Artemis Fowl’s Reaction to Steve Job’s Death

Summary: Artemis, and his reaction on Steve Job's death.

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NOTE: If I offended anyone with this Whatif, then I am sorry.

Wednesday October 5th, 3:00PM

Artemis Fowl left the school as quickly as he could, and went towards the Fowl limo, where a driver and bodyguard were present.

“Good afternoon, Master Fowl.” said the bodyguard, who was British and was recently employed by his father, who insisted in more protection after getting into trouble, since trouble always seemed to follow him.

“Hello. Back home as soon as possible.” said Artemis as he hopped into the limo and and checked his iPhone4 for any texts. He had not received any texts since this morning, from his peers and Minerva, who would always text him good morning, and more. The commute on the way was fast, as it was a sunny day and many students opted to walk home instead, talking to their friends while texting on their blackberries or iPhones. Artemis looked outside the window with little expression, as the houses whizzed by on his way back to Fowl Manor.

After ten minutes on the limo, they finally arrived at the gates of Fowl Manor. They checked in with the guards stationed at the front gates, and the driver drove the limo to the front porch of the manor, as the bodyguard opened the door for Artemis. He thanked the driver and bodyguard, and walked upstairs immediately. He had an English paper due next Monday, and he hated to procrastinate on homework. His mother and father were not home, as a Stick-it note was on the refigerator. It said:
“We are going to be late for dinner,  the twins are sick again. Eat whatever you want for dinner, just sure you stay safe honey!” -AF (Angelina Fowl?)

Artemis removed the note, and tossed it into the garbage can. He checked inside the refrigerator and got a soft drink can and took it up his study, as he quickly tossed his backpack to the couch and turned on the large 56′ television mounted onto the wall, as it was on CNN. He placed his iPhone4 on his mahogany desk to his left and turned on the computer monitor, as his computer was always on. He quickly opened a custom made word processing software he made himself, and began working on the English document quickly. He opened his can of soda and took a long gulp after a long marathon of typing. He was only halfway through, and decided to take a quick break before starting again.  The clock said 4:05, and at this instant, the news reporter said something that caught Artemis’s attention.

“Many remain-Excuse me. We have reporting news…The CEO and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, has died.” Artemis frowned, and looked at the television to see the news report. The reporter then gave a short biography of Steve Jobs, and Artemis frowned. Had this man really died? Artemis quickly closed down his word processing tab and opened a custom web browser. He typed in and typed in the search box, “Steve Jobs.” He recieved many results from the search, but below Wikipedia’s article of Steve Jobs, was various news stations posting the exact same headline what the reporter on CNN said. The sources included Huffington Post, BBC, The Associated Press, to name a few. Seconds  skimming three articles and looking at Wikipedia’s article on Steve Jobs, Artemis’s iPhone4 rumbled, and he had received a text message. It was from Minerva, and she had written:
“OMG, Arty did you hear that steve jobs died? :(” It was all true, and Artemis  replied back, only saying, “Yup.” He decided to also go on Facebook, and alas, almost everyone had their statuses, saying Steve Jobs, RIP 1955-2011.  It wasn’t that he cared a lot about him dying, but something else bugged him. Artemis had heard many news articles on how there was a famine @ Africa and some, but not enough helped had poured in. There were millions dying at Africa because they had no food and water, and few were crying.

“What is wrong with this world?” shouted Artemis out loud. He thought someone would come barging in his study, but nothing happened. He was furious on how people cry more on how famous people have died, like Amy Winehouse, than millions who die because of their lack of basic needs, or for the armed forces, people who have died to keep Europe free.

“The world is screwed up. If no one’s going to make the change, then I will.” Artemis was determined to make a difference now, he wasn’t going to be a criminal mastermind. He wanted to make a difference in the world, in a positive way this time.





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  1. I liked it, well written and most IC. 😀

    Two things. One, Artemis would not drink pop, in my mind at least.

    Two, it’s Angeline Fowl.

    Just saying. 😀 4/5 Good job, and congrats.

  2. I agree w/ FowlsGirl, plus one other thing: Arty wouldn’t say “yup.” Good Job!

    second comment dance

  3. Artemis said yup? that is a bit OOC… but OOC is what makes fics AWESOME! I love this.

  4. Arty said “yup”? Seriously? Well, that’s not possible.
    And Minerva certainly wouldn’t really care if Steve Jobs died.
    Great story! Keep it UP! MARVELLOUS ENGLISH!

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