Artemis Fowl: An Extended Story

Summary: Artemis Fowl: An extended story It’s difficult for a genius to adjust to normal boring life. When Artemis is given a chance to blow off some intellectual steam he ends up in a place he could never imagine! What will Artemis do now that he’s cornered, and more importantly by whom was he cornered?

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Chapter 14: Gig


            Compared to Norway, Arizona’s sunsets were hotter, and drier; however, they were still the most stunning image ever created. Gig had lived most of his life in the United States, and most of that in Arizona but still kept his native country close in his mind. As he looked out onto the sunset, the red and orange pools of light oozed out onto the cloudless dark blue sky, he was content. He completely forgot about the young man standing next to him.

            Gig was born in Arizona, and his childhood was a normal one. His parents, divorced when he was young, had left him with an uneasy look at the world. He soon realized that he was, by far, the strongest person in his class, and then in his school. Not only was he strong he was smart, though lazy and sometimes egotistic, he found many academic subjects easy, his mind was like a sponge. He could recall infamous quotes at the drop of a hat, replay famous battles and explain the military tactics of each general or leader involved. He could also create decent arguments, sometimes even taking on another side just for fun of it, trying to see the flaws in the other person’s contention. Gig tended to agree on issues where proof was involved, or sound science was used. His strength however was always an issue; though his mother had tried to give him medication he soon grew out of it and need a stronger dose. It was on his thirteenth birthday when he knew there was something wrong with him. During his birthday party he had taken a bat to the piñata, one swing with all his strength caused the piñata to rupture and hit everyone in the crowd around him.

            This first place he hit was the Internet. He Googled: supernatural strength, over powered muscles, out of control reflexes, and hyperactive stamina. That was when The Extendedes heard the alarm. In the beginning, as was now customary; Wolf was running a worm along different IP addresses in his attempt to find future members of the Extends. He did this by compiling IP address and researching Google searches in order to see if there were kids looking online for answers to serious problems with their bodies or minds that made them think they were different. Wolf soon realized that after the first few runs he was bogged down with kids saying they were different than everyone else. At that age everything they did felt super natural, he should have known better. However unlike some of the other dead ends Gig’s searches had stood out. For one, every incident, where something had happened due to his ability, was documented; there were witnesses, and locations.

            Spin had snatched him up, changed his identity, his school, his home, his family, everything in his life. He was grateful that someone was out there who understood him and his problem, but everything had happened so suddenly there was never the question of what he wanted to do or become.

            In the beginning everything was sketchy, only after four long months of waiting he finally met the girl who had saved him from a horrible fate. At first he was put off by her attitude, after all she was very abrasive, insecure, noticeably paranoid, and essentially fearless. Gig was not impressed and refused to join the Exteneds, despite the fact they had saved his life, at first; however when Spin let down the barrier of her abrasive, paranoid nature for a whole two hours, they talked, and she convinced Gig to help. What had got him was a mixture of Spin’s past, her own problems and insecurities about the future, and how he could very well be murdered like others he had seen. Every incident was documented, and every third party taken seriously. The papers Spin showed Gig were nicknamed the “Convincer Confidentials” and were now what Spin showed to everyone who knew about the Extenededes.

            During his runs with the Extendes, Gig was quickly made Spin’s second in command, and he had left his mark on the Extenedes as well. Gig led, and created most of the defense plans, consulted most weaponry designs, was in charge of giving Spin advice and taking care of her if need be. If one were to say that there was no one in the Extendedes that knew her like he did that would be true, after all, who else would have the darkest past?

            Spin was not the only person he felt responsible for. Vicious had come into the Extendedes by the skin of her teeth. Gig had been the first to meet her in person and the first to understand how she felt. Like her, Gig’s ability meant people could not be touched, and she like him felt cut off from the world because of it. He had helped her through many hard times, and through it all they developed a relationship that few could rival.

            Gig had always had a way of looking at someone with his confident glare that made people feel incompetent, and yet, so far, he had met only four people that didn’t react to it at all, Artemis was one of them. Gig remembered where he was once more, and continued to walk down the iron beam path to the common room. Gig couldn’t believe what he was seeing, though it didn’t come onto his face, they had him, Artemis Fowl, the plan had worked. Gig had had doubts about Spin like he suspected most people did, but this mission helped her case extremely as one who could run a successful operation.

“Where do all of you get your names from?” Asked Artemis. Gig, never caught off guard, responded quickly to the question.

“Mine’s a nickname from a code name that the girls gave me, my full code name is European Gigolo Numero Uno, but that was just a joke in the beginning, now it’s shortened to Gig.” Artemis didn’t look satisfied.

“And the rest?” Gig found Artemis’s tone unsettling, why was he being so direct?

“Well everyone’s code names just seemed to fit, or we gave them their code names.” Gig though for a moment. “Should I assume that I didn’t answer your question?” Gig had a funny idea where this conversation had been going, based on the subject. Artemis shook his head, his face not reveling any secrets. “We use codenames just in case, though you know our faces a sketch will only get you so far if indeed you escape and attempt to find us.” Gig looked back at Artemis to see a response. Instead he found Artemis looking down at nothing; Gig could tell he was thinking hard.

“I’m interested how your organization works, what the culture is here, what information you have for me, what your abilities are, and how you use them to defend yourselves.” Artemis looked like an eager schoolboy who had finally found his purpose in an academic subject. Gig raised an eyebrow.

“That’s good, I’m glad to hear it. As far as the culture is concerned Artemis, well . . . “ Gig stopped walking and they stood on the platform facing one another about six feet from two large tinted sliding glass doors which was the entrance to the common room, Gig put his hands in his pockets and looked at the reddening sky. “You’ll be able to answer a lot of these questions now,” Artemis looked weary, “look, just stay by me okay? I’ll be your guardian, think of it like the buddy system Kay?” Gig said though he really didn’t want to. The last thing he wanted to do was baby-sit Artemis Fowl, because then he would be responsible for whatever Artemis did.

“Thank you Gig.” Said Artemis. Gig was surprised how sincere he sounded. The reports from Foaly’s database described Artemis Fowl as a horrible prick whose only interest in dealing with people was money, resources, and people to use for his benefit. He had done so with the fairies on three occasions, and, though he seemed to be turning around, he was still cruel to the core. The Artemis described in the database was not the same Artemis which he was standing beside. Somewhere they had made a mistake, Spin had believed everything from Foaly’s database, presenting it as fact. Gig knew perfectly well that she, like the rest of the Extendedes, would treat him like a jerk until they realized they were wrong. Or was he, Gig, being influenced by him, even he couldn’t be sure, all he knew was that somewhere something had gone wrong.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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