Artemis Fowl :the rip in the paradox( previously artemis fowl and the time paradox part two) part 10!

Summary: Artemis, Holly and Orion's journey to find the cure continues. (warning-post TLG) read other parts first-this is ten.

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Yipee I’m finally updating! FINALLY! Please read and review.


The past

All was silent in the shuttle. Orion had somehow learned that shutting up was the best way to keep Artemis from talking. Artemis had decided that the Holly of the past was a lot different than the Holly of his time, and the best way to stay alive was to shut up. Holly tried her best to keep them both from talking.

The mountanious land above ground was spreading wider before them. The sea below the shuttle was a breathtaking shade of deep blue. Seagulls flew above far-off cliffs, and their destination, the land of elfin magic, drew closer.

Holly broke the silence. “Tell me, Fowl, what are we looking for?”

Artemis sighed. “I see no point in keeping this secret, even though No1 clearly told me not to tell you anything. We are looking for the Fountain of Youth. The cure is in there.”

Orion interrupted. “Artemis, you ought to adress the fair maiden as princess.”

Both Artemis and Holly scowled at him. “Shut up,” they said simultaniously.



No1 was getting worried. Artemis was not back yet. He should be. The plan had been simple: take a tourist shuttle to the island, find the cure and wish his way back. If that was what Artemis had actually done, he should be back by now. Holly’s contition was worsening.

The demon decided to do some reasearch. Foaly didn’t know much about the fountain of youth.

The page opened on-screen.

“The Land of Elfin Magic – The most beautiful place above the surface, ever since the humans arrived at Ireland. It is well known for being the home of over 1500,000 species found nowhere else on the planet, 900 billion varieties of  plant and tree life, and, more than anything else, the Fountain of Youth.”

No1 absently clicked on the hyperlink: The fountain of youth.

“The Fountain of Youth-

Location: The mediterranean sea, East of E133, The Land of Elfin magic.

Known for: Cures to any disease thought incurable, the most pure water found on the Earth.

History in Breif: Was discovered by a team of elfin explorers in the time of Frond’s empire. The magical cures found there helped the people for billions of centuries. The place was closed down and tourism was banned, because of the danger tourists faced when confronted with the creatures on the Island. It was closed on the 29th of November, exactly twelve years ago.  VIEW MORE>> 

No1 thought of this. Today was the…29th? He had sent Artemis back on the exact day it was closed, which meant that their plan would not even work. He would have arrived there at the same date he had been sent back.

But surely he would’ve found a way. He hadn’t returned yet; that could mean he was out looking for the cure now.



There was a loud noise from outside.

“What was that?” asked Orion.

“Nothing,” said Holly. “Just air pressure on the shuttle. It won’t do any harm.”

“Holly,” said Artemis, tapping her on the shoulder. “There’s a red light flashing on the control desk. I’m sure it has some significance.”

Holly had a look. “D’Arvit.”


The elf almost grinned. “Prepare to crash land.”

It was clear that she enjoyed these things.


A/N: Liked it? I dunno. It was short, but then again, all my fics are. Will update soon. And I am working on TNC part 10. Good news, right? The rip in the paradox isn’t so great. But please tell me what I have to do.

*Salute* Signing off, Princess of weird.



– shaadia.




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  1. Woot! You updated TRITP! It’s actually not all that short, I mean, it has 643 words. The first chapter of Deadly Melody barely clears 500.

    Your grammar isn’t too bad either and I didn’t notice any spelling errors, though I read it quickly.

    Good job!

    Shaadia: hey look I was reading my own fic and this review just appeared!awesome! I was sick but that sorta cured me. Thanks silver.

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