Artemis Fowl #8: The End of Ages (#3) Twisted Skies

Summary: Fates twist and bind around the mysterious Pegasus Inc.And Artemis has returned after 3 years. What does this mean for Haven?For the World?

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Hello, and welcome to Pt.1 of my GREAT UPDATE PLAN! This is the first of numerous fics I’m going to update. What will this mean for AF fanfiction? For ICE CREAM AND LOLLIPOPS?! It means, my dear little dwarfs, that ORION FOWL HAS RETURNED!!!

And now, presenting an Ice Cream + Lollipops co. fanific..ARTEMIS FOWL #8: THE END OF AGES, PT 3!


Chapter Three: The Burning World

Haven city, The Slums

The slums of Haven were a nasty, rundown place. Goblins, dwarfs, and even some out-of-work elves meandered up and down the street, looking for a buyer for various products stashed of their person. Mos ‘products were illegal, ranging from worn out Neutrinos to smuggled human drugs. The Slums were the biggest source of crime in Haven.

Yet, most in the Slums were dead broke. Even if they gained a large sum of money from a robbery or a sale, it would likely be gone the next morning, reincarnated in a broken bottle of beer lying at the feet of it’s buyer’s unconscious, hungover body in some damp alley.

So when a fancy, silver-plated shuttle loaded down with weapons staggered low overhead, a large clawmark  scoring the underside, all eyes flickered to it. From the poor to the vaguely rich, all paused their gambling, drinking, and plundering to watch the little ship stumble through the air, till it came to final, ruinous crash at the end of the street.

There was a moment of split silence, as if everyone on the street were taking a moment to blink and realize what they were seeing. And then pandemonium filled the street. Shopkeepers carts were bowled over by vagrants and dealers alike scrambling to reach the shuttle and rip off a piece of precious technology from the ship. Goblins ripped through the crowd, ripping and tearing at any who dared to get in the way.A small gang of pixies fought through the other to reach it first. A few thoughtful dwarfs had started to tunnel toward the smoking ruins.

Shwhirrr. Shwhiir.

The sound stopped the stampede dead. Almost all of the people in the crowd knew what that sound meant. And most had faced it personally.

The sound of a charging Neutrino 12000.

A few dealers and vagrants scattered off into different alleys, but the majority remained in the center of the square. They were all paralyzed by the sight before them.

A female elf wearing a LEP suit stood before them. She had short-cropped auburn hair, and her eyes, one hazel, one blue, gazed at the crowd. The infamous Neutrino was pointed at the crowd. They could have all taken her easily, but the hobos and drug dealers of the slums weren’t big on unity. None dared to move, too afraid to risk their own hide and be the first to die.

“LEP Commander Holly Short.” The elf declared.

None of the criminals needed to be reminded of her name. They had all seen her picture on vid-boards, proudly declaring her the lioness of the LEP. In three short years, she’d reduced the crime rate by thirty percent.

“This shuttle is official LEP business. Move along.”

That was all the invitation the residents of the slums needed. The crowd scattered like bees. They poured into nooks and crannies and disappeared down various alleys.

Holly smirked. The things the sight of a Neutrino could do to criminal. She turned to the shuttle. Shoving aside a dented communication antennae, Holly made her way to the front of the shuttle. The shuttle was bright gold, and the netters FI were written on it in silver. It had landed so hard, whoever was inside had to be unconscious. That was good. Holly knew exactly who was inside the craft. She just couldn’t face him now.

Holly placed the sole of her boot on the edge of the door and pushed. The weakened, bruised door snapped like a twig. Careful to avoid the jagged pieces of glass that lay on the plush, padded floor, she stepped inside.Brushing aside a shattered piece of what had once been the roof of the thing, Holly came into view of a human lying on the ground, a metal rod pinning his left arm to the ground. His forehead was bleeding. His raven black hair was rather close-cut, and a few wisps of hair had started to grow at his chin.

“Artemis.” Holly leaned down and placed a finger on his neck. He still had a pulse, but it was very weak.

Just then, Holly noticed something. In Artemis’ right hand, he clutched a metal box. He clenched it tight, as if even his subconscious self didn’t wish to lose hold of it.

“Oh, Artemis.” whispered Holly.

Haven General Hospital, Emergency Room, one week later.

“So?” Holly looked the small pixie in the eye. He fixed his spectacles, then sighed.

“We fished bits of metal out of his arm for days. There are more, but it’s too dangerous to remove the without going into extensive surgery. And we’re not sure if he’ll survive that. As for the head wound, it’s perfectly fine. A piece of glass barely scraped the surface. Blood always makes things look worse than they are.”

He was using that simpering tone doctors use when talking to a child, as if he was telling her her mommy was going to be fine.

“I’m going in to see him.” stated Holly.

“We have procedures preventing the-”

“Procedures, Shmoceducers.” Holly pushed past the pixie

Artemis’ Mind, Lower Cerebral Region, Psychologic sub-region

“No. Orion for the last time, I do NOT want to hunt down dragons right now.”

“But Artemis, tis the chivalrous thing to do. What if one were to kidnap a maiden fair?”

Orion looked at Artemis with puppy dog eyes.

“There are no ‘maiden fair’s in here. I’m the one who controls my mind, and I most certainly will not poof up a maiden-especially not a Holly look-alike-for you to make foolish declarations of love to.”

Artemis and Orion were in a large blank room in Artemis’ mind. Artemis had total control of the room, and could make and destroy anything he wanted.

Except, unfortunately, Orion.

It turns out he’d been waiting in Artemis’ mind for the past three years since the Complex, watching the world through other eyes. Artemis’s eyes. He’d been waiting when Artemis had arrived. Every now and then, Artemis would poof up a dragon for him to ‘fight’ so Artemis could read his novels in peace. He usually poofed one up while he was reading a classic.

Artemis sighed, tried to block out Orion’s complaining, and turned another page of The Man In The Iron Mask: Unabridged. Quite exciting. The drawback was Artemis could only read books he had devoted to memory. Thankfully for him, that was plenty. He’d actually wished up a small library here in this infinite room of his mind.

“Please?” Orion begged.

Artemis snapped his book shut. Orion made everything difficult. Artemis concentrated with the tiniest bit of willpower, and a small, green dragon appeared, along with sword. Orion snatched up the sword and began chasing the dragon round and round, screaming such phrases as “Die, you vile demon!”

Artemis smirked slightly and reopened The Man In The Iron Mask

Artemis had been in his mind’s room before, but never for this long, and almost never when neither alter was in control.

Sneakily, Artemis shot a glance at the large brass door nearby. Orion had nicknamed it ‘The Brain’s Brain’. Basically, it was the command center of Artemis’ mind. When the door was open, all an alter had to do was walk through, and they’d wake up, fully conscious and in control, in the real world.

But the door was shut. It usually opened when there was more than one alter in the room. Artemis knew it must mean he’d taken a lot of damage. His body was still struggling to recover.

Artemis was disrupted from his thoughts as a small dollop of flame landed near him. With a thought, he put it out. Orion and his dragons. With a heavy sigh, Artemis turned back to his book.





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