Artemis Fowl and the Brooklyn Bash Part 4

Summary: It's now over. Click comment. Read all four parts, or read someone else's work. Most are really good.

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Brooklyn, New York

  • “Yeah,” Isaac said. “I know.”
  • “Then you should know that this job will benefit you greatly,” Artemis replied.
  • Isaac laughed. “Well, I wouldn’t expect a rich Irish brat to understand,” continued Isaac, “but we have a policy at Dark Horse Pro-theft.”
  • Artemis’ patience was evaporating like ice in the Sahara. “That policy is?” Artemis asked coldly.
  • Isaac laughed again. “We don’t take two jobs at once. Since we are already employed, I must decline your job,” the thief answered.
  • Artemis was interested in this news. Who’s employing him, Artemis wondered. His family definitely had enemies. Who was it?
  • Isaac frowned. “Butler, you’ve grown old,” he said.
  • “And you’ve grown up,” Butler replied.
  • Isaac smiled. “It’s a shame you’ll have to die!” he yelled. He fired five small-caliber shots, all hitting Butler in his chest. If it weren’t for his Kevlar, Butler would have been riddled with lead. Isaac dashed behind a stack of heavy wooden crates, drawing a heavier pistol from one of the crates.
  • Butler shoved Artemis behind a matching stack of crates. Drawing his own pistol, Butler peeked above the crates. His eye met Isaac’s. Butler ducked behind his cover, making mental measurements. He peeked over the crates again. Isaac had moved to a closer stack of crates. Butler aimed up, slowly putting pressure the trigger. The hammer fell, striking the end of the bullet, igniting a small charge in the bullet, propelling the deadly projectile out of the barrel.
  • The bullet sped towards the metal roof. It ricocheted off the roof, redirected down, towards a surprised Isaac. Isaac reared back in the millisecond the bullet fired. The bullet was flattened on the smooth concrete floor.
  • Isaac smiled. “E-7, miss!” he yelled. Immediately, he regretted it. Butler above him, preparing to kick him in the face. Isaac pulled his knife out of its sheath and flicked it at the massive Eurasian.
  • Butler caught the flying knife. He foot came down, catching Isaac in the head. The Italian youth fell silent.
  • “Well done, Butler,” Artemis complemented as he walked to his bodyguard’s side. “Now, since this was a failed mission, let us leave.”
  • Artemis stepped lightly towards the exit, careful not to step on the unconscious thieves. Butler followed him.
  • “Goodbye, Butler,” a voice said. Butler wheeled around quickly.
  • Isaac was gone. His gang was still there, snoring gently on the concrete, but Isaac was gone. Butler glanced in every direction. Isaac was nowhere.

Somewhere, New York City

  • “I see,” the hooded man, Isaac’s employer, said, not at all pleased.
  • Isaac shifted his weight from foot to foot. He didn’t know his employer’s identity, but he knew he was powerful.
  • “Well,” the employer continued. “There’s only one thing left to do.”
  • Isaac gulped. He didn’t think it would be getting paid or going to a Hollywood premier, or even going to the beach and sipping martinis.
  • Two men with muscle to match Butler’s stepped into the room. The grabbed the nervous teen and dragged him off. “No!” Isaac screamed. “You can’t do this! Give us another chance!”
  • The man smiled underneath his hood. As Isaac was dragged off, he put his hood down.
  • “We’ll have to try another tactic,” the man said out loud and in Gnommish. The elf tapped his pointed ears. This elf wasn’t like other ones. His pale skin was closer to a humans than most elves. His mahogany hair faded into black as it got closer to his neck. His name was Loarkuen. He preferred Loken.
  • “Artemis Fowl must be captured for our plan to work,” he said.
  • A figure shimmered into existence. “Yes,” he agreed. “He must be captured, Loken.”
  • “As soon as possible,” Loken replied, bowing. “Captain Turnball.”
  • Turnball Root smiled. “My hologram message will be discovered soon,” he instructed. “You must continue with the plan.”
  • “Julius will never know what hit him!” Loken said, saluting the disgraced captain.

The End?


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  1. shaadia is weird March 23rd, 2013 at 1:54 am 1

    wow! i love the ending! will there be more? update soon!

  2. Mastermind Excello March 25th, 2013 at 10:41 pm 2

    I’m trying to think of another story. I have many stories in my head, but none the involve Artemis Fowl.

  3. Omg this is seriously awesome
    How is everyone so much more creative than I am!?!?

  4. Mastermind Excello April 1st, 2013 at 12:40 am 4

    Magic, and I think some people sell their souls to Opal Koboi (aka the Devil).

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