Artemis Investigates

Summary: This is going to be a strange fic. Just accept that. Someone has blown up the LEP and Artemis is called in to investigate.

Chapters: 1 2

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Artemis’ POV

It was an ordinary day when  Holly came up to the surface for the first time in months and gave me a new job. I went down to Haven with her immediately after saying goodbye to my family. I might not see them for a long time. She explained why I was needed in the shuttle. The  LEP Headquarters had been blown up. The remainder of the LEP wanted me to investigate. What type of bomb was it? Where was it placed?  How long had it been there? And most importantly who  had placed it there?

As soon as we arrived we took a LEP van to the rubble that was Police Plaza. The rest of the buildings on the street were fine. It must have been a small type of bomb – localized. There was a rabbit hutch out the back. It had collapsed, trapping the rabbit inside, a fire crew was desperately working around it trying to free the little mammal. I turned to Holly. “Why do you have a rabbit at the police headquarters?” I asked.

“What, Flopsy?” she replied.

I nodded.

“It helps victims to calm down and tell us the story straight. Opal loves her.”

I found this strange. Surely torture would work better. I will change that when I become head of  the LEP. Anyway on with the investigation. Everyone in the building who had not been injured was resting in a temporary shack hastily built by the fire and rescue crew. I will go in and question them after scouting the area for clues. Using force if  necessary. I just wish Butler was here. I’m sure Holly’s a good enough bodyguard but she hasn’t been trained. And she won’t torture people for me.

I had one more question. “Opal is still secure, I’m presuming,” I said.

“Definitely,” reassured Holly. “That was the first thing we checked.”

“Good. This matter is complicated enough without a demented pixie.” I  walked around the site.

 Flopsy had been rescued and is now, most likely, sitting in the lap of luxury. Way to much fuss over a rabbit.

 I go over to the remains of the hutch. I was told the bomb had exploded outside of the building and the force had destroyed it. Which means the  bomb must have been placed near the hutch. Actually inside it would be a good place but then surely the rabbit would have died. Outside it would have to be on the ground. There were no dents where it had rested. It couldn’t have been buried as Police Plaza had a 7m thick concrete base.

It began to get dark so Holly brought me back to my hotel. We will question the witnesses tomorrow.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. It’s a strange story, but interesting. I’m sure Flopsy has something to do with it 😀

    Some tiny thingies I saw:
    “Instead of ….ordinary day the day Holly came…”, might “…ordinary day when Holly came ….” sounds better.

    “..a fire crew were..” Were should be was.
    “..not been injured were resting” Were should be was here too.

    Apart from that, I didn’t see any mistakes.
    Flopsy has everything to do with it…
    Thanks for the help, I will edit now.
    Affy 😀

  2. I little mistake: “enough” was “enought”.
    Anyway, strange story, rather improbable. I can’t see Artemis being a the commander of the LEP… but I suppose you did say that it was an odd story at the beginning.
    I really don’t know what to say about this.
    I didn’t say it was definitely going to happen, thats what he wants to happen. And I didn’t say commander, I said head. That could be anything. We don’t know all of the positions in the LEP do we? Anyway thanks for commenting 😀

  3. Sorry for the doublepost, please merge this.

    Oh, sorry, I did see some more.

    investiate should be investigate,
    localised should be localized,
    ‘must of been’ must have been.
    Definately should be definitely
    enought should be enough
    ‘There was no dents’ was should be were.
    ‘It couldn’t had been’ had should be have

    I simply placed it in Word, and let the grammar check do the work. If you have Word too, I advise doing a grammar check before posting the story.
    ^Thanks for that tip. 😀

  4. That’s a good idea, I should try that. Anyway, I didn’t find any mistakes, this was a good fan fic. I want to know what Flopsy does!

    Thanks. 😀

  5. Hmm… the LEP HQ is called Police Plaza. That, plus everything Iris had pointed out, is all I saw.

    Good job though. Even though it was a little weird, it got me interested.

    ^ Thats it! I knew it was something like that. Thanks 😀

  6. Well, at least you did update.I didn’t see any mistakes.

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