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Summary: A Drug. A Disease. An Identity. Two of the world's greatest detctives, coming together to solve on cataclysmic epidemic.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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Automaton fights for his family

Protecting them from the threats all around

But deep in his chest, is one, broken gear.

It keeps his feet dragging on the ground.



When a large shipment of illegal narcotic drugs appears in a Dublin port, Artemis Fowl is intrigued. A semi-official informant of the Gardaí, he is instantly brought in as a consultant of the case. But the seemingly small problem turns into a much larger scale when the drug users start to die off in mass amounts. A disease is infecting them, and spreading. Fast. Soon, even the non-addicts will fall victim to the deadly strain unless Artemis can track its origins.


After the communications fall out, Gotham has slowly rebuilt itself on its ruins, and has turned back into the prosperous- if crime-ridden- metropolis of before. Bruce Wayne is as public as before, if not more so, driving charities and projects to rebuild the lives of the citizens. The Batman is also hard at work, caring for his routine of, if boring, crime stopping.

But when an odd bunch of Irish come asking for his aid, and claiming Gotham is the origin of a catastrophic outbreak, he is caught off guard. He must find the culprit of this heinous attack before Dublin, and also Gotham, fall prey to a seemingly asymptomatic, fatal virus.

The Personal Battle

Artemis himself has been having trouble in coming to terms with his new body. While he is patient with the slow-returning memories, the increasing amount of impairments start showing and wrecking him emotionally. These impairities start mounting and Artemis starts breaking: For what is he, besides his intellect and what he offers the world in skill?

Bruce Wayne: Batman. The two have become almost synonymous in his mind, blurring into each other until there is nothing left but the ‘bat’. Soon, he can’t decide whether Bruce is the mask, or Batman is. What is he, really? When had the line been taken away, until he had truly become that otherworldly thing?

And then the rage starts mounting. Did anyone truly know how much pain he had been through? How much despair and agony?

When could he find himself again; amongst the pain, the bat, the rage, the rage


Alliances will be forged. Ties will be broken. Identities revealed. Lives will be changed, and, most of all:

The world must be saved.


————Nananana Nananana Nananana LINE BREAK!!!!!——————-

Soo… A Batman/Artemis Fowl Crossover. Whatcha think? This is mostly do delve into the psychology of the matter. That is one of my favorite parts in stories. The psychology. Check out the song link, too, if you don’t mind. It is a really cool song.

BTW, shaadia- I think it was you that asked, it’s been to long of a day to remember- I am working on Sicarius’s blade/ whatever the new title will be, off and on…. it needs a large plot change. So it might be a while.  But I have not forgotten! 🙂

Chapters: 1 2 3

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4 responses to “Automaton.” Join in!

  1. SilverGoddess March 12th, 2013 at 3:48 am 1

    Is this the one from FF? Ahhhhhhh! You’re back! Please please please come on more! I miss you soooo much!

  2. Solinium Pulse March 12th, 2013 at 6:50 am 2


    Batman/AF Cross-over, holy cow! I wanted to do that for so long! *shakes fist* You’re awesome because you doing it first, jeez, I ran out of words to say…

    OH. Oh-oh-oh! Let me know if this is a good idea:

    Butler vs. Batman

    Just a suggestion. Please consider. You can take that idea , as long as you make it epic, which I am sure you will.

    Another thing. Teen Titans? Artemis Fowl: Red X.

    Think about it. How does Robin get the idea of Nightwing? Fairy influence, that’s how.

    Hehehe. Artemis steals the Red X suit, wreaks havoc underground.

    Robin can’t fight Red X because he is too powerful.

    Fairies turn to Robin to fight Red X. (They don’t know it’s Arty.)

    As it turns out, Foaly finds that Solinium (Not me, the actual element) counters Xenothium.

    Solinium is blue. Xenothium is red. hehehe…

    Solinium Suit+Robin= NIGHTWING.

    Interested in doing a cooperative story?

    PS: It’s me, Orion Hood. (Just in case you didn’t know…) PLEASE WRITE MORE.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. i will admit, best crossover EVER. tress, i missed you soo much! awesome plot,by the way. oh and solinium pulse is right. wouldn’t a tt/af crossover be great! and we can count on you to write one,if you want to sicarius’s blade: eargerly awaiting it. pls update that and this too!

  4. the huntress (or tress) March 12th, 2013 at 11:16 pm 4

    Oh Hey! Comments! Yay!
    Silver Goddess~ I am about a fourth through the next one… I should be here more often. Thanks! 😀

    Solinium Pulse- (Cool new name! And no, I did not know twas you, oh Orion. Welcome back!) I swear I just copy pasted all of these comments into a word document to smile & ponder all the ideas… I think I might incorporate the Butler/Batman fight into this one…. 8D
    Why diodnt I think of that?

    Shaadia- Thank you so much! That made me smile, and I needed that. 😀

    Will think one the rest later, am leaving in three minutes to teach karate and am not even dressed. D: Bye, and thanks ya’ll!

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