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Blood Lily

Summary: Rin is a vampire that escaped to the surface after witnessing the king's murder. She is attracted to you-know-who and causes an accident. Seeing that she is a vampire, she is a threat to humans. Would she abandon her love for the sake of his safety?

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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This is after the lost colony. Artemis’s parents were sucessfully mind-wiped, Holly’s now solo, and Arty and Minnie are slightly affectionate, but not really romantically involved. Much to everyone’s disgust, Sool reentered the LEP and was cleared of charges after he blackmailed the jury.The beginning is pretty slow for a romance. Also, I’m working on this pretty slowly so please rate later, but constructive criticrism is strongly needed.

It was a dark age in Fantasia: the city of the banished vampires. You couldn’t walk two feet without prowling creatures with a dark eyes snarling at you. Vampires were quite civilized, only not in a modern way. They had none of the technology the People had, yet what they lacked in gear they made up in magic.

Vampires had more magic than fairies by a hundredfold. If used properly, it could drain lakes, active a volcano, and could run for 500 years without the ritual. 

Rin was a vampire; there was no doubt about that. She was no different from her blood-sucking, nocturnal, fanged peers, although she did not wish to be. She was also a street urchin that made a living as a barmaid. Rin’s usual attire consisted of a ragged old gown from a secondhand pawn shop and her feet were bare considering she barely had enough gold to afford a cottage at the outskirt of the city, much less able to afford leather for shoes.

It was a tranquil day as Rin buttoned up her apron to begin the day’s work. Today was her holiday, but the chores were still waiting, nevertheless. She tossed and turned in her bed, unwilling to get up from the lack of sleep a day before.

“LEP coming through!”

Rin sighed as she forced her eyelids open and sat up. Those nosy LEP could start minding their own buisness instead of trying to meddle in vampire affairs. Just because they were dangerous to mud men didn’t mean vampires were just going to stroll to the surface whenever night struck. The “peacekeeping” was completely unessasary as well, seeing that vampires were keeping themselves trouble-free for melienia and saw no reason to break the tradition, however ruthless they may appear to be. In truth, they were only dangerous to humans, not fairies.

“Look, for the millionth time, we don’t need assistance in this! So if you may, don’t stick your nose in where is doesn’t belong!”

Rin tutted. And there goes Sire Hillingsforth prattling with Major Kelp again. Trouble sighed

“We are merely acting on the orders of Commander Sool. If you have any objections, then I strongly reccomend you go speak with him”

Hillingsforth ground his teeth audiably. Maybe he would. He was on good terms with Commander Root when he was alive. Both loved to order underlings around, shout at people, and they both lacked manners. The fairies managed to avoid wars with the vampires during Root’s rein. Hillingsforth wouldn’t guarentee that now. Sool tended to stick his ugly nose into places it didn’t belong. Especially in the matters of other races. Next thing they know, the LEP would be checking all vampire posts and exports. All it took was one more outrageous “policy”, and a revolt would spark.

Rin wondered if the two didn’t notice that the townspeople were staring and if they could have talks in a private chamber. She turned back to her chores, oblivious that some unwelcome guests had arrived at Fantasia.


Several women and children screamed. Hillingsforth’s eyes froze in their sockets as he collapsed to the ground. Trouble gasped as he checked Hillingsforth’s back. His eyes widened in horror. Trouble reconized the damage as the shot of a Neutrino 3000.

“Sorry to interrupt your little chat” Ark Sool grinned from behind, not looking sorry at all. “Having this old vamp around is really interfering on our current activities”

And to answer why all my current stories have Sool as the antoganist, it’s because I’m sick and tired of seeing Opal or Spiro as the bad guy. I’ve read only 5 stories where they don’t have Opal as the enemy. Sool is a nice change from all the rich and paranoid guys.

Trouble clenched his fists in rage. “SOOL!” Trouble drew his Neutrino. He might not have had the best friendship with Hillingsforth, but backstabbing someone even after they agree to your demands was not the sort of things he could stand for. Trouble wasn’t the only outraged one, though. Mobs of angry citizens crowded the streets.

It may not have looked like it, but Hillingsforth was a extremely popular leader during this time and Sool just provoked open rebellion. Crowds of vampires began to swarm and attack with anything avalible at the time, including cutlasses, sabres and any other melee items. The LEP (many unwillingly) fired back with Neutrinos. Needless to say, the LEP gained advantage fast with their superior technology. Vampires may have had advanced magic, but it all went to waste when your advarsary could shield and you couldn’t shield or see through it.

Sool grunted. “There’s been a change of plans, Major Kelp. These fanged cretins are to be exterminated. We waste too much of our yearly budget taking safety precautions against them” Sool was probably the only one who thought safety was a waste of gold.

Left and right, vampires fell and many others fled Fantasia. Ignorant of the noise in the city, thinking it was just another day in a vampire town, Rin continued her morning chores until she finally made out the sound of gunfire. Startled, she rushed out the door, and just in time too. Within seconds, a bio-bomb blue-rinsed her cottage. Immediately realizing something was wrong, she dashed back to town. 

It was a sight to behold. Buildings were on fire, many were huddling under shelter, and many others had great rashes and burns upon them. Rin did what many would do in her situation and ran, dodging LEP officers and weaving across the mobs of people running for escape. Unlike anyone else, she ran toward city hall. She pulled on the doorknob, but found it was locked. Rin rushed toward the windows and found a gap in the curtain. She was horrified by what she saw.

Ark Sool was standing triumphantly over Hillington’s corpse (don’t hate me, Sool fans!) with a beaten Trouble under him.

This is what happens when my orders don’t get carried out, Kelp! If it weren’t for your interference, we would have wiped out the entire population half an hour ago” Sool barked. Rin let out a little whimper as she staggered back (mistakenly) into a Retrieval captain.

“Hey watch it, brat-” he started before realizing Rin was a vampire. “Well, well, well… what have we got here?” Rin fled, not bothering to hear the rest of his sentence. What she didn’t realize was that through all the confusion, she mistakenly boarded a LEP shuttle. She turned only to find the double doors shutting behind her. The shuttle slowly began ascending to the surface.

Rin may have found the cause of the mayhem, and she may have lived to tell the tale, but the only thing she cared about and her brain could process was that she had just escaped from the murdurous LEP and she was a vampire heading to the surface. Not only would she have to hide from the mud men, but also control her blood cravings.

The computer screen flashed red and Rin knew that those problems were probably the least she should be worried about. The LEP didn’t call it riding the hotshots for nothing. The shuttle tore through the earth’s crust at a speed enough to make Rin hurl. While lava is not exactly hell fire, it didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to get cremated by the temperature of the oncoming lava.  

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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    Cool story! Sool as the villian is an awesome idea. I think that this story is really well written and I hope that you update it soon please 🙂

  3. Yeah, and after her encounters with mud men, vampires will think of Rin as a traitor (oops… I think I said too much).

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  13. Uh… guys, would you all please post some constructive criticrism as well?

  14. Yeah, I forgot the vampire smile. And besides, vampire sight is greatly dilluted by light. I also could not come up with a decent title, and it will seem like a bloody lily later on. I think that covers everything. Oh, and I have bad grammar that I’ll try to correct.

  15. mahi101 AF Fan January 25th, 2008 at 2:34 am 15

    i still love the story , and jelly said most of the stuff that i would say for constructive critism

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    awww so sweet! but you could have made the sacrificing part a bit slower.

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