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Summary: I put all of the parts into one for those people that were asking. I finally got it to work. […]

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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I put all of the parts into one for those people that were asking. I finally got it to work.

Ok, so this is going to be a continuation of For the Love of Minerva. Or Holly. Or Maybe Both. I had someone suggest it, and the ending was supposed to be just kind of happy, but I guess it does leave wiggle room for a sequel, and I don’t know what else to do. So, yeah, it’s kind of continuing off of that.

If you don’t know what the other one is about, I’ll summarize it, or you can read it, but that might take a while to read all 17 parts.

Summary: Artemis loses his voice from a whale experiment, and has to take voice lessons. His voice teacher turns out to be Minerva, and she kind of acts like she likes him. Several actiony events with happen, along with several romance scenes between Artemis and Holly. Also,  past Opal manages to break future self out of prison, but future self dies in accident. Accident is she had Butler hostage, but he escapes and the ship collapses. The ship drops into the water below, and the occupants(not including Butler) drown. This includes Merv, Scant, and future Opal. It turns into a crossover involving Bobby Pendragon, Harry Potter, and Gandalf the Grey. They all rescue Artemis, and the rest of them, and Artemis ends up okay, and goes home. A little while later, he gets a call from Foaly that asks for help with the blue screen of death. When he arrives, all he finds is a note from Holly and a dolphin he met during his adventure who he had named Berry. *Important part:Foaly isn’t there either*It tells him where they are and that they need him.

Okay, so that summarizes it. On with the show!

Artemis was in an LEP shuttle piloted by Trouble Kelp on his way to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After reading the note from Holly, he had found Trouble right away and made him take him and Butler. It had taken a promise to make Minerva a fairy communicator, but he needed to go be with Holly. He thought that she just wanted a weekend on the beach, or something. He never suspected for a moment that something might be wrong.

Artemis looked out the window, and saw the beautiful blue sheen of  water, the flicker of the fish near the surface. I can’t wait to be with you, Holly, he thought.

“Buckle up,” Commander Kelp’s voice came from the cockpit. “We’re landing.”

Artemis took one last look out the window, and saw four rocks in a square. With just a glance, they looked real enough, but with his eye for fairy technology, and as it happened, for rocks, he saw that they were shield boosters. They set a shield cloud over the island, so that you could see it once landed on it, but not while outside of the boosters.

Artemis went to his seat and buckled. The best Butler could do was sit tied to some hooks on the wall in the back of the shuttle. He was too tall to sit in the chair.

“No fancy tricks now, Kelp,” he said. “I don’t want these ropes to break loose and send me flying.”

“Flying is a trick in itself,” Kelp called from the pilot’s chair, and brought the ship to a nose dive towards the invisible island. 

Butler fought his instincts to hold on in case the rope broke, so he wouldn’t look scared. His face gave him away entirely, however. It was mangled so that his mouth and chin were calm, but his eyes bugged out very slightly. He almost looked like a barfing monkey.

At the last possible second, Trouble pulled out of the dive, gliding smoothly across the now visible, glowing, white sand. There was barely a line where it slid along.

“Now that is a landing,” the commander proclaimed.

The shuttle’s occupants stepped off the ship, squinting at the bright glare the tropical sand reflected at them. They recovered, and Artemis looked around for Holly. He could hear birds chittering, whooping, and whistling. The green-blue water lapped gently at the shore. The palm trees, and marginata cane trees stood tall about a hundred yards from the water. He spotted a small trail between the trees, and gestured for the others to follow.

On the path, it was even more beautiful, if that was possible. Everything was green, except for the colorful birds, and tropical flowers. If it wasn’t green, it was bright, and happy looking. It looked like a danger free place, perfect for a weekend stay with Holly.

The three followed the path closer to the middle of the island. Eventually, they came upon a cottage, done fairy style with a protective rune painted on all the doors, to keep anyone inside the house safe. *I made this rune thing up*This was just a superstition, though. No one really believed it could do anything, especially with criminals so smart lately.

Artemis walked up to the door of the cottage and knocked. He heard barefeet padding across the floor. A moment later, Holly opened the door. She was almost unrecognizable at first. Instead of her usual LEP work outfit, she wore a thin, lightweight summer dress. It was short and yellow. Green palm leaves that almost looked real accented the color. A few white and pink flowers sat between leaves.

Artemis almost gasped. Her short auburn hair only made the outfit more beautiful.

“Artemis!” she cried. “You came! I wasn’t sure you would get my note.” She wrapped him in a friendly hug, then stepped back and allowed the two humans and Trouble to come inside.

Although they were now inside the cottage, there was no temperature or air flow change. All of the windows were open, leaving the lacy curtains flitting in the breeze. And there was an aroma. Holly seemed to be cooking.

“Are you…cooking?”

“Well, yes. I wasn’t expecting all of you, though. I only cooked for me and you, Arty.”

Butler put his hands up, signifying that he didn’t want anything.

Trouble said, “I can go anytime. I’m just the pilot. I’ll go now.”

“Okay. Thanks, Trubs,” Holly said, and shooed him off with a smile.

Artemis frowned barely perceptively at the use of the nickname, but straightened out when Holly looked at him.

“Hey, Butler, would you mind going and sitting on the porch? I kinda want to talk to Artemis.”

“Sure Holly,” he said. He thought, Obviously, nothing is going to happen in the middle of an empty island.

Was he ever wrong.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Okay, nevermind about the email thing since it’s not on your profile. Um, I guess I can put out another thing that just has the random facts that you’ll need.

  2. artemis_fowl_the_second July 25th, 2011 at 3:48 am 2

    oh you can send it to that’s my primary e-mail
    anyway i like that last part, plenty of places to go from.
    and thanks again for letting me have this story 🙂

  3. YaY! *Claps for artemis_fowl_the_second*

    Ok I love this, even though A.F.T.S. is taking over he’s going to do a great job, I thing. 🙂 I didn’t see any mistakes, even though I don’t like swearing I still loved it. 5/L(lollipops)!

    With my story ‘Minerva or Holly’ would you like my to e-mail it to it as it is? And yes this means you can have it. I know your going to take good care of it. 🙂 Well if you still want it, I mean.

  4. Um, I think AFTS is actually a girl, but okay. And, yeah I’d still like it. My email is on my profile. You can just send it how it is. Here. I’ll just put it here to make it easier. Its: or you can use my AF one which is

    And AFTS, thanks for the email address. As soon as my sister is gone long enough for me to send it from her computer without being burned alive by her, I’ll send it to you. You can start working on the next part, if you want, and I’ll just send the email with the other info. Thank you sooo much for taking this over! Good luck! (:

  5. artemis_fowl_the_second July 25th, 2011 at 5:35 pm 5

    Amber, i’m a girl. but i don’t really care that you caled me a guy, at least you didn’t call me a guy after meeting me (that has happened rather alot, actually). but i can see why you thought i was a boy, since my username is Artemis_fowl_the_second.

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