Artemis Fowl: Book 8:The Tears of War ( Part 9)

Summary: Part 3: Ashes (2 of 3) Chapter 9: Sparks Haven General Hospital, The Lower Elements, 3:57, April 6,2017: Domovoi Butler […]

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Part 3: Ashes (2 of 3)

Chapter 9: Sparks

Haven General Hospital, The Lower Elements, 3:57, April 6,2017:

Domovoi Butler was in pain. His body hurt all over. But not so much anymore, no.  He felt something cool, refreshing on his forehead. Peace…Then a voice. A voice from the beyond the void. Why couldn’t they leave him alone, why couldn’t they let him be..why?

“Butler!! Wake up!! Butler!” A hand on his forehead. a murmured sentence…

A voice…but from where? It was foreign to him. He wanted to let go..let it slip away. Why wouldn’t they leave him alone? Let him go.

 “BUTLER!!!! Wake up Butler, or so help me, I will fire you!”
There it was again. That voice. That voice…my principal. Artemis. ARTEMIS!!

Butler’s eyes shot wide open. “ARTEMIS!!!”

He was lying on a cold metal bed. A ring of people stood around him. Holly, Lilian, Foaly, though there was something different about him, Mulch, and last but not least, Artemis, looking as cocky as ever…but somehow different.

And then he remembered. all of it. The ship, the troll, even Trouble.

“Artemis. Where’s Artemis?

Holly, Lilian, future Artemis, and Foaly bowed their heads. Finally, future Artemis spoke. “Gone. Artemis is gone. Opal has him. Don’t worry, Butler, we’ll find him.”

Butler was stunned. “Opal..has him? No. No. NO. NOOOOO!!!”

Holly looked up. “Butler. I’m going on the mission to rescue him. If we…when we find him, you’ll be the first person I tell.”

“You promise?”

“I promise. And I’m sure he’s fine. What could Opal do to him anyway?”

O.P.A.L Hover-ship,200 miles above Miami, Florida, 3 hours later:

Artemis was hunched over in his cell, bloody and beaten. One of his eyes, the blue one, was beaten black. There were long bloody strips down his back where he’d been whipped. He was strapped to the wall with metal chains. His Armani suit was in rags.

The door to his cell slid open. He didn’t  bother glancing up, hoping for a rescuer as he had the first few weeks. It was her. She came every day at this time. Not that he knew the time in this bloody hellhole. She came to torment him. To tease him. He opened his ragged, bloody lips.

“Opal.” He rasped.

She did nothing, but instead began to circle him, like a vulture circling it’s pray. The edge of her long black and red robes passed around his field of vision again and again. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she spoke.

“The oh-so-great Artemis Fowl. The only mud-man to escape a time field. The only one to see Haven for hundreds of years. The only one to love a fairy. An elf at that. They say he’s legend. They say he’s the smartest mud-man in the world. Maybe the smartest person. Maybe.”

Artemis didn’t react. She always started out like this.

“But he’s not. Not by a long shot. Because there’s Opal Koboi. And she..”

Opal stopped and leaned down in front of Artemis’s hunched body. “Is the greatest of them all.”

Opal kicked him in the stomach, opening an old wound.

“Heh…you know what Opal?”


“You are ugly.”

What did you just say?”

Artemis smirked, a hint of cockiness still playing over his face. “You are the ugliest, most despicable, pixie above or under the world.”

Opal froze for a second. “HOW DARE YOU!!!! I hate you!! Hate youuu!! You annd that despicable, traitorous, cheating centaur!!! He cheated on me!! You cheated me of my riches!!! You’re the same!!!”

“Cheated on you..? Wait a second…by the gods.”

“Yes. Me and that DESPICABLE centaur went out. Once upon a century, Back in collage.”

“Wow, Foaly…you must have really hit the bottom of the barrel there.”

A sharp kick hit him on the face.  Another tooth fell out falling in a tiny pool of blood.

“Mervall, take him to the electrocution room.

“Yes, miss Koboi.”

Artemis sighed. The electrocution room. The basis of his nightmares. He trembled, and knowing it was better to not be awake during the pain, let the shadows claim him. But only for a little while. Only for a…

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  1. FantasyDevourer May 17th, 2011 at 5:06 am 1

    Am I seriously the first to post? … I think I am.
    It’s really good! A little confusing, but good!!

  2. Foaly and Opal?!?! Well it would explain alot… So… I liked it! Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. w-wow-wow that was good. Opal and Foaly???

  4. Fowlsgirl123 May 17th, 2011 at 9:01 pm 4

    Ahhhhhh!!!!! That was good. But Opal and Foaly? I never ever ever ever ever ever ever!! would have thought of that. That was a funny.

  5. Oh, yes. I’ll elaborate on the Opal/Foaly relationship next chapter. And who knows..they might even get back together…?

  6. G-gg-get back together! Opal Foaly???

  7. oh, just you wait and see. Part 10 is going to introduce this fic to the double digits…with a big, big BANG.

  8. Fowl romance lover May 18th, 2011 at 1:56 am 8

    Opal/foamy!?! ‘gag’, but great story neverthe less so…UPDATE OR DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oopdate, or I shall send *thinks for a moment* know what, oopdate or I’ll chuck my wooden spoon at you! Ha, think of something more random than that, Orion! Great story btw!

  10. Flying ninja clocks from Hybras. There. RANDOM!!!

    No. Spam, which is not allowed. Sorry Oreo, but you need to be careful about your comments. ~ Fowlie

  11. U know what I’m thinking ???
    How much I hate opal !!!! I agree with arty ,
    She is the ugliest person in the WORLD !!!!

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