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Summary: This is a little short story I’m writing up, just to take the pressure off to update all the random […]

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This is a little short story I’m writing up, just to take the pressure off to update all the random fics I have floating around. If it turns out a lot of people like it, I might make a part two.

Artemis Fowl II sat, slumped over, in his work chair.He shoved aside a pile of papers and typed a few words on his key board. He let out an agonized moan and spun around in his chair. He pressed the button installed into the armrest of his chair.

It had been 27 years since Artemis had fought Turnball Root and battled his Atlantis complex. He sighed, leaned back in his chair, and waited for the all-too familiar voice of his godson.

“Sup, old man?” teased Micheal Butler through the intercom.

“The side of an alley if you call me old man again. I’m only Forty-three.”

Micheal laughed. They all knew Artemis wouldn’t kick out Juliet Butler’s son, unless he wanted to lose his oldest and staunchest friends, The Butlers.

“Where’s Adrien? Did he get home from school yet?”

Artemis inquired inquisitively.

“No, and before you ask, I didn’t abduct him. I’m not a criminal.”

“I am. Follow in my footsteps. Then you get to kill things for the upper stability of the modern world.”

“Wait, what?”

Artemis laughed. “Activate the proto-sensors. I’m sure Gabriel is hiding in the manor somewhere, testing out those LEP anti-detection fields Foaly gave him. Leave it to a centaur to give a teenager invisibility powers.”

“Ha-Ha. Funny. Ok, I’ll scan the perimeter. Don’t get assassinated or anything…old man.”

The com beeped twice, and Micheal was gone.

Artemis leaned back in his chair, a faint smile playing over his lips. In twenty-seven years, he had kept his infamous vampire pale skin, but that and a perfectly tailored Armani suit were all that remained of the young Irish mastermind who had abducted a fairy on that night so many long years ago.

Artemis had a faint streak of raven-black hair on the edge of his chin, and his jaw was more set. Stronger. His eyes twinkled blue, the both of them, as no. 1 had replaced his and Holly’s eyes. He also had a proud, determind look, one that most men would recognize as a proud determined man. But their was something else too. The wary grin of a man who has children. The slump of a father.

He had three kids, Adrien, Gabriel, and Lily. Adrien was the youngest, Gabriel the oldest, and Lily was stuck with second place.

It had been a long 27 years. The People had struck up relations with humans, and though it had been difficult, the two species lived as one. Of course that was after the Third High Faerie War…and Abbot’s revenge.

But all had been quiet for 15 years. Fifteen years overground, with one or two pleasure visits to Haven.

Suddenly his door slid open. Artemis didn’t even move. “Adrien. you’re home early.”

The two-year old shrugged. “School’s a waste of my time, and then they began to insist I had to take those nasty lollipops as some sort of..of reward for doing ‘well’ on my test. I did exceedingly high, and passed with exemplary scores, and they want to give me a lollipop. A LOLLIPOP! The nerve!”

Artemis sighed and grinned. Adrien reminded him of another child genius, so very very, long ago.

“Hey, dad, when ‘s mom gonna be home?”

“I told you her name is Mother, or if you must, use her real name,-”

“Honey, i’m hooome!”

Called a voice from downstairs. Adrien’s face lighted up. Artemis grinned and made a small shooing motion. The small boy bolted out of the room so fast the door slammed shut behind him. Artemis followed, a slight smile on his face. He opened the door, and followed his son’s path of destruction, noticing the point where the two-year old had barreled into a wall, leaving a dent.

He stepped into the Living Room, a smile plastered over his face, as he saw the scene that greeted him. At the door, his wife had been assaulted by their three kids. Lily was standing in front of her, begging for a new D-tech computer, which Artemis had (secretly) bought her  already. Gabriel was begging for news of her latest adventure, and Adrien was hugging her and mumbling about being his mommy forever.

“Hey, how was work?”

“Oh you know. Fought a couple trolls, put down a pixie rebellion, that stuff.”

Holly smiled as she agreed with Adrien, told Lily about her new computer, and told Gabriel the same version of her day, but shorter.

“Hey, mud-boy.”

Holly kissed Artemis, who made a shooing gesture to the kids, (two of whom were gagging) to leave.

They pulled up for air, and Artemis grinned. “So, how’s Foaly?”

“He’s fine. Nearly blew the US to bits because he thought their satellites were pointed at him. Had to restrain him.

“And I’m wondering. After three months back home, can you still bear to live up here with us mud-men in our mud-huts? Or do I have to bribe you?”

“That’s classified, mud-boy.”




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  1. Wow Orion I love your stoys. I found no mistakes, like always. All I really have to say is UPDATE, UPDATE,UPDATE!!!

    *Gives pillow case full of lollypops!*

  2. Great job! I need an update. This is definitely an intriguing story, and I would love to see more. I see plenty of potential.

  3. “Honey, i’m hooome!”

    Called a voice from downstairs.

    Oh, my, that killed me. Orion! I thought we went over this! XD. Though you have improved, mind you. It should be:

    “Honey, I’m hooome!” called a voice from downstairs.

    The capitalized “I” should be self-explanatory. Tags must be after the quote. Since an exclamation point replaces a comma, the same passage could be rewritten as:

    “Honey, I’m hooome,” called a voice from downstairs.

    Therefore, “called” shouldn’t be capitalized. Got it?

    Michael is spelled with the “a” first. I know, weird, but that’s the way the world goes ’round.

    There are other typos as well, but I don’t want to go back and correct all of them… my, I’m getting old. XD. Still not 13, though, so HA!

    Anyway, nice little oneshot. I actually smiled at this one. *grins* Keep writing.

    And I know how you feel — I have so many fics to update, I never know where to start… so I don’t. I just go to Once Upon a Drabble and add whatever happens to cross my mind!

  4. the “‘Honey, I’m hooome!'” was a bit cleche, and OOC. but other than that, good.

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