Artemis Fowl and the Brooklyn Bash Part 3

Summary: Part three of the Brooklyn Bash! It's not the final part, but it's close! Artemis reveals his plan ahead of time.

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Brooklyn, New York

  • After and hour of searching, Artemis found it. Butler found him staring blankly at a lamp post.
  • Butler, confused and worried for his young charge, asked, “Artemis, are you okay?”
  • “Perfect,” he responded. “Come, look at this.”
  • There was a small blot of black paint on the pole. Behind it, on the wall, it looked like a Rorschach test. On the adjacent wall, what looked like a tail was painted across it. Altogether, it formed a large, black horse.
  • “Whoa,” Butler said.
  • “Imagine the creative ingenuity and skill this required,” Artemis agreed, nodding.
  • Butler followed the eyes of the horse. He found a brand-new reinforced door placed in the side of a 1970’s building. The door was unlocked. Butler grabbed his pistol from his shoulder-holster. Artemis frowned.
  • “Put the gun away,” he ordered. Confused, Butler followed his order. “We’re not here to kill them.”
  • Butler was even more confused. He was about to speak when Artemis said, “We’re here to hire them.”
  • Isaac watched the surveillance cameras placed around the street. The highly sensitive microphone on the lamp post recorded their whole conversation. “We’re here to hire them,” the short, vampire-like kid told the giant. The giant seemed familiar, yet he couldn’t put a name to his face.
  • Isaac grabbed his walkie talkie. “Guys, watch out for the tall one! He’s armed. Samuel, use the chloroform,” he barked into the walkie talkie. Switched off his walkie and sat in silence, attempting to recall the bald man kicking down their front door.
  • “Isaac,” a voice said. Scowling, Isaac grabbed the walkie talkie, turning the volume down, not just cutting off the mike.
  • Isaac thought back to the early times in his life, in Italy. There were plenty of bald men. Most of them were his dad’s friends. Father always had suspicious meetings in his study in the middle of the night. But he couldn’t remember this one’s name, or where he fit into the puzzle of his past. He remembered one time, when strange men had kidnapped him when he was four, but none of them were as big as the man coming to him.
  • “Butler,” he whispered. That was his name. But when did Isaac meet Butler? Isaac remembered his father sitting with him in the lounge, saying something about bodies and guards. “Butler,” he said aloud.
  • “Butler was my body guard!” he said, louder this time.
  • Artemis said, “I usually don’t reveal the whole plan till the end, but here it is.”
  • “When father was… here, he had a group of thieves, counterfeiters, forgers, and musclemen. They helped him gather funds, but we do not have that luxury. They all left when father was kidnapped,” he told his bald friend.
  • Butler understood. “So you want these men to become your group of criminals?”
  • “Precisely,” Artemis replied, grinning.
  • A scuffing noise alerted Butler to Samuel’s presence. The African American teen charged the Eurasian bodyguard with a rag soaked in chloroform. Butler, through years of being charged by untrained fighters, automatically kicked Samuel into the stack of cardboard boxes that Gerald, another of Isaac’s group, was hiding behind. The young blond youth squeaked in surprise as his ambush spot had been compromised.
  • The rest of Isaac’s group stepped out of their various hiding places. The oldest was about eighteen, and the youngest was about eleven. A small Hispanic kid moved incredibly fast, actually hitting Butler before he was thrown onto a cushion of aged cardboard. Gerald, armed with a baseball bat, cautiously approached the massive man. Butler didn’t hesitate. He disarmed the kid and jabbed at the back of his neck. The boy was unconscious before he hit the ground.
  • Samuel was back, coming at Butler with more finesse and less chloroform. He was the closest to being “trained”, and attacked Butler with a series of wide, hooked punches, followed by a quick jab, aimed for Butler’s ribs. This technique would have worked on most people, but most people didn’t go to Madame Ko’s Bodyguard Academy. Butler knocked the teen out in two seconds.
  • David was the last one he sprinted for a wooden door. To his surprise, the door opened for him. Butler stepped back, blocking Artemis from anything that could jump out of the door.
  • Out stepped a man dressed in jeans and a torn t-shirt. On his belt was the sheath of a small knife and the holster of a small caliber pistol. The Italian teen smiled. “Butler,” Isaac addressed, his smooth Italian-Brooklyn accent surprising David.
  • “Isaac,” he said hurriedly. “I was trying to contact you, but-“
  • Isaac removed the pistol from its holster right as Butler drew his pistol. Butler’s pistol was aimed towards his former principle. Isaac’s pistol was aimed at David. He pulled the trigger.
  • The weak bullet would have left a small wound if Isaac was farther away, but at half a foot, the bullet tore right through David’s shoulder.
  • “Welcome, Artemis Fowl,” Isaac said politely, ignoring the injured man next to him.
  • “Isaac Furbo,” Artemis began. “I have a job for you.”

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  1. yay cliffhangers! i like the new twists you gave the story, i mean, more action. but please put the next part in paragraphs, ok?

  2. Mastermind Excello March 21st, 2013 at 2:08 pm 2

    The fourth part is coming out tomorrow. Sorry, still haven’t found out how to make it paragraphs.

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