Artemis Fowl: An Extended Story

Summary: Artemis Fowl: An extended story It’s difficult for a genius to adjust to normal boring life. When Artemis is given a chance to blow off some intellectual steam he ends up in a place he could never imagine! What will Artemis do now that he’s cornered, and more importantly by whom was he cornered?

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Chapter 25: Data

            Holly had had enough basic functions on her helmet to capture the entire conversation that they had had with Spin. The video was a little grainy and wasn’t useable to run a complete face analysis.

“That’s just what they wanted!” Said Foaly on their return. “They only wanted for me to get half the picture. This is just another way to get me frustrated!” Bellowed Foaly, he extinguished this rage by typing faster and focusing on his screens.

“Their information was five years old and they still were able to predict all of our movements till now.” Said Butler, he lay down on the bed while Holly fiddled with her helmet, setting and resetting specific features and applications.

“But the question now is what does that mean to us?” Asked Holly, N deg 1 still sitting on the hotel desk chair, his purple robes draping off the armrests, looked at Holly wondering what she was talking about. Suddenly he raised his hand as if in a classroom. Holly laughed and pointed at his hand.

“It means we have the advantage because a lot of stuffs happened which they don’t know about!” He squealed, Butler sat up feeling a plan in motion, with all their intelligence combined they ought to make up a good enough plan to get Artemis back, or to at least find more out about Spin and her group.

“But what else do we have than simply knowledge?” Asked Foaly who was now interested. N deg 1 raised his hand once more, Holly pointed at it.

“You don’t have to raise your hand just say what you want to say, you’re not in school anymore!” N deg 1 looked slightly red.

“Well you have me, they shouldn’t know about me, Beckett, or Myles, let me see,” he placed a claw on his chin, “they don’t know two Opals exist, and what else can you think of?” He looked at Holly whose mouth had dropped right open.

“YOU! WE HAVE YOU!!” She through her helmet on the ground, and hugged N deg 1 after sprinting toward him. He looked bewildered, and gave the hug back.

“I don’t understand,” Said Butler. Holly let go of N deg 1 and faced Butler beaming.

“Didn’t you say that you felt a disturbance earlier?” Asked Holly, N deg 1 nodded.

“It was kind of odd, it was like someone had tampered with the magic in this area, I’m not sure how to describe it, it was like walking into a dusty room and seeing foot and hand prints everywhere. I get the feeling,” he looked at Butler’s laptop. A blonde headed girl harnessing a gun was pointing it just to the upper right of the camera position. “That she, Spin, has something to do with it.” N deg 1 grew silent.

Something beeped on Foaly’s end.

“Gotcha!” he said riotously knocking over his can of carrot juice, it fell on the floor with a loud Clang! The silence was renewed as Foaly took a deep breath and began to speak about the results of his tampering. He leaned back in his chair. “This mud boy is one of the smartest specimens I’ve ever seen. He didn’t think I’d have the ability to ketch his transmission point when he let this jammer go and block my signal but he doesn’t know ME AT ALL!” Said Foaly he practically jumped out of his seat. Holly couldn’t remember the last time he was this excited, for once Foaly had found an opponent of his genius on the surface. “Well, he figured out how to put a randomizer on the signal which is a strategy which,” Foaly sulked for a moment, “I used when I was younger, it’s a way to jump off of wireless signals very similar to frequency hopping however with a randomizer which makes it much more complex.” Foaly shook his head at the black faces in the hotel room. “Anyway, there’s a way around it but it takes some time, and I’d bet a few years ago I might not know a way around it which would get me a real address, I have now.” Butler looked egger but then stopped.

“What if it’s a trap?” He asked, everyone in the room held their breath, they mustn’t draw conclusions so quickly, they had to look at every possibility. “If we go to this address what will happen? Is in even a real address? Could he had broadcast it from somewhere and let you find this location? This could be just like at the Mill only worse because she’s already seen us.” Foaly nodded.

“I’m aware of that Butler I was just happy I could find out where the transmission occurred from,” He looked at them haughtily. “I would have never condoned such a mission if you had come to that conclusion and decided to go all ‘gung ho’ on me.” Foaly looked back at his computer and the image of Spin holding the gun came up on the screen. “Now I want you to note her stance, Butler you may be able to see this more than Holly or N deg 1, after all this is your specialty,” Butler stared at the picture and gasped.

“That stance is the same stance used by law enforcement,” Holly looked at Butler.

“So . . . I don’t understand what the big deal is. So she saw a movie once.” Butler pointed at Spins right hand as it held the gun.

“In movies everyone has their finger on the trigger, cops are taught to put their finger on the outside, right where she has her finger, otherwise you can cause accidental discharge and hurt someone.” Butler pointed to Spin’s finger which was perfectly situated off the trigger. “She’s been trained to do this; her movement was so fast it didn’t seem real.” Butler withdrew his hand and though. “When I saw the gun I took it seriously but I never thought she would threaten us with it, because I knew she would hurt us I didn’t even consider getting in position to pull my own out.” Butler put his hand to his chin. “Gun laws in Arizona are pretty lax because of the conservative influence in this state, it wouldn’t be hard for someone her age to get a license and apply for a Concealed Weapons License, she wouldn’t get it till she’s 21 but I’m aware that you can apply for such papers and get them post dated.” Butler knew this process well having paid off a few people in Phoenix’s early days he understood that cowboys really cared less about laws and kept the real laws in their own books, it was every man for himself.

“If I put in all females around her approximate age, height, skin, eye, and hair color, not to mention the fact she’s had gun training, what would that kind of training be called?” Foaly turned to Butler who shrugged.

“That’s a pretty basic rule, to be safe I’d look at everything from junior police academy, to private lessons.” Butler paused. “I’d think more private though . . . “ Butler looked to his right thinking hard. “I recall a guy I had heard of when I was here twenty-five years ago, going back to the point when she took it out, Foaly play that part again.” Butler sounded urgent. Foaly re-played the smooth transition from cell phone to hand gun which Spin had made. Most of the footage was blocked by Spin’s body. The girl’s wrist came up slowly pixel by pixel. Butler pointed at the screen. “Stop there!” His eyes narrowed. “She’s holding it with two fingers, I thought I saw that but I wasn’t sure . . . . ,” Butler smiled; Holly, Foaly, and N deg 1 looked confused. “I need for you to look up a man named Salvatore Rizzo I, I don’t know if he’s still alive but if I’m not mistaken that old man’s still alive.” Butler began nodding as if the idea was locked into his mind further. “If she was taught by him . . . ,” Butler sighed. “Then it’ll be easier to find her, he doesn’t take students usually so I’m not sure why she would hold her gun the same way he did.” Foaly looked up from his computer.

“Salvatore Rizzo the first died three months ago.” Butler’s head hung low. “Who was he to you?” Butler raised his head a quarter of an inch.

“He taught me about the desert, how to hunt, clean, and manage weapons in a desert climate. It was mostly just getting me around hurtles with the law around here while my boss, at the time, was in town, my boss seemed to like him, they were good friends. He was the quickest draw I’ve ever met,” Butler pointed at the still frozen picture of Spin’s hands. “and if he taught her, then it’s no surprise I couldn’t get my gun out in time.” Foaly sighed.

“Well though Salvatore the first is dead, his two sons are alive and well, and they’re both in Phoenix no less.” The picture of Spin’s hand disappeared and Foaly’s horse face filled the screen, he was smiling. “Sounds like we found an unpatched hole we can dig through, be careful Butler.” N deg 1 stood up as Butler began grabbing necessary supplies.

“If I were Spin and had the strength she does to put out the kind of magic I’m sensing then I would seal whoever taught me how to shoot’s mind up as tight as I could.” N deg 1 looked at Foaly. “You say this is an unpatched hole, I seriously doubt wither our enemy would be so carless.” Holly shrugged.

“So what do you suggest?” N deg 1 smiled.

“Who else is more powerful than Spin?” Butler smiled.


Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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