~Black is the color of loneliness~

Summary: A/N Ladies and Gentlemen i am proud to present a new black story, dedicated to a determined fan. Enjoy everyone. […]

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A/N Ladies and Gentlemen i am proud to present a new black story, dedicated to a determined fan. Enjoy everyone.

Juliet sat atop merry-go-round lost in her thoughts. Her elbow stung. Why? Minerva’s latest scheme to take Juliet out of the triangle they had with Artemis.Juliet didn’t care, she wouldn’t give up. This was her time to shine, to take what she deserved. She sighed and shook her head. “I’m so stupid. I sound like a cliche poet.” she said sadly. The wind moaned and tossed her hair. Juliet turned her head slowly and frowned. “What do you do? What do you do when the guy you want likes the girl who is trying to kill you?” she asked the wind. The only response she got was another toss of her hair. “I don’t know either.” she whispered. a single tear fell from her lashes and slid down her cheek. ‘What am i supposed to do?’ she thought. Her heart lurched. Nothing. The answer came quickly and bluntly. ‘No! I can do something! I will do something!’ she thought with a determined look. She got up and walked swiftly a crossed the playground. Is this what life wants me to do? Just sit here and take this? No. Juliet moved to the street passing numerous girls in their school uniforms. She was headed to New York, there is always an answer there.

As Juliet got off the plane and stepped onto the ground of New York she felt an energy rise from her feet and to the top of her head. “Yes! This is it!” she said taking a deep breath and heading for the nearest cafe. She found a quaint little cafe and invited herself in. She got many smiles and waves. ‘Odd.’ she thought. She sat down at a table. “Bonjure madamoiselle. Vous avez prendre?” asked a perky waitress with shoulder length brown hair and large ringlets. “La carte, s’il vous plait.” Juliet replied with uncertainty. “Excusez-moi, Parle vous l’ainglas?” Juliet said calling the waitress back. She laughed. “Of course. It’s just a cute little tradition this cafe has. I haven’t a clue why. I was surprised you spoke French.” she replied hugging the tray to her chest. Juliet nodded thoughtfully. “I used to work with a boy who knew many languages, he taught me some here and there. I’m Juliet by the way.” Juliet said. The girl nodded, “And I am Sylvia. You have an Irish accent. You are from Ireland?” she asked. Juliet shrugged. “Not exactly I just lived there for a long time.” Sylvia nodded. “Oh! I’ll just have a coffee!” Juliet said forgetting she was in a cafe. Sylvia laughed and scurried off to the kitchen. Sylvia came back with a coffee and some cream. She placed them back on the table and slid into the seat a crossed from Juliet. “You seem troubled.” Syliva said. Juliet nodded stirring her coffee with an absent minded look. Sylvia smiled with sympathy. “This thing sort of happened to me last week. You just got to be stubborn and try to outwit her.” Sylvia said. Juliet’s jaw dropped. Juliet whipped around, she half expected to see Minerva gazing wickedly at her. No one. Juliet turned back to Sylvia, “How did you-?” Juliet let her sentence drop. Sylvia was gone. Juliet sat puzzled for a moment before she finally decided she couldn’t take the suspense lingering in her mind. She walked up to the front check in and asked, “Excuse me, Does a girl named Sylvia work here?” The girl who stood in front of Juliet shook her head sadly. “She used to, but then she moved away and no one ever heard from her again.” Juliet started. “What?” The girl shrugged and went back to stacking menus. Juliet left the small cafe and didn’t look back once.

Throughout the  entire week Juliet thought and plotted. How would she get rid of Minerva? Eventually she returned to Ireland a month later. When she returned she found that Minerva had taken full advantage of her absence. Juliet felt weak in the knees. “I….I waited too long….” She whispered. Over the next few months Juliet  developed such a hatred for herself that sometime that was all she thought about. She began to yell at herself and scream randomly. Artemis became extremely concerned for Juliet’s health, which of course made Minerva very unhappy. After arguing for hours Artemis ended it. He was so sick of Minerva demanding his attention 24/7. Minutes after the breakup Artemis found himself at Juliet’s door. As if in a dream he watched his hand rise to the door and knock twice. Juliet opened the door with tear streaks down her face. She often looked like this, which worried Artemis to the brinks of insanity. “Juliet, I messed up! I’m sorry, it was you I needed.” he blurted. he seemed just as surprised as Juliet. Most uncharacteristic of him. “Would you consider…I mean-” he never did get the rest of his sentence out. Juliet had kissed him full in the mouth. Artemis’s eyes opened wide briefly and then every muscle in his body seemed to relax and his arms went around Juliet.

Four years later Artemis had proposed to Juliet. She said yes and they were married. Domovoi of course wasn’t the happiest man in the world about this decision. They had two children and four Grandchildren. Minerva was last spotted in jail for attempting murder. ( of Holly Short )

(Now I know it was a little cliche, unbelievable and a tad extreme but *shrugs* I did my best with it.)

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  1. * first comment dance * okay , so , One thing , Artemis is like what 15, and juliet is 22? How do you put this in? And besides that awesome story!

  2. For this story I let ‘Unappreciated Genius’ pick the characters and how the story worked. I am not a Arty/Juliet shipper. I find it rather creepy.

  3. okkkkk i am not a A/J shipper buttttttt
    still it was written wonderfully. 😀

  4. Unappreciated genius November 5th, 2007 at 10:16 am 4

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! the beginging is absoloutely … wow…. I LOVE YOU JADE MALICE!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!

  5. but ja- okay , yah i liked the story , and A/J kinda creeps me out to , i meen ….. well n/m ,

  6. well A/J is certainly better than A/H !!!

  7. Unappreciated genius November 11th, 2007 at 9:38 am 7

    well A/J is certainly better than A/H !!!

    haha too true. 22 and 15 … or 80 and 15?.. and different species.. hehe- interesting.

  8. i noe , i totally agree , a/j is deffinitly better than h/a i noe , atleats someone here understands me , artemis and holly may be friends , but nothing more! they are different species for gods sake! and ///…… n/m

  9. YAY! I thought everyone was an A/H shipper! omg that is sooooooo wrong! but know to see if any one likes Minervia! she is OK but eeehhhh IDK.

  10. ArtemistheHunter March 19th, 2008 at 6:14 pm 10

    I would rather have Artemis get married to someone new, you know like a new character.

  11. like artemisthehunter? lol jk, couldnt resist

  12. o btw luved your story!! i didnt really like the a/j thing but at least its not a/h or worse: a/m (sry i hate minerva). i always saw a&j as kinda brother/sister relationship (nerd intrusion) like harry&hermoine. anyway you made it work, good job! lets hope minerva rots in prison!!
    awesome jobb!! [yes with two b’s]

  13. Mulch's*Plumbergirl* November 20th, 2008 at 10:41 pm 13

    Hahahahahahh!!! that was funny. WAs it supposed to be funny? It’s just that Minerva and Juliet were fighting over Arty, and hahaha i can’t imagine anyone fighting about ARty except with the intent to kill him

  14. Artylover41697 January 24th, 2009 at 11:38 pm 14

    A/J? Weird. that’s kreepy… But… It’s an interesting story.

  15. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 25th, 2009 at 12:09 am 15

    ok… Ive never read a A/J story… Its good, but not my kind of ship…

  16. Kinda sweet, random, short, rushed. I’ll accept J/A, even though I’m mostly an A/H shipper. Mysterious and bashy.

    If you continue this, with more on this Sylvia character, I’d be glad to see what ensues… but you’ve left a long time ago, haven’t you, Jade Malice?

    Jinx, I’ve told you a trillion times, don’t comment on something just for the ship.

  17. On the contrary wrr0rzxpurrt, I’ve just been watching and waiting…

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