Artemis’s Ordinary Day – Updated Again

Summary: This story is just after The Atlantis Complex

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Artemis was bored. His brother Beckett had somehow managed to crash all the computers in Fowl Manor, his parents had gone to the spa  in Blackrock , Butler was making lunch and Juliet had gone to collect his brothers who were at school at the moment which was just as well because he felt like strangling Beckett at the moment!  He was dreading them coming home. This was the first time Artemis had ever felt bored, it was strange, normally his head was whirling with inventions, schemes and whatever else geniuses have in their brains. For the first time in his life Artemis felt ordinary. 

“Well”, he reasoned, “I might as well do what ordinary people do in their free time, but then again what do they do? I will have to ask Holly.”

Meanwhile Captain Holly Short was walking home in a very good mood. There hadn’t been any alerts so she had finished all her paperwork and Trouble was off ill today so he hadn’t given her any more which meant she could go home early! Holly was delighted. She really needed relaxation time and her V-Box game console was the perfect thing. Suddenly her phone rang, she checked the screen, It was Artemis, what did the Mud Boy want now? She pressed the accept button.

“Hello” came Artemis’s voice.

“Hi” replied Holly “What do you want?”

“To know whether you are free to come to Fowl Manor”

“What?” Holly was dumbstruck “A friendly visit?”

“Yes, the first time. Not a ‘we need to save the world’ visit.

“Ok I will be there soon”

“Great, see you then”

Artemis hung up. Holly turned back to Police Plaza and the Ops Booth, Foaly should be able to get her on a shuttle soon.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. awesome! u are good! update soon pls.

  2. Fowlfan4ever/Evie September 6th, 2011 at 10:54 pm 2

    Good jop Becket! Crash ’em computers!

    Sorry I had to do that. I love this and it could turn into a A) a total OOC story (fine by me) 2) A romance story 😉 Or a total book 8 book like the Last chance. Hehehehehehehehe I like #2 like always! Lol.


    Oh sorry I didn’t finish- stupid enter button. Good explanation for what I think is a new author. (I haven’t seen you before.) good luck and pls update. ~Evie •_•

  3. Hi your new right? Yes, yes you are. *Nods* Hi I’m Amy, nice to meet you. *shacks hand* I realy liked the begining. I have a question, though. Did you get the Beckett braking his computer from my story, “A Fowl Musical”? It’s ok of you did. It just had me wondering….

    I though that Artemis was a little OOC(Out Of Character, if you didn’t know.), but Holly was spot on! 😀

    I find it a little bit to small to do a full comment on, so I give it a 4/T(Tacos, I don’t like to give stars.). Now all that’s left to say is…. Update or I will shoot you with mah pink gun that shoots tacos!

  4. Thanks for commenting. I am new, nice to meet you too Amy and i havent read your story i will search it in a minute. I will update soon! Thanks again! 😉

  5. Hm, I wonder. I told my friend she should join on here, but maybe she didn’t yet. Is your name by chance Lilly? You don’t have to tell me anything at all, except for maybe answer the question with yes or no, but I was just wondering…

    Anyways, welcome, and nice job! I like this a lot, and it sounds very interesting. Like Evie said, it could turn into a bunch of different things. I really like the part at the end though where they’re deciding what game to play, and Holly threatens to shoot Arty.

    5 stars.

  6. FantasyDevourer September 9th, 2011 at 3:34 am 6

    Everyone already posted what I was going to say!! *huffs angrily*

    Hi, I’m Fantasy! (really bad introduction, I know, but I can’t think of anything else to add)

    I really love this idea mostly because it could end up as a romance, and I love romance. One thing: watch the spelling/grammar and the OOC-ness!

  7. Hi,thanks everyone, Trouble my name isn’t Lilly. I’m glad you all like it.
    I’m not really sure what to turn it into – i’m just writing random ideas but I think there will be a bit of romance, but i’m not sure.
    Again thank you for all your help

  8. xD Juliet knocking the door down was so funny! And Beckett wanting to learn it too :D. Now an update please!

  9. FantasyDevourer October 5th, 2011 at 3:49 am 9

    Someone has to email this to Colfer or something. I’m sure he’d appreciate having the opportunity to speak with Opal Koboi herself.

    Same things as before. Minor typos, punctuation mark stuff, nothing big.

  10. Thanks Iris, I wasn’t really sure if it was funny or not – I don’t know anyone who likes AF, its sad – so I couldn’t ask them. They always give me the crazy look when I talk ‘AF’!
    Fantasy: Do you know Colfer’s email address? I don’t. And anyway I expect he has seen millions of fanfics about him and most of them were probally better than this. Sorry about the mistakes – i’m terrible at typing – this comment alone has taken me 10 minutes! I try but I also find the spellcheck useless, but thats probally my computer.

  11. i totally agree with holly lego piratesof the carribean is AWESOME

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