Artemis Fowl and The Magic World

Summary: Warning: There are some violent scenes.   Chapter 1   “Mackenzie,” Piper hissed under her breath. “It’s leaving.” “I see […]

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Warning: There are some violent scenes.


Chapter 1


“Mackenzie,” Piper hissed under her breath. “It’s leaving.”

“I see that,” Mackenzie  said.

“Aren’t we going to follow it?” Piper demanded.

“Not yet. I’m still waiting on Sam to call me back and tell me what kind of demon it is.”

“Don’t you know?”

“I have a hunch,” the girl replied.

Then her phone rang. The girl picked it up and answered it quickly. “Sam?”

She paused, the groaned. “Alright. We’ll deal with it. Bye, Sam.” She looked at Piper and stood up. “Ignis Breather, level five. We have to take care of it.”

Piper nodded. “Okay.” Then she lowered her voice a couple notches. “What do you think it’s doing here?”

“My best guess,” said Mackenzie, “Is that this is a trap, and if we follow it we’ll be walking right into it.”

Piper rolled her eyes, she knew what was coming.

“But we’re going to do it anyways.”

Mackenzie grinned. “Exactly.”




They walked through the woods for hours on end, carefully making their way through the trees as they tracked the demon. Then Mackenzie, who was leading, stopped, so suddenly Piper ran into her.

“Wait,” she breathed. “It’s stopped. We must be at the edge of the woods. Get ready to fight.” Piper nodded.

They snuck up through the trees behind the demon. It was out in a clearing now, scenting the air. The wind was blowing down, so it couldn’t be them that it smelled.

“It smells people,” Mackenzie said. “Come on, we have to intercept it before it goes too far. It-”

Just then the demon let out a bloodcurdling scream, and charged off straight ahead.

Towards a mansion.

Mackenzie tensed. “I’ll go left, you go right. We’ll try to get it before it reaches the house, but if we can’t, you go in the front door, I’ll find a window and follow. Got it?”

Piper nodded. No time for words. They took off running.


The demon was already halfway across the field. It was easy to tell that trying to stop it before it hit the house was no good. They went right into Plan B.

The demon tore the front doors off their hinges. Piper followed it in.

Just about the time Piper entered the house, a boy appeared in a doorway to one of the other rooms.

The demon, smelling the flesh, turned and charged the boy. Piper quickly intercepted it; she drew her knife from her boot and jumped. She landed on its back. “What are you doing? Run!” she yelled at the boy. He didn’t move. She sighed, frustrated.

The demon shook the girl off. Piper went flying through the air and hit the wall. Several somethings cracked.

But she didn’t stop. “Mackenzie!” she yelled, crawling to her feet. “I could use a bit of help here!”

But Mackenzie was nowhere to be found.

Piper growled. The  demon had last all interest in the boy for the moment, focusing now on the thing that was distracting it from its food. It rushed her, but she was ready for it. She stabbed the thing in the shoulder. It crumpled, and she jumped on it again, pinning it to the ground.

“Any last words, demon?” she spat.

“The Devil will come for you,” the thing growled.

Piper rolled her eyes. “Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before,” she said, and stabbed it in the heart.

The like bucked, dislodging Piper, and made a bunch of high pitched keening noises. She hit the wall, and this time she didn’t get back up.  The demon, with one last breath, squealed one more time. Then it’s eyes closed and it dissolved in a bright flash of red light. When the light disappeared, the body was no longer there.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. yay new story! it’s coming on kinda well. is it gonna be one of those fg character fics?if you need people, feel free to use me. and another thing, is history repeats3 gonna come out too? pleezee say yes! update soon!!

  2. SilverGoddess April 30th, 2013 at 4:54 am 2

    Hey you guys! Guess who got her technology back?

    Ooh, I like this story! And I would love to be part of it too, if you wanted another character. I’d want to be portrayed the same way as I am in shaadia’s story. Half sprite, half human, but no one figures out I’m half sprite until a rather dramatic moment. Gray eyes shot through with silver, dressed like a stereotypical goth, minus the excess chains. Freakishly smart, quiet, good at hand to hand combat and has acute knowledge of poison. My weakness is if I am cut with a bronze blade, it acts like a poison unless cured with… you decide.

    I don’t even know if you want new characters to add, but here’s me not being pushy and giving you a full out character description you may or may not need.

    Ahh, it feels good to be back.

    Also, I’m going to nitpick again with one small thing:

    You used “Artemis’s” when the correct format is “Artemis’ ” because his name ends in an s.

    There were other tiny mistakes, but it’s a lot of effort to type them all out, especially since I’m doing this on my phone.

    Anywhoo, I should be commenting more, but I don’t know how long it will last, so bear with my over-controlling grandmother! When summer comes, I will be ALL over this site:)

  3. oh wow! yipee sil’s baack!! wait till shorty sees this! we warmly welcome you back here! and this means you’ll update deadly melody, right?

  4. SilverGoddess April 30th, 2013 at 5:44 am 4

    Check the NEW STORY I posted and you’ll get your answer! Woot woot!

  5. Hey! I would have answer you guys last night but I was so tired and my sister refused to go sleep unless I did, so… Yeah. I might be able to put you guys in here, but I’m not going to tell you when because that would be a spoiler. Anyways, yes History Repeats 3 will be up soon, I have been working on it, I swear. And I’m so glad to have you back Silver! I missed you! Hehe. I will go check that story out. I’ll update this soon, so be watching! 🙂

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