Artemis Fowl:The Lord of the Olympians (AF/PJ/LOTR/ Crossover) Part 4

Summary: Part 4 of Artemis Fowl: The Lord of the Olympians.

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Welcome fairies, demigods, humans, Earthians, and orcs, after ages of procrastination to part 4 of AFLOTO.

When we left off , Percy and Artemis were beset by the mysterious Daniel. After leading them to Holly and Annabeth, whom they freed from the orcs,  Annabeth has discussed serious concerns about Daniel being being a son of Illuvatan.

  Daniel’s P.O.V.

Chapter One: The Nazgul

Time: 3 months after the events of  Part 3 

Alright, let me make something clear. As a maivar, living in the modernite world is not easy. For instance, when a downtown restaurant blows up, and you are there, naturally everyone blames you. Not to mention the fact that we’re often busy fighting megalomaniac dark lords that have one goal:Kill our immortal parents and us as well. So you could say that being a maivar is no easier than being a demigod like the ones you already know of. Okay, enough ranting about my life, let’s get to the story.

Percy,  Artemis, and Annabeth had called me to one of their crazy human restaurants (Earthians don’t exactly have a soft spot for humans) so that we could discuss important matters. And believe me, you know  it’s bad when demigods 20 years younger than you are calling you to a restaurant  to discuss combat strategy (I wasn’t sure that’s what they wanted to discuss, but I took a hint with that daughter of Athena there.) You see, as each month passes since the time I first met them, something bad has happened. Like last month, orcs busted down my door and attempted to kill me. And the month before that, someone put a bag of Greek fire in a package of oranges I received. Since nothing had happened during the current month, I was determined to bring my sword, Galandil (Orc-Biter) with me. And, of course, if I think I am going to be killed, not only is my sword at my side, but along comes my trusty knife and bow.

The Great Portal is, as its name implies, is a portal on Earthia. So I entered the portal and came exited on some human street. Either the Mist was working all half-bloods (which would include me, half Vanar, half Earthian) or the humans were too busy to notice a pointed eared Earthian. With humans, it’s hard to know the difference.

Then I saw them.

Boy, it’s hard to take humans seriously when you see three battle tested, armed teenagers at a restaraunt. They had ordered food, but most of it was salad and other vegetable matter, so I lost any hint of an appetite. (Dolmoldians are usually open to plant matter food, living in trees and all, but that trait was lost on me.) “I once saw a strange sight, and I thought it was the strangest I would ever see. Now you three have proven me wrong.” I said.

That dratted daughter of Athena glared at me, and started to grip her knife.

Your late.” she snarled.

“Apparently I am. So what did you demigods want to talk about?” I said.

“If you-” Annabeth said before she was interrupted.

“Annabeth, Daniel, save the insults for the enemy, please.” Artemis said.”We came here to discuss the, Terragass, not personal rivalries.”

“Speaking of S.P.Q.R, how are our Roman friends doing?” I said.

“That, I don’t know.” Percy said. “I haven’t heard from them since a certain someone and their portal pulled me out of the world and jerked me back.” Geez, was it Beat Up on Daniel Day?

“Please, to important matters.” Annabeth said.”How is the warship doing?” she said.

If your wondering about the, it’s a warship that is going to take an army of half-bloods, including Maiar, to the ancient lands to fight Meldor. I’ve designed it with other maivar, the Romans are building it, and the Greeks provided the materials. Its name means “God’s Speed” in ancient Dolmoldian. “The warship is progressing fast. It will be finished by next month, unless something unexpected happens. “And Captain Short, I know your there, so you can turn the video recorder off.” I said.

She didn’t unshield, but I he heard a few D’Arvits and a few suggestions about where I could stick my sword. Whoa, somebody was grumpy.

Here’s where the story gets interesting.

It wasn’t my fault everyone in the restaraunt drew swords and shields. Then they morphed into something worse than orcs: Uruk-Hai. Within a moment, the table was ablaze with celestial bronze, elvish steel and Earthian Iron. “You guys go.” Holly said “I’m invisible, and I have magic. Even if they are good with blades, the magic will heal any of the wounds.”

“Yeah, right, fairy girl.” I said.”Good luck trying to get me to abandon a fight.”

I imagine I got a dirty look for that, but since she was shielded, I wouldn’t know. “Daniel, look out!” Artemis said.

I ducked as an Uruk-Hai took a swing at my head. I thrust my knife into its chest. It fell back, dead. While I was hoping that would deter them, but instead, it rallied them. “Attack!” a human voice said.

Suddenly I got knocked over. I felt a hard pain at my temple, and I blacked out.

Approxiamtely five minutes later, I came to my senses to the sound of combat. I looked over and saw the others. They had their weapons drawn, and around them was a pile of dead Uruk-Hai. But they were hopelessly outnumbered. I turned over to the over side and saw him.

If your wondering who “he” is, he’s Jardeth Kline, son of Illuvutan, and my adopted brother. We used to get along like siblings should (well, I suppose we did), until he went over to Meldor’s side. Then we became strict enemies. I saw his sword. It was bloodied. He had a grin on his face, like he’d just done something great. Then I looked down at my side, and realized it was wet with blood from my forehead. And red. “Hi, older brother. Need a bandage?” he said sarcastically.

“You made a mistake crossing me near a river, younger, less intelligent brother.” I said

Quickly praying that the authorities wouldn’t arrest me for destroying a restaraunt, I summoned the Hudson River (Percy’s not the only one with water powers) and sent it crashing into my brother and the orcs. The orcs died on spot.  Jardeth got carried upriver and was probably in Canada before he realized what happened. “Run!” I told the others.

Running as fast as I could with a pulsing head, I caught up with them. But I was too late. Percy and Artemis were on the ground, unconscious, and Annabeth was standing, knife in hand. And surrounding her were the Nazgul, cloaked in black, and with swords drawn.

Yes, the Nazgul. Neither living nor dead. Their bodies were invisible. They made bloodcurling shrieks. I saw Artemis on the ground in sheer terror, clutching the spot where he had been stabbed (I was in this story earlier than Part 3, for I had been following Artemis.) . Their one weakness was fire.

I did what what came instinctively:I went for the cigarette liter on the ground, picked up a stick, and lit it. “Dolmoldia Sovereign!” I yelled, and charged.

The Nazgul were caught at unawares. They lunged at me. I should have been dead, but I was probably the fastest sword fighter in the mythological world.  (My father is the lord of swords, after all.) I thrust the torch into one of the Nazgul.”SCREECHHHH!!!!” he said, which is probably Nazgul for “Hot!Hot!Hot!”

The Nazgul managed to crash into each one of its brethren, leaving them all on fire. They screeched and ran way. While they were destroyed, I knew that I hadn’t killed them. That left me with Artemis, Percy, Annabeth and Holly. “I would say that was a adrenaline boost, but I think I know better .” Percy said.

“Two things: one, I hate it when people call it an adrenaline boost. Two, it is simply an extremely skilled level of sword combat, honed by years and years and years of practice” I said.

“What the Olympians?” Percy shouted.

I didn’t get a chance to see what he was talking about, because at that moment, a large bronze javelin impaled me, and I blacked out. (Well, it didn’t actually impale me, nor did I black out, but I’m supposed to play up the drama.)

Artemis’s P.O.V.

As you can tell, Daniel had gotten an large bronze javelin embedded in his arm-er, chest. I looked over, and although I could not see Daniel saying the words, I heard about a dozen Dolmoldian and Greek curses. On my left side were multiple Greek demigods in battle armor throwing javelins and drawing swords. Percy and Annabeth had already charged into the fray. A laser blasted into a demigod, knocking him unconscious. Obviously Holly’s work. I myself charged into the fray and hit a demigod in his face with the hilt of my sword, Allunkan. I would have gotten speared by a javelin if a certain 6-foot 4 individual deflected it. “A little late.” I said.

“A thank you would be nice!” Daniel said as he ran up to another demigod.

With a quick grunt, he tackled a another demigod.  “You guys run. I’ll hold them back!” Daniel said.

All 4 of us ran to the forest nearby. We were already in the heart of the woodland before we slowed down. Finally, after a mile of uneccesary running, we came to a halt. “Where’s Daniel?” Percy asked.

Daniel appeared next to me. Well, appeared is not the right word.  In fact, he launched into the trees, cut his face on several branches, cracked his ankle, and hit the ground. There was a crack, with several unsatisfactory owwwwwwwwws.  Percy looked at Daniel with a mixture of annoyance and concern.  “Oh great,” he said “we just had to end up here.” Daniel pointed forward.  I looked up and saw that he was pointing to a valley.  In the valley in which children and teenagers in bright orange T-shirts shot bows and swung swords.

Somehow, against the laws of  time, we had come to Camp Half-Blood.

  Chapter 3 :Camp Half -Blood

Percy’s P.O.V.

At least we got a warm welcome after running for a mile and fighting weird black-robed ghosts, right?

Wrong, unless you think fighting massive green-skinned axe-wielding brutes is a warm welcome.

The first thing I noticed was the phalanx.  At least a fourth of camp had formed the formation.  A group of warriors at least twice the size of phalanx had drawn swords and attacked the beasts.

Now being a half-blood and all, you can’t just have beasts.  No, you have to have beasts wielding huge axes and owning horns.  I guess these were the heavy orcs that Daniel had described.  Anyway, I charged them, because I was not going to let a bunch of green skinned demons invade my favorite place on Earth. Daniel, curse him, was strolling to the battle with a worried look at his oh-so-fragile (not) sword.  Even if we had him, it wouldn’t have changed the matter. Sure, we had an invisible police officer on our side, but even with our added manpower, the orcs still outnumbered us.

Suddenly, an arrow flew from the woods. It was blue, and painted with red stripes. I looked at whomever had shot it.  I looked back, and I promise I will never look the same way at an Eaortian again.

Picture the Hunters of Artemis.  Now change their age to 30, 40, 50; you choose.  Make them men, and change their clothing to brown and green. Put pointed ears on their heads. Put massive longswords swung over their backs.  Do all this, and you have a pretty good idea of what these guys looked like.  They looked straight out of  Assassin’s Creed except with huge longbows in their hands, and I could see their faces.  Some of them were very young, and some very old, but they all shared one trait: a look of fierce determination in their eyes that showed me these guys would cut down a horde of monsters before going down.  I was proved right: they began to gun-er, skewer- orcs left and right

Daniel stepped forward and said a few words to the leader, then they both shook hands.  Then Daniel looked at me.

“Percy Jackson, meet the Woodland Rangers-my extremely extended family.”

When I looked at one, I started.  He looked exactly like Daniel, except his eyes were blue, not brown.  Then a thought crossed my mind.  It was weird, so I would probably have ruled it out, but I had more important things to worry about.

Like Daniel getting hit in the chest with a fireball and flying 40 feet in the air before landing with several simultaneous loud cracks, for example

Then a voice spoke to me. I couldn’t tell if it was old or young, male or female, smart or im- you get the picture.  This is a performance, it said, to prove that even the strongest among you cannot defeat my great power!!!MWAHAHAHAHAH! 

[For all of you intelligent enough to know that the stereotypical villain’s laugh at the end may have been false- Be quiet, Artemis! You’re ruining the story!]

As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, the voice spoke to me. “Oh-” I can’t tell you what I said next, but let’s just say it wasn’t friendly to th……………

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you like the added drama? (However bad and cliched it was.) I also want to know if you want to see more of Artemis in the series, as he is neglected so far.  Finally, I would like to know if you want the story to be told from a first or third  person perspective. I apologize for the months of procrastination.  If you have not done so, you should read parts 1,2, and 3, as events in them will be referenced much in the rest of the series.  Feedback is appreciated, and please answer my questions in the comments.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
















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  1. I thought only demigods could enter Camp Half-Blood?
    Sorry, but thats kinda confusing. The story’s good, though. I really like it. I read parts 1,2, and 3, and I liked them, too. All in all, it’s a really good story, but PLEASE UPDATE!

    p.s. *I would like to see more of Artemis in the story.*

  2. Thank you for the feedback, it will help me update this story. And, as for the demigods, (in my story) Artemis and Daniel ARE demigods.

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