Artemis Fowl: An Extended Story

Summary: Artemis Fowl: An extended story It’s difficult for a genius to adjust to normal boring life. When Artemis is given a chance to blow off some intellectual steam he ends up in a place he could never imagine! What will Artemis do now that he’s cornered, and more importantly by whom was he cornered?

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Chapter 10: Informal Explanation


            “My help?” Asked Artemis. What could he do? Wait that was wrong, he was Artemis Fowl after all. Gig sighed.


“Perhaps I should start at the beginning. But you have to promise me that you will do three things. One, humor me because I know that at first you’ll be quick to think I’m kidding, but just humor me okay? Not ask any questions till the end, and not interrupt me.” Gig thought for a moment. “I guess that fall under not asking any questions in reality, anyway” Artemis sat quietly.


“Spin and I are members of the group that’s kidnapped you. We call ourselves the Extendeds.” Artemis raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. “The founder of the Extendeds we call Hawk, he created this group. Five years ago when he was thirteen he was murdered. “Artemis looked alarmed, but Gig held up a large steady hand. “He wasn’t a normal kid and it wasn’t a normal murder.” Gig tapped his fingers attempting to find the right words. “Spin knew Hawk then, before he found out what he was, and they were pretty good friends, you can even say he was her first crush. However near the time of his murder his personality began to change and he saw Spin as the only friend he could confide such information to. Spin has told me, that he told her, he didn’t feel right, that he could think of what people would say before they would say it, he could even influence others thoughts and emotions. About a month later the change was more than halfway complete and he realized, and for a young kid to realize this was a big deal, he no longer believed he was human.”


Artemis looked at the ground momentarily, but heeded Gig’s word and said nothing. “Spin, well you know Spin, she wanted to help her friend, so she ended up building her own crude DNA lab in her house. The microscope had to be just big enough to see the DNA strand, and she did. She bought the microscopes the software everything. On first examination she found nothing out of the ordinary, however when she modified her scope to see some of the elements of his DNA she discovered many discrepancies that to the average doctor would be invisible.” Gig looked at Artemis, who erasing all doubt from his mind soaked in every word. “Still with me on this?” Asked Gig.


“So far,” Said Artemis through gritted teeth.


“Okay well then, needless to say Hawk was shocked when she presented these findings to him. His power was insane at this point in his development; he was the most powerful Extended that ever lived. About two months later Spin received a distressing call from Hawk. He had finally had enough. At this point he was fully developed, and minds were an open book. He could anticipate someone’s movement’s minutes before they thought about it, he could tell people what to do, but the worse thing was that he could feel and hear every person’s pain that he laid his eyes on.”


Artemis’s eyebrows furrowed, wouldn’t someone be happy about this? Artemis would do anything to have a power like that, not that he really needed it, but it would be nice. “Spin went to his house and that’s when the explosion happened. It was at that point that Spin became who she is today.” Gig looked Artemis in the eye, so he would understand. “She watched her first crush die from creatures she knew nothing about, and she ended up receiving a power that was never supposed to be hers.” Gig sat back. “Now you may ask questions.” Artemis sat for a moment.


“What does any of this have to do with my current situation?” Gig blinked.



“Uhh well, its background info, and it’s important that you understand how this whole thing got started, how it’s worked till now and how it will ultimately end, one way or another.” Artemis nodded.


“By creatures I’m assuming you mean fairies?” Gig nodded.


“Among other things, we’ve seen trolls, goblins, pixies, sprites, everything.”


“What power does Spin now posses?” Gig looked hesitant.


“Hawk’s power was able to reach its full potential in his body, a body it was meant for, Spin believes that Hawk entrusted the power to her because he believed that she was the most capable that he knew, and that his power would not be as dangerous in a human body, which it is not.” Artemis nodded lightly.


“I see, is this how I was practically suffocated when she captured me?” Artemis sounded testy.


“Yes,” Gig said regrettably, “she wasn’t supposed to do that; she can also use your mind against you where she’ll end up controlling your body as well.”  Artemis, satisfied sat back.


“So how was the Extendeds started you said Hawk was the founder, what did he do?” Gig nodded realizing that Artemis was keeping him on track.


“Hawk and Spin were the first people to become aware of a problem. Those people who were a different genetically were being exterminated by a group that we call Control, since we know nothing much about them. Hawk was the first to become aware of his condition, and began communicating with others in order to learn more about himself and see if it was happening elsewhere. I was actually his first contact, I was living in Norway at the time and I had been noticing that I could throw a bull dog across a football field. Spin informed me of Hawks death which began the formation of what is now the Extendeds.”


            “At first it was simple, only online communication, but when some of us began dying off we realized that more needed to be done. Spin hypothesized that Control knew who we were but could only track us through federal records and stuff like that. She ended up creating dozens of identities for me and a bunch of us most of which survived puberty which she believes is when the change comes about. She also hypothesized that strength in numbers would be our new policy. We each react differently and some of us, like me need to cover up our power when we’re out and about, you know? So we don’t attract attention.” Gig’s pause meant questions were aloud, Artemis jumped at the chance.


“So this is all documented?”


“Yeah, I can give you any documentation you want.”


“So, if you yourself are an Extended, what can you do?” Gig smiled.


“My DNA is related to troll and I have the strength of one too, well, “Gig looked up at the ceiling, “I think I calculated it at about three times on a good day.”


“You’re serious?” Said Artemis shocked.


“Yeah and I have to take major pills for it too, I don’t know my own strength, another problem is if I needed my strength suddenly, what do I do if my body still has the drugs in me? I commend Spin’s pill medication plan, she helps some of us who can’t really control our power, control some. To tell you the truth, for the majority of us it’s just our will, you have to control it through whatever means necessary or you might be caught.” Artemis nodded.


“Okay if that’s the case then you should have plenty of people in the Extendeds, correct?” Gig sighed and looked at the floor again.


“Spin tries to keep us alive, the only way we can survive is by hiding, but it’s not perfect, some people will get cocky, some simply have accidents, and others don’t make it in time.” Artemis wasn’t sure what to think.


“So she helps and protects you, but she hits me across the face and yells at me? And she wants my help?” Asked Artemis, this was a fair question in his opinion, but Gig was ready with one of his own.


“Two months ago, a guy named Shade died, he was an Extended. The problem is that he didn’t die because he did something stupid, or I guess you can say he did. At another base of ours we were attacked by Control, Shady happened to be there with Cutter, who was another member, and the building collapsed around them. Shady threw Kendra through a window and she ended up living, she was a great marksman, second best shot in the team. This was his room.” Artemis lightly gasped and looked around the room; he had not noticed the thin coat of dust on the furniture.


“So she blames me for that?” Artemis’s entire body shifted and his shoulder felt sore as Gig’s mass of a hand pounded into Artemis’s weak shoulder as Gig stood up.


“Nah mate, she just gets upset sometimes, ya’d think she’d get over it, but she never does.” Gig placed a finger on the top of the laptop and swiped some dust away.


“So you want me to help you with you Control problem.” Gig nodded though his back was turned. Suddenly Gig spun around on his heel and faced Artemis who tried to stand up as well, but whose ankles had not fully recovered.


“We’re juniors, well I guess seniors now, man that’s weird, and next year we won’t be together, we’ll all go off to our own colleges and the Extendeds will be no more. We knew we couldn’t hide forever but we also know that if we go outside this realm death awaits us. That’s why now we need your help Artemis; you are the only other human that could help us.” Gig’s head lowered a quarter of an inch. “In the nest three days you will make a decision whether, or not to help us at all. If you say no, although some of us may survive, most will not, if you say yes then you have a great challenge ahead of you.”Artemis was thinking now, hard, what should he do? “But don’t make your decision now, come-on, you’ve got three days to decide, for now just relax man.” Gig smiled.


“Why didn’t you just call me about all of this I would probably been glad to help, but no matter what you call this, this is kidnapping.” Gig’s smile did not cease.


“What, and make an appointment?’” Artemis had to admit he had a point.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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