Artemis in Wonderland

Summary: After TAC before/during treatment. Artemis is falling into insanity, but what's truly strange is what's on the other side of the rabbit hole

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Chapter 1:A Complex Situation
Artemis Fowl was a clear-minded, determined, criminal mastermind. “was” being the operative word. These days he spends his time looking over his shoulder for invisible foes and jumping at things that aren’t there. If somebody told you how he was before you’d never guest that the Artemis of the past and the current Artemis were the same person what-so-ever. A disease of the mind had claimed the teenage genius and it refuses to give him up. Today, Artemis Fowl the Second sat in his desk during science class staring at the board with an expression he’s never used before: confusion. From his point of view everything seemed warped. The teacher was only seven feet away, up at the black board, but her voice seemed as though it were both extremely far away and right next to him at the same time. The words she wrote in chalk twisted and bent on the board until they were unrecognizable. Everything was strange, out of place, but nobody else in the room took any notice to it. They were all oblivious to how distorted things were. It had been two weeks since Artemis’s fifteenth birthday, and two weeks since his friends had discovered his “condition” and attempted to commit him for psychiatric treatment. He refused to go to the clinic, of course, because there was nothing wrong with him. It seemed to him that his friends were the ones that needed to be in the psyche ward because they could not see that something was obviously wrong with the way the world was working. They didn’t recognize how upside down everything was. Neither did his classmates, nor his teachers, nor his parents. His friends had reacted in disbelief when he refused to go to the clinic, so the fairy in charge there, a Doctor Jerbal Argon, had to explain to them that “as a human the fae have no control over what he does or what he decides.” and they begrudgingly took him home. He hadn’t heard from them since. On top of the weirdness the world was turning into, his family had been acting strange as well. They largely tried to avoid him, and they refused to look him in the eyes. Once he had asked them if they were upset because he refused psyche treatment, and they wouldn’t give him a straight answer, which obviously meant yes. When the bell rang to let the teens know school was over it had the same echo-y closeness as everything else. Ordinarily Artemis would stop and gather the fact, make a hypothesis about what’s going on, then create a scheme to get him out of it, but it had been so long since this strangeness had lifted he was no longer thinking clearly. Instead of calculating and plotting he just drifted through this warped reality. His head would clear from time to time and the sounds and sights would come back into focus. It was then that he knew something was very wrong with him, but in this state he couldn’t see any problem with the way he was thinking. It was quite a complex situation.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Yay! FCD for the noob! I really liked you fic and I think it was very IC for Artemis to say everyone else saw the world wrong but him. Fittingly arrogant. Five stars!

  2. hey,cool idea! please update soon,i am really lookig forward to reading the rest of it.

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