings, the symptoms will come faster, I trust you remember.”

“Magical beings? The way you say that makes us sound like nymphs. Gosh, those flirts aren’t even around anymore, they have some time stopped island or something.”

“Nymphs exist?”

“Females and males. Why?”

“Oh, no reason. But that may shed some light on the Greek myths.”

“You forgot that I’m gupid’s great granddaughter.”

“Go figure.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“Fine, Visiting hours are over anyway. Go tell Kelp and Foaly.”

“I will, see you tomorrow.”


Holly walked out, shutting the door, and almost running into Dr. Argon in the process.

“Oh, leaving already?” he asked, looking fakely sad.

“Yes.” she responded, brushing past the gnome and stalking down the hall, all offended female. The doctor was left staring, wondering what exactly hsd gone on in that room.

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  1. Fowlfan4ever July 9th, 2011 at 4:15 am 1

    Aaahhhh. O-kaaaay. I like your style but it needs more make sense. Do update though!! 🙂

  2. What is this supposed to be about? I don’t really get the plot LEP! Meh well I am watching the news with a banana attacking a gorilla… What its true! Okay no spelling mistakes that I can see so I’m good 5/s

  3. FantasyDevourer July 14th, 2011 at 5:46 am 3

    I don’t get this…

  4. huh. i like it! i definitely needs some work, like description, and possibly length, but i like the idea! update!5/s

  5. LOL I love the update! They. Were fighting about kissing XD Update soon please! OH and I saw no mistakes on my end.

  6. ArtfullyInsane July 17th, 2011 at 4:17 am 6

    It has definitely cleared up now. Update!

  7. Who’s “Gupid?” I think you meant Cupid.

  8. *Le sigh* Update, or I WILL cyber kill myself. You have one week. XP
    I love this, so much. And I would like to say one thing, you are the one place here I can rely on for epic H/T fanfiction. the only place. YOU are BRILLIANT!

  9. in love with Arty 6302 August 1st, 2011 at 12:10 am 9

    The conversation was really confusing. You should add words at the end

    For ex. Artemis is talking and at the end of the quote, Put “he said.” or “Artemis replied.” or explain how they felt as they said it. (Just to give a clue as to who’s talking.)

    or when Holly says something put “Holly said.” or “she said.” or “Holly’s cheeks started to turn red as she said that.” But anyway, good job.

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