Artemis Fowl: Days of Ruin #0

Summary: A foe, returned for vengance at last, Armies of evil marching again. All that is good is breaking and dying. These are the Days of Ruin.

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Lollipops and Ice Cream.

  Well, HELLO THERE!! Welcome to Days of Ruin, my apocalyptic what-if-the-heroes-lost-fanfiction. it is, without a doubt, THE biggest fanfic I’ve ever written. Don’t worry, I’ll keep churning out my other Fanfics, but this will take up most of my time.Well, when I’m not eating Lettuce dipped in cheese fondue and chocolate syrup, that is.

ps. a tip, In the final 2 memoir-poem-things, read the capital letters of each sentence downwards. If all goes well, you’ll see the names hidden within.


Days of Ruin: Chapter One:


This is a transcript from the LEP DRD (Data Recording Devision) Archives, Article 5692, paragraphs 45, 78, and 12, all originated circa June-December 2014.


When the world falls into it’s darkest hour,
Though try the forces of good might,
Darkest evil will rise again, in all it’s power.

When one by one, our heroes fall,
fighting, fighting against the dark,
then the Traitor and the Destroyer rule over all.

A foe, returned for vengeance at last,
A broken shadow of what once was,
enemy risen, out of the past.

The light breaks apart, the center cannot hold,
Hope and truth shatter and fall,
Greatest evil is loosed upon our doomed world.

When all this comes to pass, and true is held to be,
The Hunter and the Warrior, alone at the end,
Carnage and death will spread as far as the eye can see.

-Supreme Grand Warlock,



Hold my hand in these dark times

One alone stands, the hero most foul,

Look out upon the world,

Look at death and carnage, the final game,

Yearn for peace, see it refused,



Seek repentance, see it crushed,

Hold the hand, the cold, dying hand

Older than time, yet to be loved by a mortal.

Roam amongst the dead.

To the world’s end.

-Holly Short


And alone I must stand

Right still standing tall,

True genius, torn between good and evil,

Ever good, ever evil, yet-

Might alone cannot win the day,

In this great game, peace must have a say .

Soon I must fall, a martyr to all.

Foul world, curse thee for that-

Only one life have I to live

Wonder do I now, as I lie dying, what if, a

Little, foolish version of myself, all those years ago, had not kidnapped a fairy?

-Artemis Fowl II


Oh so you LIKED that? Well, you’ll have to wait for the actual chapter one, when the chaos, death, and utter ruin described previously is commenced. Coming soon.



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  1. Aww…this wasn’t the real chapter, please, please update…

  2. *stares in awe*
    Updates and lollipops…
    I love it. I want more. There are no mistakes and therefore nothing to critisize….

  3. Have you figured out the secret I hid in the last 2 poems?

    Also, update coming soon. I’m at 636 words right now. About 3/5 of the way through writing.

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