Artemis Fowl and the Neon Crystal (part TEN)

Summary: The adventure actually starts now. Sorry to keep you waiting.

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A/N: Fine, you got me Captain S#1O, Holly chooses the second option. I know, far too predictable for something I’d write. You know, with my great famous irritating cliffhangers…well, enjoy ya’ll. I don’t know if my attempt at adding chapters will work. I fail. *sad face*

But please R, R & R!


“Calm down, Captain. This isn’t so bad…”

“Shut up Mud Boy. Now, are you coming or not?”

Artemis could sense a long verbal battle coming on. “I’m not sure you should do it that way.”

“What? You want me to try another transfer? Not a chance.”

No1 spoke up. “Holly, you have two years until this magic wears out. That’s enough time to…well, you know…”

“No. I don’t want to do that. I’ll even go on my own if I have to.”

Foaly sighed. “Have it your way, Holly.”

“I’ll go with you,” said Artemis. “I see this in no way is leeding to any good, perhaps I could help you.”

“Can I come too?” asked Beckett.

Artemis frowned. “It’s too dangerous. It would be better if you two stayed at home.”

“Not a chance, Arty,”said Myles. “We want to be part of the fun this time.”

Holly pushed aside a lock of purple coloured hair from her forehead. “It’s not fun, Myles, believe me. Arty-Artemis is right. Things are never easy here.”

“Fine,” grumbled Beckett.


Holly felt herself relax as she felt her hands on the shuttle’s control panel.

Artemis had a question. “Where are we going?”

“Good question,” agreed Butler. “I don’t think we even know where we’re supposed to go.”

“I do,” said Holly. She shot Artemis a grin. “Haven’t figured it out yet?”

Artemis scowled. “What do I know of this?” he muttered.

“Use that brain of yours, Mud Boy.”

Artemis thought for a while. “You’re going to the place where the Neon Crystal originally was. If anything, it is a place to start.”


“Where is it?”

Holly started the engines. “You’ll get to know.”


Opal Koboi was still watching the whole scene. She felt once Holly Short had set out on her journey, it would be a perfect opportunity for her long-planned revenge.

So. The place the Neon Crystal had formerly been. She already knew, as she had been the one to take it in the first place.


Holly found herself irritated. How could this be happening? The Neon Cryatal had been safe in the hands of her ancestors for all these thousands of centuries, yet something like this had to happen during her time. Artemis was right when, all those years ago, he’d said: “It doesn’t get any easier. Maybe someone else should take a turn.”

She glanced backwards at her passengers. Butler appeared to be staring out of the porthole, while Artemis himself was busily doing something with his phone. It looked pretty important. Maybe he was trying to find out about their proper destination. Holly sighed.

“No need for that, Mud Boy,” she said. “We’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

Artemis looked up at her. “Seriously? You told me it was in the Atlantic Ocean.”

“It is.”

“It would take around three days, Holly.”

Holly chewed on her lip. “Well, that depends.”

Artemis frowned. “On what?”

Holly shot him a wink, and it definetely meant something like: Hold onto your breakfast.

“On how long it takes for me to break my own record.”


 A/N: I sincerly apologize to all of you who beared with me till I wrote part ten. It is short, I know. Sorry. Just struggling a bit with the plot.

You can send me short scenes or something you’d like in the story. Email me at

Uh, well, really suffering from writer’s block here. Help?

I am sorry about this as well, but I might be a bit late for the next part because stupid exams are around the corner and am being forced to study. Well, I am generally good at anything but HISTORY.  You wouldn’t understand. I live in a country where history is priority. Kind of. I mean, it is intresting, but just…………HARD.

Well, adeau for now.

Have a soda.          -Your friend, the princess of weird.

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  1. SilverGoddess March 1st, 2013 at 3:20 pm 1

    Aha! There are people in the world who suck at History too!

    Hmmm… it’s taking you a while to get to the action, but it’s a pretty good stall until your writers block breaks and you can do a good action-y chapter.

  2. (Nobody knows/remembers me! Yus! I assure you, I’ve been on AF fanfic for a while.)

    Ma’am, don’t do stall chapters. Period. XD

    If you feel that you need an action-packed chapter, don’t rush yourself. Think it through, and THEN publish.

    Aight. I only read this part ten since I didn’t have much else to do, but by God almighty, Imma still review it.

    I couldn’t see any major grammar mistakes.

    Opal’s little bit seemed a bit out-of-place. I do realize you want her lurking in the shadows, but still. Try putting in transitions.

    And also. Butler had absolutely no part in this. I think you may have had too many characters. It’s very, very, hard juggling with so many characters at once without leaving some out. I think you should not have brought along Arty’s bros, but, then again, they may be important to the plot. But still.

    Oh, and about the plot. I haven’t read the first few parts, but did you do action packed scenes in those? If so, good. If not, not good. XD. You need to draw readers in, so they’ll keep reading and reading.

    Eh. That’s all I got.

    *Lurks in the shadows* I remember you… x3

  3. Writers block, eh? Too bad, thats sucky. And history… I’m not sure. Im good at social studies, if thats anything. I don’t think so. Anyways, sorry, I would have commented yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to read it. I didn’t have a lot of computer time, I think the only time I was on yesterday was to work on my S.S. project and that was at school. Oh well, better late than never! I agree a little action would be good too, but at least you’re trying! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Uhh…..I don’t blame you for not getting the bit about opal, it does loook weird. Oops spelt look wrong. Grr…touchscreen!
    Well. I don’t know about the other parts. I am too modest to say anything about those, only a few people like them.
    Dunno. Judge for yourself.
    I remember you tho you might not know me.

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