Betrayal (all Parts)

Summary: all Parts including those done by <3 Trouble<3! Part I by <3 Trouble<3 Artemis was in an LEP shuttle piloted […]

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all Parts including those done by <3 Trouble<3!

Part I by <3 Trouble<3

Artemis was in an LEP shuttle piloted by Trouble Kelp on his way to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After reading the note from Holly, he had found Trouble right away and made him take him and Butler. It had taken a promise to make Minerva a fairy communicator, but he needed to go be with Holly. He thought that she just wanted a weekend on the beach, or something. He never suspected for a moment that something might be wrong.

Artemis looked out the window, and saw the beautiful blue sheen of  water, the flicker of the fish near the surface. I can’t wait to be with you, Holly, he thought.

“Buckle up,” Commander Kelp’s voice came from the cockpit. “We’re landing.”

Artemis took one last look out the window, and saw four rocks in a square. With just a glance, they looked real enough, but with his eye for fairy technology, and as it happened, for rocks, he saw that they were shield boosters. They set a shield cloud over the island, so that you could see it once landed on it, but not while outside of the boosters.

Artemis went to his seat and buckled. The best Butler could do was sit tied to some hooks on the wall in the back of the shuttle. He was too tall to sit in the chair.

“No fancy tricks now, Kelp,” he said. “I don’t want these ropes to break loose and send me flying.”

“Flying is a trick in itself,” Kelp called from the pilot’s chair, and brought the ship to a nose dive towards the invisible island. 

Butler fought his instincts to hold on in case the rope broke, so he wouldn’t look scared. His face gave him away entirely, however. It was mangled so that his mouth and chin were calm, but his eyes bugged out very slightly. He almost looked like a barfing monkey.

At the last possible second, Trouble pulled out of the dive, gliding smoothly across the now visible, glowing, white sand. There was barely a line where it slid along.

“Now that is a landing,” the commander proclaimed.

The shuttle’s occupants stepped off the ship, squinting at the bright glare the tropical sand reflected at them. They recovered, and Artemis looked around for Holly. He could hear birds chittering, whooping, and whistling. The green-blue water lapped gently at the shore. The palm trees, and marginata cane trees stood tall about a hundred yards from the water. He spotted a small trail between the trees, and gestured for the others to follow.

On the path, it was even more beautiful, if that was possible. Everything was green, except for the colorful birds, and tropical flowers. If it wasn’t green, it was bright, and happy looking. It looked like a danger free place, perfect for a weekend stay with Holly.

The three followed the path closer to the middle of the island. Eventually, they came upon a cottage, done fairy style with a protective rune painted on all the doors, to keep anyone inside the house safe. *I made this rune thing up*This was just a superstition, though. No one really believed it could do anything, especially with criminals so smart lately.

Artemis walked up to the door of the cottage and knocked. He heard barefeet padding across the floor. A moment later, Holly opened the door. She was almost unrecognizable at first. Instead of her usual LEP work outfit, she wore a thin, lightweight summer dress. It was short and yellow. Green palm leaves that almost looked real accented the color. A few white and pink flowers sat between leaves.

Artemis almost gasped. Her short auburn hair only made the outfit more beautiful.

“Artemis!” she cried. “You came! I wasn’t sure you would get my note.” She wrapped him in a friendly hug, then stepped back and allowed the two humans and Trouble to come inside.

Although they were now inside the cottage, there was no temperature or air flow change. All of the windows were open, leaving the lacy curtains flitting in the breeze. And there was an aroma. Holly seemed to be cooking.

“Are you…cooking?”

“Well, yes. I wasn’t expecting all of you, though. I only cooked for me and you, Arty.”

Butler put his hands up, signifying that he didn’t want anything.

Trouble said, “I can go anytime. I’m just the pilot. I’ll go now.”

“Okay. Thanks, Trubs,” Holly said, and shooed him off with a smile.

Artemis frowned barely perceptively at the use of the nickname, but straightened out when Holly looked at him.

“Hey, Butler, would you mind going and sitting on the porch? I kinda want to talk to Artemis.”

“Sure Holly,” he said. He thought, Obviously, nothing is going to happen in the middle of an empty island.

Was he ever wrong.

 Part II by <3 Trouble<3

Holly led Artemis into the dining room. The floor was a pale, sandy color. A beautifully simple oak table stood in the middle of the room. A china cabinet stood in one corner, and a piano sat on the other side of the room. All of the furnishing had the simple, oak design.The curtains fluttered in this room, also.

“Go ahead and sit down, Artemis. I’ll go get the food.”

Artemis did as he was told, and waited for Holly to come back with the food. She was only gone a moment. She came back with stir fry with shrimp in it, freshly cut pineapple, and spring water. His mouth started to water when she stepped into the room with it. He barely resisted jumping up to help her, so he could gorge himself on the fresh, mouthwatering meal even sooner.

She placed a plate in front on Artemis. They were plain and simple just like everything else on the small island. She set her own plate down, and sat across from Artemis. She was about to pick up her fork, when Artemis stopped her. He had never prayed before, never really believed in the big man, but now he felt he had to thank someone for all this goodness.

He folded his hands, but realized he didn’t know what to say. So he improvised. “Thank you for all of this. Um, for all the wonderful food, the beautiful island. And thank you,” he said, not believing he was actually saying it front of Holly, “for Holly. A beautiful…girlfriend.”

Finished with his awkward prayer of thanks, he looked up, slightly embarrassed. Holly had her head bowed.

“Amen,” she said, surprising him. She looked up and smiled.

“You pray?” he inquired.

“Not to the same big guy as you, but yes. Where do you think the Fairy Book came from?”

“I see,” Artemis said. “Let’s eat this wonderful meal now.”

Holly lifted her glass of spring water, and said, “To your health.”

“And to yours,” Artemis returned. They clinked, and Artemis thought he saw Holly’s blue eye change from blue to dark brown. He blinked, and put it out of mind, thinking it must have been a trick of the light.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Artemis picked up his fork, and put a shrimp into his mouth. He realized that they were jumbo shrimp from a store. He smiled at the oxymoron that the shrimp producers made of the tiny fish.

As he swallowed the shrimp, he realized too late that something was wrong. The very nanosecond the shrimp hit his stomach, he was unconcious, falling forward into his food in an almost cartoonish way. No one was there to hold back a giggle.

*Sorry I didn’t put this in the beginning, but I discovered I like crossovers, so this is kinda gonna be one.Because I love Fang.*

Fang looked over at Max. Still unconcious. He glanced at the rest of the flock. Angel stirred when he turned his eyes on her, but didn’t wake. He sighed, exhausted. All of them had nearly died. The Erasers had just kept coming. Wave after wave, each new one stronger than the next. They had fought for hours, but only killed approximately 50. The rest just…disintegrated. A single punch made them like sand. Was it a test? And if it was, what was it supposed to do? He really wished Max were awake. Maybe her voice would say something useful. Even something like a prophecy would be okay if it diminished the confusion.

Suddenly, Iggy whispered, barely loud enough to hear, that someone was coming. Fang blinked. He had thought Iggy was asleep like the rest of them. Why was he so frieking quiet?

Even though it was only 5:30 in the morning, Fang stood, feigning just waking up, and shook the rest of the flock as if it was time for them to get up.

“We’re gone,” he whispered as quietly as possible to every person. When he came to Max, he shook her,pinched her, even physically opened her eyes, but she was still unconcious. Sighing, he picked up their leader, her weight hardly difficult to carry, with mutant bird kid strength. Just as the others readied to sprint out of the clearing and takeoff into the early morning sky, Angel held up a hand.

“Fang?” the six year old asked, scared. “These people aren’t human.”

Good, he thought. Just more mutant freaks, like us.

“I think they’re…..fairies.”

Part III by <3 Trouble <3

Artemis awoke in a lab. Not really a lab, even. Empty steel counters lined the walls. The only furnishing was the bed he lay in. He tried to move, to sit up, but the hard metal bed instantly sprang octobonds around his legs and torso, holding him in place. Sighing, Artemis looked around the room, analyzing escape routes, if the chance came that he might be able to.

Everything was white. Aside from the bed and octobonds, and the countertops, all the drawers and cupboards were white. The walls were white, and everything was completely clean. There was an antiseptic smell in the air.

He scanned the walls for a door, but saw nothing. He looked around the rest of the room, passed over a section, but his eyes flickered back after a second. There! The tiniest of cracks marked the door. There was no doorknob. It was an advantage to him, at least. Anyone who came in here would have to leave the door open.

Just then, Artemis heard footsteps. His heart beat faster as he prepped himself to possible, but not very probable escape. As the footsteps came closer, he realized it was two pairs; hooves and shoes, like a girl’s ballet flats.

Hoping that maybe it was Foaly and maybe Minerva coming to rescue him, he craned his neck towards the barely-there door. The door opened. It was Foaly.


Artemis silently rejoiced that his friend had come to help him, but then he saw the woman. She had a cold glint in her dark brown eyes. One hand was held behind her back. Artemis, who always had the answers, was dumbfounded. What was going on here? Who was this woman, and why did she look so evil? And why was Foaly with someone who looked evil?For someone who wore a tin foil hat to ward off brain probing, he sure wasn’t very careful about gauging how good someone was.

The woman took a few steps closer, but Artemis still didn’t recognize her. She reached his prison bedside, and grinned, not at all nicely.

Artemis groaned inwardly. Why him? “Foaly? What’s going on? What is she going to do to me?” he intoned to his friend. Then, he realized that Foaly had the same cold glint in his eyes. He didn’t care. He wanted this to happen to Artemis.

When Artemis looked back at the woman in the lab coat, she was holding a syringe. With an extremely long needle. Artemis’s eyes widened in panic. That was obviously not just a regular old tetanus shot. He struggled against the octobonds, trying to get away from the chemical in the syringe, but the octobonds only squeezed him tighter.

Once again, he looked to Foaly for help, but he was too engrossed in making sure the needle went directly into the vein of his wrist. Artemis could do nothing but watch. He winced as it entered his skin, and then the vein. The chemical slowly did it’s death work. Reaching the heart, it was distributed all over his body, paralyzing him.

In a state of half conciousness, Artemis heard Foaly and the woman leave the room. He fell asleep eventually, still not able to move. The sleep was patchy, and once when he awoke, he was slightly aware of glass of juice on the table beside the bed. The octobonds had released him, but he was still unable to move. He fell back asleep.

A while later, he didn’t know how long, Artemis woke up. He moved his fingers, and found that he could move them. He lifted his arms, not believing that the strange woman hadn’t seduced him again. Thoughts of the woman brought back the cold glint in Foaly’s eye, making sure that Artemis recieved his torture. This brought a rush of anger, need to kill, or at least injure.

Remembering the octobonds from whenever he was last fully awake, he sat up ever so cautiously. He found he could sit up to his hips. Three octobonds held down his lower half, one for his upper thighs, and one for each ankle.

He nodded to himself. It was a start. He looked at the small metal night-table. The glass of juice still stood on it. He reached over and picked it up. Sniffing to make sure there was nothing besides apple juice in it, he tentatively took a sip. When nothing happened, he took another. And another. And another.

In a few seconds, Artemis had drained the glass, but was still infinitely thirsty. What is wrong with me? he thought. I hardly eat or drink anything. Why am I so hungry and thirsty?

Just then, the chemical from the juice that was designed to smell like apples kicked in. He found all of his body parts moving at once, his legs struggling in the octobonds. Artemis felt a slight breeze on the back of his neck, and looked behind him, expecting a fan. What he saw blew his mind. Right on his own back, was a pair of wings. Real ones, not just mechanical ones, but actual, feathered wings.

In the following moments, Artemis went through shock, understanding, pain of mind that he would probably have to have these for the rest of his life, and joy that he might be able to truly fly. Not neccessarily in that order.

As he was marveling at this…unexpected surprise, Foaly came in.

“Happy now, mud boy?”

Artemis looked up. He hadn’t heard any hooves. Then, registering what Foaly had said, he answered, confused, “Happy about what?” Then, getting angry, he went on. “I’m in a dang lab, strapped to a table like a lab rat, with wings on my back! You think I’m happy about anything?! This is ridiculous! What have you done? Making me a loner, now! I’m going to have to live the rest of my life, different! No one will look at me the same way, not if they know about these things!” He stopped ranting, and glared at Foaly. After a few moments of stunned silence from Foaly, Artemis started again, calmer.

“What have you done, Foaly?” he asked, tone softening. “We were friends, and now you’ve taken control of me and put wings on me. What happened to you?” His tones were so hushed, that Foaly barely heard.

Artemis felt a prickling at the backs of his eyeballs. Oh, no. Please, no. Don’t let me cry, he thought, blinking.

“You traitor,” he said, whispering, voice partly choked,but perfectly calm. “Because of you, I will never be able to trust anyone again. Not Butler, not my parents or siblings, not even Holly. Because of you, I probably will be an outcast, wandering, looking for someone who can accept a boy with wings. Because of you, the fairies are going to have a hard time if I get out of this.”

As Artemis spoke, his voice hardened, and he felt the words locking in stone. He still couldn’t believe that Foaly, his friend, had betrayed him. Just like Artemis was a dead skin cell waiting to be shaken off by a clap. A book losing its binding being thrown away. A gulp of mouthwash. It was that easy. He had turned into a monster, a troll. A backstabbing troll with brains. Not a good combination, Artemis thought, bitterly.

As he let his anger filled, yet calm message sink into Foaly’s huge head, he thought he saw a slight twinge of hurt behind the scowl the centaur wore. Like he hadn’t chosen this. Like he was forced, but couldn’t tell. It was gone just as quickly as it came, though.

Moments of angry silence waged war in the empty lab, neither side willing to give up the fight. Finally, Foaly snapped around and clunked his hooves over to the door. Before he exited, he turned.

“Just once, mud boy, did you ever think that you were a threat? Not just to the people, but to everything. Because of you I have been reduced to this backstabbing jerk. You have brought this all on yourself. And on everyone else.” He turned, and snorted a very horse-like snort, then slammed the door.

Artemis lay down after he had gone thought of what Foaly had said, about him being a threat. Him bringing this, abnormality onto himself. As he was contemplating the high probability that he actually did cause this, a voice popped into his head.

Lies, Artemis. He lies.

Startled, Artemis jerked his eyes open. He looked around the room. No one was there. He had a strange feeling of foreboding, but it came from his head.

*sorry to interrupt, but this would be after the Complex*

Was it Orion? Could he talk in Artemis’s head now?

Even as he thought this, he knew it wasn’t correct. He realized the voice sounded neither male nor female, young or old. It was just….there.

Still trying to find the scientific answer, he decided to see if he could ask it question.

What do you mean? he asked in his head. The newfound Voice was silent. Okay, then.

Artemis was so busy listening to his thoughts, that he hardly heard the tap at the door. He snapped out of his trance, and said, “Come in.”

The door opened, and a shortish man in scrubs walked in, pushing a cart with food on it. Artemis sat up, and when the man pushed the cart close to the bed, he sat up, and practically inhaled six whole strawberries. And a bowl of cereal. And another glass of juice. And two eggs.

Once he had consumed roughly 3700 calories, he felt much better. If having wings made him this hungry, he would need at least five of those carts of food a day.

Feeling somewhat refreshed, Artemis fell asleep, even though the clock on the wall said it was 10:30am. He didn’t wake for several hours…..

Part IV By <3 Trouble<3

Fang looked at Angel and thought, Fairies?

She nodded, and he raised his eyebrows, but he knew Angel was never wrong.

“Okay guys,” he whispered. “Into the trees. Let’s see what these guys want.”

The Flock scattered, each taking to a separate tree to watch the scene. It wasn’t a very exciting scene. For several minutes, all anyone saw was a heat haze making a ragged circle around the clearing. Eventually, a single part of the haze broke off and floated to the center of the clearing. The Flock watched, and gasped when it fizzled into view. A woman, but an obviously not human one, looked around through a helmet visor. The Flock held their breath and waited.

Vinyaya buzzed to the center of the clearing with her new wings. Not even wings, actually. Just a very powerful fan. It was an old invention of Foaly’s. The Council hadn’t passed it, however. With even more speed and power than Hummingbirds, they were afraid LEP personnell would be injured. Now that they were no longer with the LEP, that wasn’t a problem.

She ran an infrared scan, and located all seven mutants in the trees. One seemed to be unconcious, and was layed out on a branch next to the oldest boy. Another was a dog, which surprised her, as it looked normal, was on a branch next to the smallest child.

A small, satisfied smile passed over her face, and she gave a small nod. All of her squadron would now be running their own infrared scans. There were fourteen in a squadron, so that meant two to each kid.

A small light blinked in the corner of her visor, and she opened all lines. “Report,” she said.

One at a time, each of the squadron gave her exactly what she wanted. They now had the mutants in sight. “Very good,” she said when they were finished. “Now, we need two per kid. Okay, starting with you, Maple, every other person pair up with the person on your left. The last person will be my partner. And be careful. These kids are strong. Probably stronger than you will ever be in your life. Feel free to use any type of non-fatal seduction that you choose.”

Everyone was paired now, so Vinyaya gave one last order. “Get the child closest to you. Now.”

Instantly, twelve Neutrinos were drawn. Why not fourteen? Because Vinyaya’s target was already unconcious.

The former LEP officers moved more to the center of the clearing for a better shot.

Fang watched with growing fear as the haze moved to the middle of the clearing. Then, the haze broke into sections and paired up. There were seven pairs. As the horror of what was about to happen dawned on him, he snapped softly, twice. It got the attention of the rest of the flock because of their acute hearing. He pointed up, and the flock stood. They spread their wings, but just as they did, six orange line streaked out of the hazes and hit the kids. They never had a chance.

Vinyaya watched as the pairs of her squad caught the children in nets. They would wake in approximately five hours, so it was essential that they were to the island in time. She flicked on her fan, and flew up to the branch beside the leader bird girl. Max. She wrapped her in a net, and buzzed back to the shuttle. They took off for the island as soon as the doors closed.

Holly sat up stiffly in her cell. She had managed to work the dirty rag that Dr. Jackson had used to gag her. However, the woman was excellent at tying knots, so although Holly was trained to escape from knots like those, she could not.

Within the first hour in the cell, she had found that the concrete walls were rough enough to possibly wear the rope down on. She had been rubbing them against the wall for two hours now, to no amount. She sat.

The room was completely empty. It was much like the cell in which Artemis had kept her when they first met on that unpleasant evening. However, there was no bed. She was surrounded by solid concrete, all around. The floors, the walls, even the ceiling. The door was of reinforced steel. No windows. There was no escaping from here.

Holly stamped her bare foot in frustration on the unforgiving cold, grayness. She winced as it made contact. She hadn’t realized her own strength. She sighed, and shivered. Her yellow dress was all she had. Coming to the island and inviting Artemis on a little date weekend had been her idea, but then that betraying centaur jerk kidnapped her in her own A-frame fairy cottage.

Suddenly, the door opened. Seven kids were thrown in with her, but they were either unconcious or dead. Then, Dr. Jackson walked in. Her dark brown eyes radiated hatred, but also a hint of self satisfaction. She was happy with what she was doing to Holly, now to these kids, and no doubt to Artemis.

“Just thought you might want a little company,” she sneered. “Enjoy the mutant freaks.” She turned on her heel and left.

Holly glared after her, and at the door long after she left. There were no words to describe the filth of that woman. She didn’t care one wit for the way she made people feel. So she operated on them in cruel, undescribable ways. Then threw them into these dungeons! It was horrific!

“Ugh!” Holly moaned softly. She had never felt so helpless in her life. Not even when she was in the aforementioned cell in Artemis’s basement.

She dropped her head into her lap, and let small, lone tears flow down her face. She didn’t know how long she stayed like this, but after a while, she became aware of soft whispers. The kids that had been thrown in here were waking up. Looking up, she saw three boys and and three girls. And a dog. At first, she had thought the dog was a baby, but now she saw that it was a dog.

After wiping away some tears, Holly became aware that these kids and even the dog were staring at her. She saw how dirty they were, how tired they looked, and couldn’t supress a few more tears. This place was horrible. She dropped her face back in her hands.

She heard a slight ruffling, then felt an arm around her. It was a girl of about eleven or twelve. She had unruly brown hair, was very muscular, but also gentle.

“Hi,” she said softly. “I’m Nudge. Who are you?”

Holly wiped her eyes once again, and replied, trying to stop her voice from shaking. “I’m Holly. They… captured me.”

“Yeah, us too,” the girl said back softly. “We get captured a lot. You must too. I can tell you’re different, like us.”

“You’re different?”

“Oh. Um, yeah. We sort of have…” she glanced back at the girl who looked oldest,who nodded. “wings. We can fly. Anyways, where do you come from?”

Holly blinked. These kids said they could fly. She could, obviously, but only when she had a pair of wings. They were talking as if they were right on their backs. “You can…fly?”

“Yeah. Were’nt there any winged kids at the lab you came from?”

“Nudge,” the eldest girl warned. She seemed to sense that Holly didn’t know what they were talking about. “What she means,” the girl said, “is that we come from a lab. Scientists created us there. We’re recombinant life forms. Part bird, part human. There are others like us, just different combinations. Total,” she said, gesturing at the dog, “can talk.”

What happened next, even though she had been told, shocked Holly.

The dog said,”Yo. What’s up?”

Her eyes widened, and she leaned back, as if afraid the dog would say, “I’m going to eat you now.”

After regaining her composure, Holly said slowly, “Oookay. But I don’t come from a lab. I know this is gonna be hard to believe,”

She heard one of the boys, a tall one with dark hair, mumble, “Like anything is hard for us to believe.”

She continued anyway. “But I’m a fairy.” They took it better than she would have thought. They kind of just nodded, as if people walked up to them everyday and told them they were fairies.

There was a knock at the door, and it opened. Who should come in but Foaly.

Part V by <3 Trouble<3

Caution: Some swearing. Partially censored with *’s.

“Foaly!” Holly exclaimed. “Hurry up, get us out of here!”

Foaly smirked. “Your dearest friend shouldn’t be trusted anymore, girly,” he sneered. “Come on. Let’s go for a little walk.”

Holly’s face had such a look of utter confusion, that Foaly almost broke. He stayed strong, though. Before long, she would realize what she did wrong. Why she was the bad guy. Why he had betrayed her.

She stared at him incredulously. “How could you?” she whispered, understanding dawning on her. “How could you do this, you…you son of a **tch!” she screamed, her voice growing louder with every word. An intense heat seemed to emanate from her eyes, and it was pointed directly at Foaly.

Before she knew what was happening, he had bounded over to her and grabbed her arms, pulling her from the room. She struggled, and the bird kids came to help her, but it was too late. He had managed to get octobonds that he had been concealing around her. She wouldn’t be able to move, even if she did get away. She shook her head at them, and they stepped away.

Foaly took her from the room, dragging her down the hall. After a few seconds, she was unconcious. There must have been a sedative in the octobonds.

Artemis woke again to whispering in the room. He pretended to still be asleep, keeping his breath slow and heavy. He heard a few sentences.

“…the rune?”

“Yes. She’s had it since the operation.”

They lowered their voices, so Artemis only caught a few words.


“Not yet….time.”



The voices stopped, but he didn’t hear any doors open. Wouldn’t the people be leaving? He had heard them say go, which probably meant let’s go. He sighed, and relaxed a little, but almost sat straight back up the next second.

Those people would know he could wake up. So why would they talk in there? His head hurt too much to think about anything, so he lay back down. He dozed for a while, and when he woke up, the headache had gone. However, he forgot what he was contemplating. He replayed the snippets of conversation in his head, and wondered, Who could she be? What about runes? Those are never a good thing. And the killing. What do they want to kill?

He sighed, and sat up. Dr. Jackson was leaning against the door.

“What do you want?” he half-complained at her.

“I want to tell you who I am. I came out of nowhere. No one knows about me. Yet. They soon will. Very soon. Once I present you with Holly Short. She hasn’t turned, don’t worry, but she will do as we say. She will kill you. Happy thought, no?”

Artemis gritted his teeth, and glared at Dr. Jackson. That conversation now made sense to him. They had Holly. And it wasn’t just the Dr. in her little getup.

Above all else, however, one sentence rang through his head. She will kill you. Artemis was angry enough to kill Dr. Jackson now. In a surge of strength and speed he never knew he had, he slipped from the octobonds backwards before they could tighten, and leaped at Dr.Jackson, unfurling his newly made wings to reach the other side of the room faster…

Holly woke up, a spot on her neck burning with pain. She reached up and rubbed it. She dropped her hand in shock. It was a rune! Foaly had really been this cruel! He could control her, and she could do nothing about it. She put her head in her knees and cried once again.

“Why is this happening?” she whispered softly to herself. “And why am I crying so much? I’ve probably cried more since I’ve been here than in my whole life,” she mumbled through a sob.

Again, she felt arms around her. Several pairs this time. Twelve muscular arms wrapped around her, and wet dog tongue found her face.

“Don’t worry,” a little girl’s voice said. “We’ve been through things worse than this. It’ll be okay.”

Holly dried her tears, and spoke to them. “I know. As a team. Together!” she said, the last word’s enthusiasm poking through the sadness and hurt like a ray of sun through the clouds.

Part VI (it says part V though) By Me! (the rest are mine, i won’t put who it’s by again)

Butler had been sitting on the porch for over an hour, waiting for Artemis and Holly to finish. He didn’t want to rush them, but the longer Artemis was out of his sight he grew more nervous. We’re in the middle of nowhere and the only other person on this island is Holly, Butler thought.

I’m just being ridiculous, he laughed at his worried thoughts. He listened to the wind through the trees, to the waves on the beach that was far away. But the one thing he didn’t hear; Artemis and Holly.

Butler’s heart speed slightly. A bodyguards’ worst nightmare, a missing principle. He took a deep breath, trying not to panic. He, as calmly as possible, stood up from the chair and stepped up to the front door.

He knocked on the door. No one answered.

Butler swallowed and turned the knob. The door slowly creaked open. No one was inside; there wasn’t even any food on the table.  The hut was completely empty, no Holly, no Artemis


Artemis flew at Dr. Jackson, she had Holly, she was controlling Holly, and Artemis was planning on killing her.

Dr. Jackson tried to side step his attack. He missed her with his arms, but his wing slammed into her chest.

She fell back wards with the force of the impact, and Artemis’s wing bucked. Without his feet on the ground, his wings steered him, but when the one buckled, and the other was still fully out, it made him turn. When he turned, it was straight into the wall.

I need to learn to control these wings better, Artemis told himself, standing up.

“Wrong move, Artemis Fowl!” Dr. Jackson hissed, sitting up.

“Let Holly go!” I yelled, reopening my wings. Dr. Jackson just looked at the door and nodded…

Holly was still huddled with the flock when Foaly trotted into the room again. The tears had just stopped leaking out.

The eldest of the bird kids stood up. “What do you want?” Max demanded.

“Right now, I want Holly to come with me,” Foaly replied, smiling.

Holly knew it would be easier if she just went with him. She stood up, puffy eyed and worried sick.

“Don’t go,” the youngest of the bird-kids whispered, looking up at Holly with big eyes.

“It’s…” Holly started to say.

“I know you think it’s going to be easier if you just go, but it’s not going to be!” she yelled knowing for a fact what was about to happen, she had read the centaur’s thoughts.

“I’ll have to go either way,” Holly whispered, half to herself.

“That’s right, now Holly, come,” Foaly smiled, as Holly fallowed him out of the cell.

“What is it this time, Foaly,” Holly said, hissing Foaly’s name.

Holly’s hand flew to the rune, she knew that no matter what it was that Foaly wanted her to do, she had no choice of whether or not to do it…

Artemis stood; wings open, facing Dr. Jackson.

“And why would I do that?” she asked, “I can already make her kill you.”

“Then what’s the point of giving me wings if you’re just going to kill me?” Artemis yelled. Thrusting an arm towards his wings, hitting them hard, sending a wave of pain through his back. Artemis winced.

“Just a test, to see if it was possible,” she whispered.

“Then why did you choose me? Why not someone who was easier to capture, someone who wouldn’t be missed?”  Artemis yelled even louder…

Part VII

Holly was walking calmly down the hall, wondering what Foaly was going to make her do.

“Then why did you choose me? Why not someone who was easier to capture, someone who wouldn’t be missed?”  She heard Artemis yell at the end of the hall. Her heart speed, her eyes widened and without even thinking she bolted down the hall way.

“Walk, Holly,” Foaly commanded, Holly was suddenly unable to run, her legs would only allow a walk.

Holly grew more and more worried as they neared the door.


Artemis stood ready for whatever Dr.  Jackson could throw at him. His anger at her was over whelming, he hated her as much as he hated Opal, more so even.

He swallowed, just because he was ready didn’t mean he wasn’t scared. He didn’t doubt that the threats she’d made were true, if she had Holly, there was endless things she could do to her to make her kill him.

“For the fun of it!” she answered, “if you were no one of importance, where’s the fun in that?”

Artemis ground his teeth together, he knew as much as he wanted to attack her, it would hurt him just as much, if not more. “Maybe in not getting caught?” Artemis hissed through his teeth.

“Oh, yes, just like Itex gets caught, they are doing worse things than I, grafting avian DNA was there idea, I just did so successfully onto an already grown human,” she smiled and looked over at the door that slowly creaked open.

Artemis whirled around. He saw Foaly trot into the room, but he didn’t close the door behind him. He stood to the side and waited for someone else to walk in.

Artemis’ eyes widened as he saw Holly walk into the room.

Holly’s eyes widened at seeing Artemis, she knew exactly what they were going to make her do.  Holly wanted nothing more than to run to Artemis, but the previous command from Foaly still bound her to not run.

“Now kill him,” Foaly ordered Holly, handing her a Neutrino.

Her eyes widened, but she couldn’t stop body from taking the Neutrino from Foaly’s hand. Dr. Jackson smiled and her eyes glowed with success.


Trying to stay calm Butler walked further into the small hut.

No back doors, no windows I wouldn’t have heard them come out through. Butler could feel his blood pressure rising, he knew this was worse than when Spiro had killed him and tried hardly failed to kill Artemis.

Butler was panicking, not knowing what to do in this scenario, he was trained to keep Artemis from situations like this, but this far into it, and he had no idea what to do.  If he had had any hair he was sure it would have been grey by now.

Butler stumbled into the bathroom, turning both handles on the sink cupping his hands and letting the water fill them. He splashed the water on to his face just before the hissing noise filled the room.

Butler turned his head to see the toilet sliding into the wall. He straightened his back, wiping the water off his face and walking over to the hole in the wall.

A narrow stair case led down.

Butler put a foot on the stair case, expecting it to collapse. When it didn’t he sprinted down the stair case. Running into a long hall way that had three doors Butler dashed for the nearest one.Part VIII

Butler flung the door open seeing nothing but an average looking supply closet. He made the mistake of turning around to go to the next door. Tall teenaged boy with blonde hair stepped out holding a metal tray.

The boy brought the tray to Butler’s head with enough force to knock almost anyone out. Almost anyone.

Butler stumbled forward, standing up almost immediately, turning around to see the shocked teenager.

The blonde haired boy ran into the closet faster than humanly possible, disappearing into it.

Butler followed carefully, knowing the boy was trying to stop Butler. He walked past a row of shelves, looking around at the neon blue liquid that filled syringes and jars.

Butler felt something sharp poke his arm, as everything started to blur. He stepped back trying to get away from it, only to fall backwards, landing with only his head out of the closet.

The last thing Butler saw before complete blackness was the teenager stepping around his to get out of the closet.


“Dylan!” Angel yelled standing up from her spot on the floor. Not a second later did the tall blonde teenager fling the door to the cell open.

“Dylan’s here?” Iggy shouted standing up and turning his head.

“Yes, I am here. Are we going?” Dylan asked, pointing to the open door.

Max ran up to Dylan and threw her arms around him, thanking him for saving them. Fang swallowed, watching as Max pulled away from Dylan. Fang gritted his teeth.

“Come on everyone! We have to get out!” Max ordered.

“But we can’t just leave Holly!” Angel argued.

“Who?” everyone asked.

“The fairy,” Angel said.

“Fairy?” Dylan asked in amazement.

“You’ve missed a lot,” Fang cut in, trying to drag Angel out of the room.

“Max! You know that we have to save her! Who knows what they did to her!” Angel yelled.

“It’s too dangerous!  I can’t lose one of you!” Max yelled at Angel. Everyone’s eyes widened, they knew that it had to be serious when Max yelled, even worse when she yelled directly at Angel.

Angel stared at Max with enough intensity to make most people melt. “They did something to her, they will do it to others too, and who knows what else they are doing.” Max swallowed then sighed. “Yes!” Angel shouted with delight.

Max rolled her eyes and shook her head, “you’re really good at that.”                

Part IX

Holly stood there, thinking her way around the situation, with a Neutrino in her hands, a Neutrino which was pointed at Artemis. Now, kill him! Foaly’s words ran through Holly’s mind, echoing around, each word being pulled to pieces by her mind, trying to figure a way out of this.

‘Now’ is a relative term! My mind screamed at me. By making myself think that, it therefore becomes true in the case! I gave a half smile, which quickly faded, I’m sounding like Artemis!

“Oh,” Foaly whispered, “you’ve figured out a loop hole,” Foaly thought for a second, “kill him with in the minute!”

Artemis immediately broke out into laughter. Holly rolled her eyes. And Dr. Jackson glared at Foaly.

“Within this minute!” Foaly corrected. Artemis laughter suddenly stopped, Holly tensed, and Dr. Jackson smiled.

“Wait!” Artemis screamed, Foaly put his hand up to tell Holly to wait. Holly let out a quiet sigh. “I have two questions! One, why are you allowing Holly to show emotion and think, you put a rune on her, but you are not under full control, why? Two, why are you doing this Foaly? I’ve been helping you for years! And Holly’s one of your best friends! So why?” Artemis asked quickly.

“Ah, so the genius did notice!” Foaly smirked.


Max led the flock and Dylan down the hallway that Dylan had come down. Noticing the slightly open door, she stopped and looked back at Angel.

“There’s a man behind that door, he was knocked out, while he was trying to save someone… by a blonde teenaged boy…” she turned around and looked at Dylan.

“Dylan?” Max questioned. Dylan looked everywhere but at her. “He could have helped us!”

Dylan looked down, embarrassed. Meanwhile Fang also looked down to hide his face, not because he was embarrassed, but because he was trying to hide his smile, he smiled at the small, but substantial victory.

Max flung the door open, her eyes widening at the size of the man.

“Dylan! How did you even knock him out?” Max half yelled, knowing that she had to avoid being heard.

“The blue liquid,” Dylan mumbled, almost inaudibly.

 Max let out an annoyed sigh, dismissing the massive man and continuing to sprint down the hall, finally reaching a heavy metal door, a key code.

Iggy immediately stepped forward, pressing four numbers quickly, getting the combination on the first try the door clicked open.


“You know Artemis Fowl, I’m surprised it took you so long to realize that, I expected better from you,” Dr. Jackson smirked, “for there is a reason for everything, everything will be revealed in time. But wait! Oh… that’s right… by the time it’s revealed it will be too late for you to know about it! You’ll be dead!” she laughed savagely, her laughter rang through the room, drowning out the click of the door.

Part X

Artemis swallowed, afraid that this may be the end, if only he could keep Foaly talking… think Artemis! Think!  Artemis’s mind yelled.

Dr. Jackson joined Foaly and Holly, all three of their backs to the door. Dr. Jackson was still chuckling as seven tall teenagers and kids slipped through the door.

“Foaly!” Artemis yelled, Dr. Jackson stopped laughing. The Flocks and Dylan’s eyes widened in fear that Artemis was going to point them out. “Just tell me why you’re controlling Holly how you are! Then… then you can go ahead and kill me!” Artemis prayed silently that the seven were here to stop Foaly and Dr. Jackson.

“Ah well, Artemis Fowl, the human that knows about Haven!” Foaly exclaimed, “you’re a threat to all the fae!”

“And what about her?” Artemis asked looking at Dr. Jackson, “She seems to know about you.”

“She only knows we exist, she doesn’t know where we are,” Foaly answered simply. “While you know everything about us!”

Artemis looked back at the seven by the door. The youngest of which, a blonde child, was slowly creeping forward towards Holly.

Getting closer and closer Artemis could see that the girl was listening to something, but not what people were saying or even music.

In one quick movement she darted forward, and grabbed the Neutrino out of Holly’s hand and running past Artemis to the back of the room.

Holly let a small smile slip as Foaly turned as red as Root.

“Kill him another way!” Foaly shouted.

“No, you don’t!” a tall brown haired girl whispered, lifting Holly up by her underarms.

“This isn’t going to well,” Dr. Jackson mumbled.

“No it’s not!” Artemis smirked.

Holly struggled to look up at who was holding her, “oh, hi!” Holly smiled at her.

“I’m confused,” Dylan whispered to Iggy. Iggy dramatically rolled his eyes and Fang slapped Dylan in the back of the head.

“Who are you?” the blonde girl asked behind Artemis.

“Ah…” Artemis thought about who he was now; he was hardly the Artemis that everyone thought he was.

“He’s one of you now!” Dr. Jackson snickered, losing it at the thought of being stopped.


“What?” the flock, except Angel, and the raven haired boy all said at once.

“Yes, we have wings too,” Angel said quietly to the raven haired boy, she knew was called Artemis Fowl.

“Huh?” Artemis asked, confused.

 “Angel!” Max yelled, shifting Holly in her arms, “stop scaring him!”

“How did you know I have wings?” Artemis asked.

“What?” everyone but Angel, Foaly, Dr. Jackson and Artemis.

“Artemis?” Holly yelled, “you what?”

Artemis awkwardly scratched his head. “It didn’t… um… seem like a good time to tell you…” Artemis mumbled.

“It didn’t seem like a good time to tell me?” Holly yelled, still dangling in Max’s arms. “You have wings!”

“Sorry to interrupt your moment, but can I put her down?” Max asked Artemis.

“Hey, Max, the centaur and Dr. … whatever her name is, aren’t here,” Fang pointed out.


Butler was slowly regaining consciousness; he could not, not notice the massive pain in his head.

He slowly lifted his hand to his jaw, running his hand up the side of his face to find the origin of the pain. He shot up, his eyes wide when his hand came to his ear.

Or at least where his ear previously was. He ran his hand along the side of his face, trying to locate his ear. Finally giving into the fact it wasn’t there, he looked around that floor, and at his hand to see if there was blood suggesting that it was cut off.

Nothing. He put his hand to the top of his head.

What? He thought feeling a warm, fuzzy, rounded thing that felt almost like soft fabric on top of his head. But Butler knew it wasn’t fabric, he could feel his hand on it.

Butler’s heart speed, he looked around trying to find something large enough and reflective enough that he could see himself. He rummaged through the boxes, coming up with a metal tray, much like the one he’d been hit in the head with.

Butler let out a squeaky gasp at his reflection. Two large, fuzzy mouse ears stuck out of his head. His normal ears were gone, leaving his head deformed and… just plain weird looking.

I’m a mouse! Butler thought.

i’m going to just use this, so no new stories! just new chapters, for Betrayal i mean.

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