Artemis Fowl and the Brooklyn Bash Part 2

Summary: Part two of the Brooklyn Bash. Artemis learns an interesting secret, as does Isaac.

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The Fowl Jet, Over the Atlantic Ocean

  • Artemis opened his laptop, choosing a file on his desktop. It was all the theft reports from the police stations in New York. What he found was a series of random thefts with nothing to do with each other. The closest thing to a relation the number of individuals seen. Six were seen leaving the scene of the crime, then all of a sudden their was only five leaving. Frowning, Artemis check the arrest reports.
  • Right there! A thief was arrested the same night five men were seen leaving the crime scene. His name was Oliver, and he only told the police one thing: the leader’s name was Isaac Furbo. Artemis couldn’t find any thing else.
  • “Butler,”Artemis called from the passenger area to the cockpit. “What do you know of Isaac Furbo?”
  • Butler nearly crashed the plane in shock.
  • Taking deep breaths, Butler responded. “Before you were born, I hired by a small Italian family to guard there son. When I got the call that you were being born, I immediately rushed to Ireland.” He took another deep breath. “I lost contact with the Furbos after that.                           Brooklyn New York
  • Isaac addressed his assembled team. His group contained Gerald, a master of disguise, Fernando, a safe-cracker, David, who could disable any security system, and Samuel. Smoothing his black hair, he began, “Alright, we’re moving on to stage two.”
  • Gerald raised his hand. “What exactly is ‘stage two?'”
  • Isaac sighed. “Pay attention at the meetings, Gerald.” Then, he smiled, continuing, “Our client wants us to kidnap Artemis Fowl.”
  • Butler parked the rented car by a brick apartment near the docks of Brooklyn.
  • “Where this ‘black horse’?” Butler asked, his dark eyes scanning the neighborhood. “My informant told me it would be here.”
  • Artemis walked over to a wall. “This is New York, Butler” he told his bodyguard. “Look for graffiti. You know this city is covered in it.”



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  1. Ok just a quick question why is it all in point form? Apart from that i have nothing to groan about. Nice work and update quick.

  2. Mastermind Excello March 17th, 2013 at 1:08 pm 2

    I couldn’t get it into a good paragraph form; it look odd. By the way, that wasn’t supposed to be the end of Part two. I hit the wrong button.

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