Artemis Fowl: An Extended Story

Summary: Artemis Fowl: An extended story It’s difficult for a genius to adjust to normal boring life. When Artemis is given a chance to blow off some intellectual steam he ends up in a place he could never imagine! What will Artemis do now that he’s cornered, and more importantly by whom was he cornered?

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Chapter 8: School Desk Confesstions


            The pain was unbearable, he felt his once relaxed ligaments tighten and tear. He screamed, and then finally, he cried. It wasn’t often Artemis cried and when he did it was for a good reason, now seemed like a good time. Artemis was on the verge of passing out when he heard tapping of rubber shoes of an iron walkway. Whoever they were they were running and fast. The gleaming light that had surrounded the door was broken by their shadows as a teenage girl and boy flew into the room. The boy pulled Artemis upright, and the girl, with the back of her hand in a fist, hit Artemis across the face so hard the desk toppled over and Artemis with it.


“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!! She yelled. The young man pulled Artemis back upright and said sharply to her.


“His ankles are ready to come off and you’re hitting him across the face?” The girl stopped and stood back as the young man fiddled with the device until it retracted on its own.


            Artemis could hardly see, the pain had blinded him, or perhaps that was the tears, at any rate. Artemis heard another sound, more footsteps only this time they were softer and more agile sounding. Artemis felt himself being turned around as the young man opened Artemis’s eyes and checked his vitals. It reminded Artemis of Butler so much he said:


“Butler I’m fine.” Though Artemis had said this lightly and quietly, the young man’s keen ears caught it. He smiled as he undid Artemis’s shoes and pulled up his pants to expose his ankles, now developing the unhealthy color of an eggplant.


“I’m hardly Butler mate, but thanks.” Artemis realizing this error said fervently.


“Sorry I didn’t mean to call . . . “The young man moved out of the way as another girl, that Artemis had never seen before knelt down, and grasped his ankles. She was thin and had long arms and legs, and an athlete’s build. Her long browning blonde hair fell over her face, which was glistening from shinny makeup, as she lowered her head to look at his injured ankles more clearly. Artemis saw Blue sparks coming from her hands as she closed her eyes and prayed for a moment. Magic, Artemis recognized it immediately, but could believe his eyes.


“Ha!” Said a voice to his right. The pain no longer causing him any serious trouble, he looked to his right and saw her. The girl that had knocked him out, two, almost three times that day was standing there, resting her weight on her left side; she scowled at him with a deep hatred burning in eyes.


“What do you think you need to open that lock?” She said. She walked up to him and slammed her hand on the desk. “Well now, I’m not sure if you’re really the boy genius Artemis Fowl. What on Earth could you be thinking?” She grabbed the expanding bar and held the locking mechanism end in front of Artemis’s face. “Did you ever ask the question, while you were trying to figure out the code, why is the enter button so large?” She looked at Artemis who said nothing; he did not enjoy the theatrics. “It’s because it’s a fingerprint scanner!” She bellowed. The young man who had come in with the group put a quiet hand on her shoulder.


“Like he was supposed to know Spin, just chill, you’re still edgy from the operation.” Spin suddenly relaxed, and her face had completely changed. Now it seemed tired as if her very soul was tired of the kidnapping thing already. “Look . . . “the young man turned her around so it was little private, nevertheless, Artemis could still hear what they said.


“You should go rest, n stuff. I mean, you’ll need your strength for what’s to come.” Spin did look tired and as he said this she softly nodded.


“Yeah a’ will, can you explain what’s goin on and everything?” She said. She seemed to feel sorry that the young man was doing her a favor. “Thanks Gig, be see’ in ya.” The young man held out his fist and she bumped it.


“I’m almost done here Gig,” Said the girl working on Artemis’s injured ankles.


“He’ll be fine, don’t worry about the pain side, he’ll just have to deal with that for now.” The girl nodded and withdrew her hands, the blue sparks disappearing as she did so.


“I’m surprised that thing did the amount of damage it did, then again he didn’t have any serious scaring, and it could’ve been a lot worse if you had waited any longer.” Gig nodded firmly and made a motion that told her to leave.


            The pain came back as quickly, as it had gone away, the moment she put her long boney hands on his ankles. It was the first time Artemis had had the chance to look around the room, and all in all, he was surprised at what he saw. It was a bedroom, or at least it looked like one, a bed, desk, bookshelves, (mostly fiction, but to Artemis’s surprise a complete series of Guns and Ammo, and other books Butler would read) closet, and a flat screen TV on the wall, with a gaming console attached. Artemis, to say the least, was surprised.


“For an organization that has the resources to capture me, you would think it would also have the resources to get a proper interrogation room.” Said Artemis, Gig grabbed a chair and flung it in front of Artemis, and sat down.


            Gig was a very muscular young man with a square face, light yet tan skin, short dark brown hair that flew up in random directions, and ice blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a black shirt with white and grey smoky graphics along the shoulder, and black shoes. He smiled at Artemis, a smile that to a normal person would have rocked the soul a little, but not Artemis.


“Yeah I guess it’s a little informal,” he looked a little embarrassed and scratched behind his neck, grinning like a cheshire cat,” but it’s all we got since we have no reason to interrogate you, and Spin wishes she was here, but after her little show this afternoon, I thought she’d be tired so I gave’er a break.” Gig smiled.


“So I should assume that girl that just slapped me is Spin?” Asked Artemis as he instinctively touched his face. Gig smiled and nodded firmly.


“Yeah she’s gat a way with words, ya know? I’m Gig by the way.” Gig held out a hand and Artemis shook it. Artemis wasn’t sure whether this shake was for friendly purposes or just to flex muscle, Gig’s hands were all muscle, and it made Artemis uncomfortable not having muscle of his own, meaning Butler. “And I’m sure you have some questions for me, I’m here to answer everything, ohh, but I have to tell you what we’re going to do with you first off.” Artemis straightened up, but Gig’s eyes softened which assured Artemis he was going to be fine.


“Fine,” said Artemis.


“Okay we’ve been able to kidnap you through luck and desperation, and now the fun begins. Although I just said kidnapping this is hardly a kidnapping, we’re going to hold on to you for three days,” Gig held up a three fingers. “And then after that we will give you back to Butler just as we took you, until then you are in our care and we’ll try to convince you to stay.” Artemis was amazed, his mouth opened slightly, but Gig spoke for him answering his question. “Butler has already been informed by Blossom, she’s another member you’ll meet’er soon, and she gave a good report so . . .  we’re okay with the big man for now, though we have reason to believe that he’s already contacted Foaly and we suspect Holly Short as well.” Now it was Artemis’s turn.


“So that code was no coincidence. All of you know about the fairies and my dealings with them.” Gig nodded.


“Yes we’ve known for years, actually though, we found out about you through Foaley’s database at LEP.” Artemis was dumbfounded.


“You have access to his database! How did to do that?” Gig smiled.


“You’re not the only genius in the world Artemis, we have one too, did you here we’re selling action figures?” Artemis bypassed the joke.


“Then why am I here?” Gig’s once happy face, fell, he looked at the floor.


“Well, that’s another reason why I insisted on Spin not being here. She’s tough don’t get me wrong, but she doesn’t have the balls to tell you to your face.” Artemis was a bit taken aback by the course language, but responded.


“And what would you tell me, that Spin wouldn’t?” Asked Artemis. Gig sighed.


“Artemis we need your help.”


Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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