Artemis Fowl: Book 8: The Tears of War (Part 10)

Summary: Well, well, well, well…well. A site update huh? Well that’s OK. Because I have a big, big bang that’s gonna […]

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Well, well, well, well…well. A site update huh? Well that’s OK. Because I have a big, big bang that’s gonna rock TTOW to it’s very foundations…A little, itsy-bitsy peek into the Opal-Foaly relationship. And yes…Orion is B-A-C-K, baby!!! LOLLIPOPS AND ICE CREAM!!!!

Part 3: Ashes (3 of 3)

Chapter 10: Love, With a Side Of Vengance

Haven City, LEP fort 234, 6:12, April 7, 2017:

Foaly’s P.O.V

Foaly was hunched over his V-board, typing rapidly. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. Suddenly, there was a rapid beeping, and the typing stopped.

Foaly turned to Artemis, who was standing behind him. “There. I’ve hacked the code. Opal’s in Miami.

Artemis nodded. “Launch the rescue team. I’m not about to let Opal have my past self.”

Foaly nodded. “Yes, sir.”


As Foaly typed, he couldn’t help but think of a time, more than two thousand years earlier, when he had been madly in love with Opal Koboi….

Haven City High, 1434:

Opal’s P.O.V

Opal Koboi walked through the hundreds of fairies and pixies, elves and centaurs, that attended Haven City High. It was her first day, and she was self-conscious. Suddenly, she bumped into someone. Startled, she let her V-disks fall to the floor. “Oh, d’arvit…” she muttered as she bent down to pick them up.

As she bent down to pick up the V-disks, she saw a hoof. Centaurs. Of course. The hairy freaks are always breaking things.

As she rose up V-disks in hand, she saw the human half of the centaur...and fell madly in love.

The centaur grinned sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going. What’s your name?”

Opal stuttered for a second “I-My na…O-Opal. What’s your name?”


That shook Opal out of her love-struck stupor. “F-Foaly? The Foaly? The one who got nominated to be one of the LEP intel trainees. The one with the highest F. I. T scores ever? (A/N  F. I. T- Fairy Intelligence Test)

“The one and the same.”

“Wow! I really appreciated your theory on bio-genetic cloning.”

“Really? Because I was just thinking that the bio….”

Two Hours later, Haven City High Library:

Foaly’s P.O.V

Foaly was having a great time. Possibly the best of his life.He’d actually found someone who understood what he was talking about. And possibly, he might have a crush on her…

“Foaly!” Opal’s voice cut through his thoughts.

“huh-oh, what?”

“Look what I found!! A V-recording of the diary of Geroh Pine, the bio-scientist!”

“Oh! How did..?”

“I found it in the archives!”

“That’s um..great, but I was thinking…would you go to Spuds Spud emporium with me…like um, a date?”

Opal froze, V-recording in hand. “I…I’d love to!”

Foaly grinned.

Haven City high, five weeks later:

Opal and Foaly walked down the same corridor that they’d met, holding hands. They’d been going out for a week or two, and were the talk of the school.

A young centaur passed in front of them, galloping on her way to a class.

“Hello, Riya!”

Foaly waved as she galloped by. Suddenly, Opal clenched his hand, hard. “Who is she?”

“Who? Her? Oh-”

“How do you know her?”

“She’s my-”

“YOU! You’re cheating on-”

“No. no. Opal, I wold never cheat on you, I promise”


Haven City High, 4 hours later

Foaly was walking out of the building when Riva walked up to him.

“How was your day, big bro?”

“Fine. Yours?”

“Great! I just got an A + in Hydrophisics!”

“Great job, sis.”

Opal was walking out of HCH, fingering her braid. And then she froze.


Foaly jumped, startled. “Wait, Opal she’s just my-”

“Just your ‘friend’? Liar!” She spat.

“Wait, Opal she’s just my….just my..’

Opal was already gone, storming away, screaming curses at him.

“…Just my sister….”





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    Lol even back then opal had a temper….
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  4. *finishes reading* Bwahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ptttfff, stupid Opal. Ah, well that is why ya let someone finish their sentence. Oh, btw, welcome back Orion! And, sure, lollipops and ice-cream…….*sweat-drop*

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  9. Owwwwch. Poor Opal. (I did that once, u know. Saw a guy I liked with his sister… but we cleared things up. Opal has a HUUUUUGE temper.)

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