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Artemis Fowl

Summary:     You see, Artemis Fowl isn’t stereotype. It’s a unique book. Not overrated, not too popular. Very few lucky people […]

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    You see, Artemis Fowl isn’t stereotype. It’s a unique book. Not overrated, not too popular. Very few lucky people know about it. I cannot agree with those who think it’s boring.

I once was especially in love with the Harry Potter books. But what are they? Everyone knows them. U.S., Russian, English, Irish, Ukrainian, Bosnian, Slovenian, German, French, Indonesian children know them. Why? Because they are famous. An international bestseller. Come up to anyone and say, “Do you know the Harry Potter books?” and you’re bound to get a yes. “What about Artemis Fowl?” -thoughtful- “No. Is that a wrestling show?”

Artemis Fowl has that something that Harry Potter dose not. A charm that makes you want to read more, a certain raisin that cannot be found in any other cake. It is a modern mix of fantasy, the battle of human ego, and technology. And if I were a critic, Artemis Fowl would get all five stars.

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  1. What is this? Oh, and if you are new, welcome to Fanfiction!

  2. NOT TOO POPULAR OR WELL KNOWN?!? Dude! Do you know how many languages it has been translated into? All the fans here come from all across the globe!!!

  3. Artemis Fowl is WAY popular! A New York Times Best-Seller! Oh! And Welcome!

  4. Hey!I’m new here and I didn’t get a welcome!Some complete strangers who I met online that are now my friends(work with me here)you are!*sniffle*I hate you all!WAAAAHHHH!!!!CMOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!!*horseshoe gets thrown at head and cracks skull wide open*ALL BETTER!!!WAPPA!YOWHOO!WHEE!QWAZAA!TUPOO!*fart*Oh…uh…I guess I got drunk off root beer.WAPA!UPIE!KWAZA!*grabs bb gun*BAMBAMBAMBAM!!!!!!!!!!A SIMPLE WELCOME IS ALL i ASK OF YOU…YOU BEEF JERKYS!!!!!

  5. Hello, ArtemisFowlIII. I assumed you were here for a long time. Hey, I only joined this December and you don’t see me complaining about the lack of welcomes

  6. Welcome Artemis Fowl III and Stef loves Arty!
    Artemis Fowl is totally popular, just look around!

  7. Thank you and uh….sorry about the whole “beef jerky” thing.You see, I was watching an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies today and Jethro decided to be a movie star so he called himself Beef Jerky and became a stunt double.He was in so many explosions he nearly died.If you want to watch the Beverly Hillbillies its on TV Land at 6:00 and 6:30.Good show.Jethro once wanted to be a “double knot spy”.But I suppose I should say, I really didn’t deserve a welcome.Call me Slim Jim.

  8. I try to welcome everyone new here, so sorry I missed you ArtemisFowl III. Welcome to both of you. People call me Olive but anyone is welcome to call me Katherine or Kat, whatever works for you.

  9. And although not as many people know about artemis as harry, I have recruited all my friends to Artemis. If everyone spreads the word, it will be even bigger then HP. It certinally is good enough. Just not quite as famous.

  10. Well, I am a reading junkie and I love Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl books. It is fun using the characters in our own fan-fictions and I suppose it would be quite fun with a showdown of Rowling vs. Colfer. That would be entertaining indeedly.

    P.S. – Hi everyone.

    P.S.2. – The Pathetic Peer Parody Production Place would like to announce that episode 9 of the Artemis Fowl parodies shall be released very soon indeed. So stay glued to your PC’s. Or face the consequences… MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA HAAA!

    P.S.3. – Oink.

    P.S.4. – Sorry, I’m a little hyper today.

  11. mahi101 AF Fan February 12th, 2008 at 1:20 am 11

    Lol , well welcome to FANFICTION! The place where it’s all about ARTEMIS ARTEMIS ARTEMIS!
    Lol, yeah, ur rite, the artemis fowl series ismn’t that well know, but kit is a new-york times best seller (WOOH NEW-YORK!) LOL, Sorry.. I thimnk I welcommed artemis Fowl |||.. DIDNT I??? anyway, I hope more people start reading artemis fowl, maybe when the movie comes out…….. THEN MORE PEOPLE WILL WANNA READ THE BOOK! That’s what happened with “The golden Compass”

  12. FictionWizard March 25th, 2008 at 9:00 pm 12

    U r so right
    I had never heard of Artemis Fowl until I came across it at the library that day changed my life forever not in a bad way but a good one

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