Artemis Fowl: An Extended Story

Summary: Artemis Fowl: An extended story It’s difficult for a genius to adjust to normal boring life. When Artemis is given a chance to blow off some intellectual steam he ends up in a place he could never imagine! What will Artemis do now that he’s cornered, and more importantly by whom was he cornered?

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Chapter 12: The Extendes (Secondary)


            Vicious sat on the couch in the common room located in the secondary base of the Extendeds. There were two bases that the Extendeds occupied, one larager one, which everyone called Primary, and a second, smaller one, called Secondary. Though Primary had more firepower, Secondary out ranked them when it came to cyber warfare. Secondary was in reality a mobile home in the middle of a little known park on the west side of Phoenix. The place was so isolated that even Google Earth hadn’t bothered looking into the places around there in the early expansion days. The home was a boring shade of beige that matched everything around them. They had a four car garage, painted the same, which housed three team vehicles, and came with a miniature work shop attached for Sky’s enjoyment. Spin had made sure that the house would not seem approachable to anyone so, to set this ominous mood, she set up three different cars each in worse shape than the rest, and a fence made of rusty bobbed wire surrounding the property. Inside was a different story. It was a two bedroom two bath compound with kitchen, living room, and dining room. Secondary was the Extendeds second base and as such was smaller was assigned fewer people, and in Vicious’s opinion more boring.


            Vicious was playing an RPG, her hands quicker than the average player from her practice, she enjoyed this kind of rare moment of leisure time that she had. The game took her mind off the predicament at hand. Wolf, secondary’s leader and the most knowledgeable when it came to anything with wirers, was tied up on his computer working on the tapes that had had already altered from the Barns and Nobel. Not that he needed to do this, since the current location of Artemis Fowl was Primary, but Wolf was stubborn and wanted to go over the tapes again and again until he was satisfied. Vicious continued her game. She was in a position she hated, one she was away from the activity of Primary, which implied she was bored, and she was away from Gig.


            About four years ago Spin had saved Vicious from a dire state of affairs. Like many in the Extendedes, Spin had saved her from situations that might have lead to their deaths, and Vicious’s case was near the norm. Wolf, who was at that time, moved and searching for more Extendeds, found her on a blog where she was asking unusual questions about things that were happening around her. At the time Vicious’s powers were developing, and she was beginning to burn people around her just by touching them; she was frightened of what she might do to others and what others might do to her. Luckily Wolf had found her in enough time, which prevented her from going to the doctor for a checkup, and Gig and Spin come to her rescue which changed her whole life.


            Many things had changed, she couldn’t use her real name anymore, and her parents had no recollection of anything out of the ordinary, due to Spin’s intervention. She couldn’t talk about her abilities to anyone, and she had to learn to control her power, which was by far her greatest challenge. Gig became her personal advisor to her power and worked with her to train her to use and master her energy. Gig’s tough skin was enough to withstand most simple breakdowns and she quickly mastered her power and found someone for her in the process.


            “Vicious can I ask you a question?” Said Wolf’s deep ominous voice in the side room, she got up off the deep purple couch and walked over to the dining room which had been converted into wolfs office. She moved around the curtains that separated the room from the rest of the house. The space was lined with computers, old and new, with wirers running in odd illogical progression up the walls and across the floor. Vicious tripped on a new one as the she walked in.


“What’s up?” Wolf pointed at his monitor. Wolf was a tall young man with light skin, dark brown hair which was never washed, and a smushed face, and he was a genius. Wolf sat with his knees near his chin in the dark room; with circles under his eyes he looked like a typical hacker.


Vicious squinted to find the spot he was concerned with. The image was of the inside of the room where Artemis was being held, or at second look at the clock, where he was being held, Wolf ran the tape. It seemed Artemis was screaming at someone or something.


“What’s going on?” Asked Vicious, Wolf said nothing and pointed at something near the bottom of the chair near Artemis’s feet. Vicious gasped and she watched the holding bar expand and Artemis’s ankles being crushed by its force. Suddenly a white light appeared somewhere under the camera and Spin with Gig ran in and began undoing the restraints. This, of course, was after

Spin had slapped Artemis across the face.


“Wham!” Yelled Wolf when she did so, even Vicious couldn’t help but smile. There was something about a millionaire genius in a suit being slapped across the face that was awe inspiring. Wolf stopped the tape.


“What do you think about this whole thing Vicious, I mean, this, “He gestured to the screen, “is unbelievable! Does she think he’s going to help us now that she’s humiliated him?” Vicious thought for a moment.


“I think that it was necessary, and that Artemis will help us.” She said confidently.


“How can you say that so easily? I’m beginning to have doubts, not about Artemis but Spin. Does she know what she’s doing? I mean, come-on, she can do real-estate I get that, but kidnapping? I’m not sure if she can retain her sanity long enough.” Vicious didn’t understand she


“I think Spin understands what needs to be done, I mean, this whole thing was her idea remember? She’ll pull through.” Vicious smacked Wolf on the shoulder. Wolf fiddled around with the idea for a moment not wanting to admit anything.


“I just hope we survive this . . .” He said, that was a comment even Vicious couldn’t disagree with.


            Suddenly Vicious saw the outline of a car pulling up to the base, the room was so dark that she could hardly see anything. Wolf had blackened to windows and did not permit lights of any kind in his room or anywhere outside of it where the light beams could reach his space.


“That’s Sky, and Studded,” said Vicious. Wolf didn’t seem as confident.


“That is his car but . . . “ Wolf ran a cross check taking the young man’s face and seeing if it matched the given code of both Sky’s and Studded’s face. Each member of the Extendedes had a code that each Wolf’s computers recognized. The code consisted of mountains of data possessed to create a sign that could verify the identity of Extended. The codes matched and Wolf walked over to the entry way and unlocked the door.


            Sky was slightly shorter than Wolf, but he towered over Vicious just the same. He had a lean build, tan skin, green eyes, and a smile that lit up his long face. He carried himself almost like a dancer proper and straight with no difficulty. It was as if he had taken dancing lessons when he was younger and had kept the stance till this very day. He was carrying several large bags full of food, and drinks. Suddenly behind him came a girl about Vicious’s height carrying a smaller load. She had long dark hair, hazel eyes, and a super light completion. Her makeup was Punk style and her attitude matched; her tattered tennis shoes, black jeans, dark colored eyes, and purple shirt said it all. She slouched down on the coach and began watching TV without a word to Vicious. Wolf looked outside, made a face of disgust, and shut the door punching in of the keypad beside it relocking the door.


            The door, like the rest of the base, was military issue, stolen from numerous miniature raids on compounds, and was meant for protection not comfort. In the kitchen Sky was getting ready to cook them some food when the screen in the living room suddenly changed from a reality TV show to Gig looking at them with only a two second warning of ‘Incoming Transmition’ blinking on the screen. He sighed.


“Hi guys what’s up? Everyone okay over yonder?” Everyone moaned. Gig nodded.


“Yeah, I figured, look I’m going to go get the man of the hour, and Sky, Spin requests your assistance with food, and she wants Mexican. I think she just wants to freak our Hunter here out. Like I blame her. It’s gonna be fun whatever happens.” Gig sighed. “Wolf, I need the read out of the Princess hotel, the vehicle registration and such, and the location of the bugs on Artemis.” Everyone looked at Wolf, who had grabbed a coke and sat down on the couch.


“I’ve given you all that already.”


“Butler’s moved, according to Spin, she guesses he might have changed his location and everything.” Wolf raised an eyebrow.


“And why isn’t she telling me this?” Gig gave a look of discuss.


“She’s done for today, I’m letting her sleep, it isn’t easy for her to invade people’s minds like she did Artemis, and he’s got a monster IQ, she had her hands full.” Wolf nodded absentmindedly.


“I know this, I saw the tape, she had to look at his for three minutes. That’s way more than anyone else she’s ever gotten to.” Everyone was silent, Vicious was surprised, Spin had never had a problem infiltrating other minds, but Artemis seemed to have been a serious challenge.


“As far as Artemis is concerned, I told you to leave them with me; I’ll give Foaly something to work on when it won’t get him anywhere.” Gig nodded at Sky, and Sky spoke up.


“Ohh yeah Wolf, I have those chips you needed.” Sky handed the chips to Wolf who eyed the pieces of fairy and mudman technology. These chips were found in a verity of places on Artemis. There were two under the skin, four attached to his clothing, and a surprising in his shoes, wallet, and phone.


“This is great Sky thanks. Gig I need for you to tell Spin something for me,” the scene behind Wolf was much more relaxed despite the keen ears of the teenagers, how hushed. “Tell her that I’m going to put one down south west of Tucson somewhere, I think all the fairy ones should go in that old cotton mill by the University, I’ll give one to a home on in South Phoenix like, Casa Grande area, and one in the Zoo, ya’know?” Gig nodded.


“What’s the idea behind these placements?” Everyone stopped and listened. Wolf being the genius he was never did anything without thinking about it thoroughly.


“Think for a moment.” Said Wolf testily to Gig, who put his hand under his chin to support his head.


“Well I can guess that the desert outside of Tucson is just to scare him, the Zoo is us laughing at them, the South Phoenix thing is just too through them off.” Gig hesitated. “I’ll take a guess that the fairy technology in the mill is a trap for them, because Foaly will think that the fairy technology got past us, that’ll be funny.” Wolf smiled evilly causing his already narrow eyes to become slits.


“Yes that’s the idea, get Nos on the demolition of the Mill, and set up an Artemis-like surprise for them.” Gig smiled.


“Spin’ll like that.” Said Gig; Wolf nodded and smiled. He had always liked Spin’s taste

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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