Artemis Fowl and the Brooklyn Bash Part 1

Summary: This story is placed right after the first book. In it, Artemis and Butler go to check on the "businesses" run by the Fowls in New York.

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Fowl Manor, Dublin, Ireland

  • Artemis Fowl was busy. Running a criminal empire without parental guidance was hard enough, it was almost impossible with “them” plaguing him. “Them”, or maybe , “They”, were an odd group of people. Artemis was desperately trying to set up an “industry” in New York City, yet every time a shipment of contraband, mainly raw materials, arrived at the docks, it was stolen by five masked men. Although, men wouldn’t be the correct term. Most of them looked like kids.
  • A normal crime boss would have given up already. An average kid wouldn’t even be in this situation. But Artemis wasn’t an average kid, or a normal crime boss. These Americans were ruining his plans, and money from New York was necessary to fund his family while he was away at school. He’ d be leaving in less than a week for boarding school.
  • Artemis stood from his study’s leather chair and proceeded to the door. He opened the door to find a surprised Butler.
  • “Butler,” Artemis began, “we have business in New York.”

Brooklyn, New York

  • Isaac closed his book as his room’s door opened suddenly. Standing in the door was the silhouetted form of Isaac’s second in command, Samuel. The tall African teen threw an unconscious sailor from the docks onto the floor. Isaac glanced at the sailor, then to Samuel.
  • “I always wonder how you manage to beat these sailors,” Isaac complemented, his voice a combination of a slight Italian and Brooklyn accent. “What did you find?”
  • Samuel reported, “His boss is an Irish businessman, but not just any businessman: his name’s Fowl.”                                                                             Every major criminal group knew who the Fowls were. “Alright then, let’s move on to stage two!”

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